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Who Can Fly?

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Who Can Fly?

Life is a ghost,
When you're dead inside.
Trust me;
I'm as dead
As a person can be.

Without light,
It's so dark at night.
It's too true;
Without hope,
Where are you?

Have you ever felt too dead to live?
Too empty to give?
Too broken to forgive?
Have you ever felt too worthless to try?
Too low to fly?
Too small to reach the sky?

Don't be like me;
Too dead to live,
Too empty to give,
Too broken to forgive.
Don't be like them;
Too worthless to try,
Too low to fly.
You can reach the sky.

Don't be Them or Me
Or Him or She.
Just be You
Because you're not dead,
Control your head;
Don't let them
Make your bed.

Go out and live,
Receive and give,
Learn to forgive.
Always try,
Because you can fly,
You can reach the sky.

You can reach the sky.
Do it for me;
For someone too not free
To try.

You can reach the sky.
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