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Oh, Teacher

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Frank meets Ms Ryan, not your typical teacher story

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“Uncle Frank you need to trust me. Ms Ryan is really nice.” My seven year old nephew assured me. Let me fill you in; I’m Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance, uncle to Charlie, whose parents were on holiday so was staying with me and whose parents evening I was going to. I’ve never seen this Ms Ryan as my dad has been taking Charlie to and from school whilst I was at the studio with the rest of the guys working on our new album. He had tried to describe her to me but nothing could describe the teacher I was about to meet.
“Hello.” A young petite girl greeted us as we entered the classroom Charlie was taught in.
“Ms Ryan!” Charlie smiled excitedly as the young woman in front of us smiled as she bent down to his level.
“Charlie!” She smiled, “you worried I’m going to tell all your secrets?” She laughed as he shook his head, arms crossed over his chest confidently.
“Ms Ryan this is my uncle Frank.” He smiled looking up at me.
“Hi uncle Frank, I’m Ms Ryan, Charlie’s teacher, can I ask where Mr and Mrs Carter are?” She smiled as if not to offend me.
“Oh sure, they will undoubtedly be on a beach, topping up their tropical tan.” I smiled as she extended her hand to shake mine.
“Oh we could do this when they are back if you would like?” She smiled with an understanding look.
“No need, not unless you need to speak to them specifically?” I looked at her, smiling slowly.
“Of course not.” The smile still not leaving her pale face as she motioned for me to take a seat at thankfully not a child’s table. “Charlie would you like to go gather your file from your draw so you can show your uncle Frank all your work.” She smiled warmly at Charlie, who rushed off to the set of draws. “Charlie is one of the brightest boys in the class, he excels already in Math and his writing is coming along superbly. It is so refreshing to see a young child so hard working and determined.” She smiled as Charlie returned, lying his books across the desk. “He’s very creative too and extremely helpful.” I watched as he showed me what he had done in Art.
“Are we talking about the same Charlie?” I’ve asked him four times to clean his bedroom and he still hasn’t.” I laughed slightly as I nudged him playfully, earning a giggle from the beautiful teacher.
“Oh you always clean here Charlie.” She smiled as he looked at the floor. “His spelling tests and math tests are getting better and better and he has many stamps on his reward book. Overall I am very pleased with how Charlie is coming along.” She smiled at him slowly, “do you have any questions?” She was suddenly looking at me with the same smile that she had when we walked in.
“Oh no I think you have covered everything.” I smiled, well I don’t know what I’m supposed to ask I used to skip my parents evening.
“Ok well here are some of Charlie’s certificates and a letter that you need to read through, sign and send back if possible please.” She smiled as she gave me all items mentioned.
“Oh I will thank you.” I shook her hand as we left and walked to our car. Wow I never had a teacher that looked like that! Is this the new thing? Super cute teachers? I thought to myself as we walked to the car and just as soon as I thought it I saw one of the older years teachers walk past and soon realised my answer, no.

“See I told you she was nice. She’s so kind and she never shouts.” Charlie said as we pulled up at my house. “What was your teacher like uncle Frank?” He asked as we got out of the car heading towards to the door.
“She was old, with grey hair glasses and she always shouted at us. We all thought she was a witch and she hid her broomstick in the cupboard.” I told him trying not to laugh at his wide eyed expression.
“Was she a witch? Did you try and look at the broomstick?” He asked excitedly.
“Oh yeah, this one boy named Thomas tried and well we think she turned him into a slimy green frog.” I smiled as his eyes got wider and wider.
“Really?” he asked nervously as I nodded, “do you think Ms Ryan is a witch?” he whispered.
“She might be, so you have to be good like you have been up to now yeah? Just to make sure you don’t end up like Thomas.” I smiled as I started tickling him his infectious giggle filling the room.
“Alright bed time; it’s getting late and granddads coming early tomorrow morning mate.” I smiled as he stood up slowly.
“Night Uncle Frank.” He hugged me before heading off up to bed.
“Night buddy.” I smiled and read the letter that Ms Ryan gave me about a trip to a nature reserve to study bugs.

“No I’m telling you she is totally hot.” I told Gerard and Ray whilst we waited for the Mikey to stroll in. “I might start turning up late so I get to take him to school more often. Oh and maybe leave early to pick him up.” I winked smiling.
“Just ask her for her number? Technically you’re not a parent so there can’t really be an issue can there?” Gerard said as if it was as clear the solution was as clear as day.
“Yeah but he is a career and what if he asks and she’s not into him?” Ray looked at Gerard slowly, “you should test the water, see if she is into you then ask for her number. Then that way you do not seem forward and then Jen and Kevin will be back of holiday.” Ray suggested the most sensible solution.
“Yeah that’s what I’m going to do, so I’ll be leaving at half two.” I smiled at them as I walked off out of the studio to ring my dad to tell him I’ll be dropping and picking Charlie up.”
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