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Leon and he's partner, Scarlet have to rescue the presidents daughter. Will they fall for each other?

Category: Resident Evil - Rating: G - Genres: Romance,Horror - Characters: Leon S. Kennedy - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2012-09-21 - Updated: 2012-09-22 - 379 words

We've passed about six shacks and we've killed about 12 zombies. We're in a small village and Leon's surveying the area behind a tree. The villagers here seam somewhat normal. They re working. Feeding chickens and farming. "Shit!" Leon whispered.
"What's up?"I asked.
"Look at this. The fire," he said while handing me his binoculars. I look out to the fire. "Oh my god!" I say in utter horror. It was horrible. The cop from the police SUV was nailed to a wooden post in the middle of the fire. "If he's there, then where's the other one?" Leon asked.
"Shit!" I said loudly. I shouldn't have done that because the next minute, the villagers were yelling something and pointing towards us. Then they started running towards us with knifes and pitchforks. Leon looked at me and simply said,"remember, aim for the head."
"Roger," I said while cocking my handgun. Then we ran out to the center of the villagers, taking out most of them. "Whatever you do, don't go in any of the houses. We don't know what's inside," Leon yelled to me while I headed behind the houses in search of ammo and health. When I came around the corner of one of the houses, a lady villager was standing there, waiting to kill me. I took Leon's advise and aimed for the head. Got her. I found a green herb and headed back to Leon. Leon stood in the middle of the village, taking out the Zombies one by one. I was impressed by the way he never panicked and the way that he always had a plan. I stood the, staring at how awesome he was,"Hey, when you're done staring at me, I could use a hand!"he yelled. I ran towards him and we stood back to back, taking out as much as we could. All of a sudden, a bell rang and all of the Zombies ran inside a church-looking tunnel. Where's everyone going? I said.
"Bingo," Leon said while looking around. Leon and I ran around the village, looking for whatever we could find. When we were done, we headed through a gate. Behind the gate, we took out a couple zombies inside the houses and went through another gate.
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