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a Resident Evil love Story

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2004, Leon S Kennedy has to rescue the presidents daughter, but with a partner...

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It was 2004. I had just finished my US Government training and was all set for my first mission; to assist an agent with the name of Leon. Leon S Kennedy. Leon set out to Spain a few days ago, to rescue the Presidents daughter, Ashley. I don't know much about Leon or Ashley but I do know that I'm to go to a small village located somewhere along the coast of Spain and that my mission director is Ingrid Hunnigan. I don't know what's in store for me yet, but I know its going to be a long trip. I'm in my apartment, in the middle of the Big Apple.. I look into the mirror one last time before I go. I see my usual self; black shoulder length hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. I'm wearing my white tank top with a long army shirt, black shorts and my combat boots. This is it. I head out and lock the door. Got my backpack, my knife and a bunch of files regarding Leon and Umbrella Corp. I arrive at the base and immediately climb into a helicopter. I pop my earphones in my ears and eventually fall asleep

Chapter 1
"We're here, Miss Daniels."
"What? Oh, right," I rip my earphones out and hop out of the helicopter. I look around only to see a police car parked in front of me.
"Right this way. Miss Daniels, this is Mr Kennedy."
All of a sudden, everything changed. Butterflies swarmed through my insides as I saw him. He lifted his head as he shock my hand. Crystal blue eyes and dirty blond hair. "Hey. I'm Leon," he said with a comforting smile. He's voice was so deep and perfect.
"Hello. I'm Scarlet," I mumbled. For some reason, I always mumble when I'm excited or nervous.
"Can we save the chitchat for later? We've got things to do," a spanish voice said from inside the police SUV. Leon let me In first, then he hopped in beside me.
"So, you are Miss Daniels? We've been awaiting you," one of the officers said.
"Scarlet. Call me Scarlet," I said politely.
"How old are you, Miss-i mean Scarlet?" The other one said.
"I'm 25." I glared at Leon and caught him staring at me.
"27," Leon said. It's like he read my mind, "So, Scarlet, how did you become an agent?"
" Well, both my parents were part of the force, I kinda got born into it. You?" I asked while helplessly staring at his magnificent blue eyes.
"In 1998, somehow I got myself involved with the Raccoon City incident. Fortunately I was one of the few survivors and when I got out, I got offered a spot."
I looked out the car window. The sky was grey and so was everything else. There wasn't much to look at, except for trees and occasionally a house or two.
"This is it," said the driver, while stopping the car.
I climbed out of the car, followed by Leon. We walked up the path only to find an old house and a very disturbing post. We went through the front door of the house, passed a bookshelf until we saw a person. It was an old man. Leon walked towards him and politely asked him about Ashley while showing him a picture of her. The man groaned and walked towards the wall. it was an Axe. The man ran towards me. "Stay back, or I'll shoot!" I yelled, but he didn't slow down. I fired a bullet at he's head and the next thing I knew, he was lying motionless on the floor.
"What the hell was that?" I asked Leon.
"I dunno, but I don't think he's the only one. Look," he said while looking out the window. I ran to the window too, and when I looked out, I saw a truck driving down the path that we had came from. Three more 'people' where outside.
"Upstairs! Scarlet!" Leon yelled in a panic.
"Yeah. I'm on it." I replied while running up the old, wooden staircase. I spotted some handgun ammo on a nearby table while Leon had already taken down all of the people downstairs.
"Is that all of them?" I asked while coming back down.
"For now."
"What's wrong with these people?" I said while inspecting the man I had shot down.
"It seams to be some sort of infection, similar to the T-virus," he said while investigating the bookshelf
"The T-Virus? Isn't that the same thing that caused the Raccoon City outbreak?I thought they ended it!" I said in a puzzled way.
"Me too," he said, just as puzzled as me," c'mon. We won't find Ashley if we stay here."
"Yeah." He was right.
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