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Hitchin' A Ride

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Frank meets Ms Ryan again at an unusual venue this time

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“So what you doing about this Ms Ryan?” Gerard asked as we joined the back of the line. Tonight was Green Day night and although they band knew we were coming we still opted to line up outside, after all everyone knows that the atmosphere first starts in the line; with the buzzing and excitement and even sometime the emotional aspect the fans have when lining up to see this band, and for some even their heroes. Of course Gerard and I had opted for a disguise, we just wanted to sit back and enjoy the show not bump into any fans, not that we didn’t enjoy meeting our fans and listening to their stories of how they met their best friends, partners or even how we saved their lives, it restores our faith in the reasons why we started the band, to make a difference. But tonight we were just like them, fans. I was about to respond to the moustache clad Gerard when I heard the soft voice of the said woman.

“I kept my cool, I didn’t freak out or screaming like a fan girl. In fact I think I was very professional given the fact I find him attractive and he’s in my second favourite band.” She laughed with the slightly taller girl stood at the side of her.
“You sounded pretty fan girly then.” Her friend nudged her laughing, “and I’m probably going to regret this but why your ‘second favourite band’?” She shook her head.
“Hello, we’re at Green Day. Green Day.” Her eyes widened as she told the copper haired girl, this obviously had the required effect.
“Fair enough, point taken.” The girl returned, “I feel so sorry for you tomorrow, your head is going to hate you. H-A-T-E you.” She smiled at the prospect of her friend being in pain.
“I know, no tablets are going to save me from screaming children.” She giggled.

Clearly Gerard had noticed that I all of a sudden went quiet and was paying particularly to the two young women in front of us. “What’s up with you?” He looked at me questioningly.
“That’s her.” I responded as quietly as possible and pointed discreetly to Ms Ryan. “That’s Ms Ryan.” I smiled slowly as Gerard putting his thumb up signalling that I was right she was attractive, but he then pointed to her friend and along with his thumb he wiggled his eyebrows.
“Anyway, Matilda how’s the shop going?” She looked over at her friend smiling.
“Well its going well I have so many orders coming in I can’t keep up.” Her friend, who we now knew as Matilda, filled her in on all the information about what was going on with her business, by the time she’d finished the line was swiftly moving in.
“Ok Flo, if we lose each other I shall meet you at the merch booth like normal ok?” Matilda informed her as the addressee was beginning to get excited. “Flo are you listening to me?” She nodded smiling.
“Of course I am!” She responded smiling, as we started to follow the line I tripped up over my own feet and straight into Ms Ryan, well Flo.
“I am so sorry.” I spoke quickly as she turned around and looked up at me.
“That’s ok.” She smiled studying my face slowly, frowning slightly.
“Oh hi again, it’s Frank, Charlie Carter’s uncle.” I smiled as she started to blush instantly.
“Hi again, you can call me Flo” she smiled “this is my best friend Matilda, Matilda this is one of my pupil’s uncle.” She introduced us as I smiled at Matilda, and so did Gerard.
“This is Gerard, Gerard this is Charlie’s teacher Flo.” Gerard smiled and waved a hi to them.
"So your Green Day fans I take it?" Gerard asked the obvious question after a few minutes of silence.
"Yeah, well Flo is." Matilda informed us smiling, but not near as much at me as she did to Gerard. "I just listen to them, if you get me?" She added still looking at Gerard.

Shortly after Matilda confessed to 'just listening' to Green Day we were told to go in, no matter which gig you are at when you hear the stewards asking you for your tickets you know that soon you'll be fighting tooth and nail to get to the front, to be as close as you can to your idles and heroes no matter the pain you inevitably will endure against the metal barrier. Being in the position where you see kids doing just that makes you think why? Maybe that has changed with time where now the need to fight for your place has passed for me, but being here at Green Day as a paying fan makes me realise why. We quickly lost the girls in our battle to the front and although Gerard tried to find them in the deep sea of people we both quickly realised it was pointless trying as the support act began to play. After we was entertained by the young band who took performing to a crowd this size extremely well Green Day entered the stage opening straight up with Holiday. That's when we quickly discovered the girls positions again when we heard very loud singing from just a few people away as I looked down Flo waved slightly still singing along with a smile that took over her face.

“That was amazing!” Flo shouted as we walked out of the venue and to a fairly quiet street, whilst the girls tried to remember where they’d parked. After the gig had finished me and Gerard struggled our way through the departing crowd to get to the girls to hear their thoughts. During the course of the night, Gerard’s moustache disguise had fallen off with the sweat that was the free prize at any gig.
“Yeah it really was. They are always amazing though so we shouldn’t be that surprised.” I added smiling as Gerard and Matilda walked slightly behind us, engrossed in their own conversation.
“How did you get here?” She asked looking at me slowly, as we approached a parking lot.
“Oh we got a taxi, so once you’ve gone we will just ring another.” I smiled as we stopped waiting for the two stragglers to catch up.
“Nonsense I will drop you both off.” She smiled at me warmly, and stopped me just as I was about to protest. “Honestly it’s no trouble. I tend to drop people off anyway, because normally the group we go out with drink and I don’t so I mother hen them and make sure they get in safe.” She smiled again and quickly informed Matilda that we would be hitchin’ a ride off them with a small giggle at the non-intended pun.
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