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A Vampire's Obsession

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19 year-old Frank Iero moves into a new home,to start a career in music. But the strange man in black has other ideas. He wants Frank for himself.Even if that means kidnapping him, and making him his.

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Frank's P.O.V

Today was the day. The day I could finally get a start on a new life. I had just turned 19,and decided that I wanted to pursue the career I had wanted the most since I was just a small child.

The career of music.

I've always dreamed of being on a big stage, shredding on a guitar, while the eyes of the audience lit up with joy, and applauded my performance. I dreamed of being envied by thousands of people across the world. Fame is what I really wanted. I had the talents of the guitar, but I just needed to get noticed somehow. I thought it would be wise to start small, as a music teacher.Currently, I lived with my parents in Akron,Ohio, but sadly, I couldn't seem to find anyone to employ me there.I decided to move into a small house in Strongsville, Ohio, that my parents had kindly bought for me. And today was finally moving day.

I didn't realize how long I had been day-dreaming for, until I heard a soft knock upon my closed bedroom door.

"Frank,please hurry up, your father and I are waiting for you." My mother's sweet voice chimed.

"I'll be there in a minute." I said.

I made my way out of my bedroom, and downstairs into the living room,where my mother was waiting for me on the couch.

"Ready? Dad is waiting in the truck for us, and he's already put your suitcase in the truck." My mother asked. I nodded my head 'yes' as we walked out of the house, and got into the big black truck that my father was driving. We pulled out of the driveway, and started to drive towards the exit of the neighborhood.I took one last look at my parents' house from the backseat of the truck. I wondered if this was going to be worth it. I seemed to think I would get my dream.

But a voice inside of me told me that I was going to regret this. Big time.


It seemed as if hours had passed since we left, and we had driven past nothing but green fields, a few houses, and a small store plaza.

"We're almost here."My father said, waking me from my thoughts.

"It seems so lonely here, don't you think?" I said.

"It is, isn't it? How are you going to start your career here, if there's nobody here?" My mother questioned.

"There is a music school in town, and if that doesn't work out, I can always play at a club, or something." I said.

I was pretty sure I would get the job as a music teacher, mainly because I had been playing the guitar for half of my life, so I knew exactly what I was doing. I took a glimpse out of the car window, and the sight of what looked like a very old graveyard caught my eye. It was massive, and all the headstones looked toppled over, or there were pieces of them missing. I was always intrigued by creepy things like this, so I made a mental note, that I would have to go check out that graveyard sooner or later.

"Alright, we're here!" My father said, jolting me out of my thoughts.

I'm pretty sure my heart stopped when I saw the beautiful white house. It was perfect. There was a short dirt path that led up to the house, while there were two rose bushes on either side of the front porch.Behind it was a massive forest that looked like it continued for miles. Fortunately, there were only two neighbors,with similar-looking houses, but they were a good distance apart, unlike those neighborhood complexes where the houses are right next to each other. My parents purchased it already furnished, so I wouldn't have to worry about getting all of the furniture. I knew I was going to love it here!

My father parked the truck, while I got my suitcase containing my clothes, and little trinkets out of the truck.


I'm sorry it's not very exciting yet! It's only the first chapter so please be patient with me :)
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