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Chapter Six: Martinis and Mistakes

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When Devin and Pete become bored, they have a martini party...and things are said, and things happen

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Peter sat on the couch a week later, bored. He hadn't spoken to Joe or Tia since that night...he'd made it all too obvious that he liked her, and he couldn't face them now. Patrick left for work at 6:30 to work the late shift, and Pete and Devin were alone. She wandered into the living room.
"Do you wanna have a martini party?" she asked, a mischievous grin across her face.
"A what?"
"A martini party. I'll make some martinis, and we play truth or dare or something."
"That's kid stuff."
"The martinis?!"
"No, truth or dare!"
" do you wanna?"
"Yeah, why not."
When the martinis were ready, Devin carried the pitcher and two martini glasses into the living room.
"Me and Patrick do this about once a month." She said, sipping the liquid.
"Ah. You play truth or dare?"
"Yeah." She shrugged.
Pete snickered. He drained his glass and poured himself another one.
"Let's play that, then. Truth or dare?"
Pete thought for a moment, already feeling somewhat tipsy.
"What would you do if you found out you were pregnant?"
"No, seriously!"
"I would...well, I guess I'd have to tell Patrick."
"Would you be happy?"
"I depends, I suppose."
"Depends on what?"
"If Patrick and I were married, or if we were even ready for a baby."
"Ok, my turn. Truth or Dare?"
Devin grinned devilishly, already on her third martini.
"Do you like Tia?"
"No, Petey, not just like. I mean LIKE, like."
Pete glared at her.
"That's none of your business."
"Ah-ha! You do like her! I knew it!"
Pete sighed.
"Devin, you can't tell anyone, ok? Please?"
She nodded. Pete poured himself a fourth martini, wanting to forget that he had just admitted his secret crush.
"Truth or Dare?"
"Uh...I dunno any good dares, Dev, this game is stupid."
"Okaaay...let's play...I've never!"
"You've never what?"
Devin giggled tipsily.
"No, silly, that's the name of the game! You have to say something you've never done! If some else has, they lower a finger."
"Don't you need a lot of people for that?"
"Yeah, but oh well."
"Ok, I've never...kissed a guy."
"I have!" Devin cried, and she lowered one finger, "I've never...kissed a girl!"
Pete lowered a finger. Halfway through their fifth martinis, they each had one finger left.
"I've never...kissed you."
"That's dumb, Dev, I've never kissed myself." Pete laughed.
"What?! I don't get it!"
The two collapsed against eachother in a fit of giggles.
"We could change that, though." Pete whispered. He lifted her chin up and kissed her softly. She tried to pull away, but eventually gave up. Pete ran his hand gently up her back and unhooked her bra. Devin sprang of the couch and slapped Pete.
"Stop it!" she cried hysterically, "That shouldn't have happened!"
"Oh my god, we are sooo trashed." Pete moaned, his head in his hands.
"Coffee! I'll go make coffee!" Devin announced, rushing into the kitchen
Pete wasn't thinking straight; this was terrible. He had just totally screwed things up. If Patrick found out...
"Ok, coffee, here we go. Coffee is good." Devin babbled, handing Pete a steaming mug.
"What are we going to do?" Pete whispered.
"Well, I'M going to re-hook my bra." Devin snapped, reaching behind her and re-fastening her bra.
"I'm sooo sorry, Devin, I really am. Do things like that always happen at your martini parties with Patrick?"
"Much more happens, Pete, but we're going out! He's my boyfriend!" Devin exclaimed, exasperated.
"Well...we can't tell Patrick about this, he'll kick me out!" Pete cried.
"We have to stop panicking!"
The two sat for a moment, sipping coffee and panting slightly, wondering what to do.
"Look," Devin said finally, "Let's just pretend this never happened. We will go on being friends, I will keep going out with's not like we felt anything in that kiss didn't, did you?"
"No, I felt nothing but stupidity."
"Ok. Well, I'm going to clean up our martinis, and then I'm gonna go to bed."
Devin stood up and turned to go.
"And, Devin?"
"Loose lips sink ships."
"Don't mention this to Patrick."
She nodded and left, feeling sick.

Patrick came home from work at about 1 a.m., grateful the band would be on tour again soon, and he could quit his job. He crawled into bed and kissed Devin's cheek, but she slept on. He smiled as he watched her; She's so loyal, he thought, she'd never do anything to hurt me. And he turned off the lamp and fell asleep.
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