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Chapter Eleven

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Harry Potter is moved to Severus Snape's home for protection after number four is demolished. Can Harry survive the summer at Snapes home? Prehbp HPSS

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Harry found the door he was looking for. It was closed all the way and there was no light coming from behind the door, which relieved Harry. He quickly opened the door just a sliver and peered nervously into the room. It was pitch black. Harry looked up and down the hall quickly before casting a quick lumos spell and entering the potion's lab.

Harry left the door ajar as he entered the room. The lab was huge. There where cauldrons and ingredients covering every inch of the working space, most of it was pilled on top of old projects and it looked like nothing had been cleaned in ages. Harry looked around the room a bit disappointed. It would be nearly impossible to find boomslang quickly in this mess.

He made his way to the first logical place to look, the ingredient cupboard, which was crammed full of mis-shaped bottles. He pulled open the glass door and began running his finger tips over the labels of the bottles right before he heard the door being swung open forcefully and Snape's voice filling his ears "POTTER!"

Harry jumped and began to turn around, but in doing so pushed his hand forcefully into the ingredients and caused a few of the shelves the cave in on themselves. The sound of breaking glass and liquids falling onto the floor drowned out whatever Snape was about to say to Harry, because the entire cabinet began to come off the wall. Most of the ingredients found themselves falling onto or around Harry.

By the time everything had become silent again, Harry was a mass of bruises, cuts, blood and puss, as most of the ingredients and glass caused ill effects. Harry swayed dangerously and his eyes rolled back into his head. Before Snape had a chance react Harry was crumpled on the flood, unconscious.

For Snape time seemed to slow down as he watched the ingredients fall onto Potter. He knew he should take out his wand and prevent the bottles from breaking and spilling their contents onto Potter, but he was so stunned that the boy had actually managed to do something that clumsy. He just stared at Potter as he became increasingly injured, until he was shaken out of his daze by the near perfect silence, only interrupted by Potter's harsh breathing. Snape sighed as he looked at the site before him.

He walked quickly towards Potter and vanished all of the ruined potions supply with the wave of his wand and then gentle picked Harry up off the ground and carried him across the hall into a small extra bedroom, and put Potter's body on the thin bed. "Potter, you really made a mess of yourself this time." Snape muttered under his breath as he began to survey the wounds that Potter had received before walking back into the potions labs to get some healing potions that he had stocked up.

Snape walked around the room looking under different piles for the box of first-aid potions and all the while muttering under his breath. "...I swear, that Potter is too much trouble to be keeping in this house. Dumbledore was expecting too much of me this time. As if spying does not take up enough of my time and energy..." Snape's babble began to fade to incomprehensible volume before he finally found what he was looking for. Under a tall stack of cauldrons Snape found a small wooden box with pale red letters that said 'First-Aid.'

Snape quickly walked back to Potter's side and began applying the necessary potions to all of Potter's different cuts, bruises and pusses. The First-Aid box was nearly empty by the time Snape was done healing Potter. There were a few injuries that would require tending for the next few days, but nothing life threatening. Snape preformed a Mobilicorpus and began directing to move the unconscious boy back to his room to rest.
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