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Chapter Thirteen

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Harry Potter is moved to Severus Snape's home for protection after number four is demolished. Can Harry survive the summer at Snapes home? Prehbp HPSS

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Harry pulled a hand to his head as he stretched out on the bed. His head hurt. The potion that Snape had given him did not seem to be helping at all. Or maybe it was. He couldn't tell.

The potion began to make his vision blur, and even with his glasses on things began to slip out of focus and enter a realm of abstractness. Harry frowned. He should not have so much trouble seeing with his glasses on. He would have to ask Snape about that.

While Harry stared at the blurry ceiling his mind focused on Snape. How in the world had the professor known about his visit to the potions lab so quickly? He had not seen the potion master in days, so there was no way he would have known before hand. He had not even told any of the other portraits that he was going to make a potion except for the portrait in his room and the one at the bottom of the stairs.

Harry frowned as he thought about that. The portrait in his room had no objections about Harry going to Snape's lab. The portrait at the bottom of the stairs had been rather unsupportive and suspicious of Harry. -It must have been who informed the greasy git. Stupid portrait. Stupid me for not realizing that possibility earlier.- Harry sighed. He should have realized that not all of the portraits would be as kind to him as the ones that were in his room. There was no point worrying about it anymore though.

Harry shifted around in his bed until he was comfortable and fell asleep, escaping his pounding headache and entering a world of dreams.
"What do you mean he has been removed from his Aunt's house?" Voldemort yelled from where he sat on a regal throne in front of one of his masked death eaters that stood calmly in front of him.

"Just that my lord. It seems that only Dumbledore knows what has happened to the boy. He tells his order that he has been moved to a more secure location." The death eater explained in a deep calm voice.

"Only Dumbledore?" Voldemort hissed, "Surely one of Potter's friends must know his location!"

"I am afraid not my lord. I examined everyone closely. No one else knew."

"You have failed me!" The dark lord screeched as he grabbed his wand and pointed it at the death eater, whose composer was now faltering.

"I ... I swear it my lord. N-no one else knows! I can't figure it out!" The death eater's voice begged.

"It is too late. You will pay for your failure this time! CURCIO!" Voldemort laughed as he watched his servant wither around on the floor. Voldemort let out a cruel chuckle. "Tonight I will hear you scream, Severus. CURCIO!"
Harry awoke later; his head hurting more than it had when he had gone to bed if that was possible. -Where is Snape?- He thought to himself. -Wasn't he suppose to come back and give me more potion?- Harry tried to sit up to see the clock that hung on the other wall, but found that he could hardly lift his head six inches off the bed without feeling nauseous. Not that it would have mattered if he had been able to get up, his vision had worsened even more.

Harry's nausea did not disappear when he lay back down, though he could fell the bile forming in throat. Harry quickly tried to fight his way over to the side of the bed before he made a mess of his bed. Unfortunately for him, Snape had placed in the center of his large bed, and he never made it to the edge of the bed before his stomach emptied itself and Harry passed out.
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