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Chapter Seven: Secret Phone Calls

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Pete receives several phone calls from Tia

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Pete rolled out of bed the next morning feeling lousy. Not just the fact that he was hung over, but he felt awful for kissing Devin. It was one of the stupidest things he had ever done. He padded into the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee. He went to sit down, but he saw the 'new message' light flashing on the answering machine. He pushed the 'play' button.
"Peter, its Tia. Listen, I know you've been avoiding me...and I think I know why. We have to me, ok?" Click.
Pete froze.
"'Morning, Pete," Patrick yawned, coming into the kitchen, "Who was that?"
" one special."
Patrick shrugged and poured himself a bowl of cereal.
"It's my mom's birthday today." He said.
"I have to go down to Willmette for a couple hours."
"Is Devin coming?"
"I don't think so. She said something about a job interview?"
"That's good for her."
The two sat in silence, and Pete pondered what to do about Tia. Should he call her? She could come over here, nobody would be around...hmmm.
"Good Morning." Devin's voice rang out cheerily. She swooped down and kissed Patrick's cheek.
"'Morning, Love...why the cheeriness?"
"No reason. It's a nice day." She answered, and cast a warning glance at Pete.
"So, Love, I have to go visit my mom today... are you coming?"
"No, I told you, I have that job interview."
"Ok. Looks like you're on your own today, Pete."
Yes, thought Pete.

Patrick climbed into his car, brilliantly wrapped package in hand. Devin left to catch the bus, dressed in a neat black skirt and cashmere sweater. Pete picked up the phone, took a deep breath, and dialed Joe's number. Ring...ring...ring...
" said you wanted to talk?"
"Yes. Not over the phone, mind."
" you want to come over here? No one's home, except me."
"Yes, that would be great. I'll take the bus, I'll be there in a bit."
Pete ran his fingers through his hair. He stood up and stepped into the bathroom, and changed into jeans and a Clandestine hoodie. He tousled his hair, so it looked perfectly messy. He popped his Ativan pills into his mouth. The doorbell rang and he ran down the hall and opened the door open.
"Hello, Peter." Tia breathed.
The two of them came into the living room and sat down on the couch, facing each other.
"About the other night...when you stood up for me at the club..."
"I made it pretty obvious, huh."
"Yes, you like me, then?"
Pete didn't respond right away. He took a deep breath.
"Yeah, I do."
Tia smiled, tears welling in her eyes.
"I like you too, Peter...but I like Joe, too."
"Who do you like more?"
"I love Joe...and you."
He gently lifted her chin, and pressed his lips against hers. She tried to pull away, and Pete didn't stop her. But eventually she sank into the kiss...

Tia buttoned up her blouse and kissed Pete's cheek.
"What am I going to do?" she murmured.
"Break up with Joe?"
"That's what I want to do...but then he'll know I cheated..."
"Take as long as you like, sweetie."
The two of them kissed again and Tia pulled away.
"I have to go."

Devin pranced through the door.
"I'm home!" she squealed.
Pete stepped out into the entry hall, and was immediately tackled by Devin.
"I got the job!" she shrieked, "I'm the new recreational coordinator's assistant!"
"Never mind."
"Good for you, Dev."
" Patrick home yet?"
"Yeah, he's making dinner."
The two of them walked into the kitchen, where Patrick stood, cooking three pieces of chicken and some rice.
"Hey, Love. So you got the job?" smiled Patrick.
"Yeah! Now I won't sit around bored all day while you're at work!"
"Yeah, but that's only for a few more months, then we're on tour again."
"I least I'll have something to do."
Patrick set the table and dished out the food.
"Now the only one that needs a job is the silly little emo here." Patrick smirked.
"Yeah, Pete, what did you do today, cooped up all alone?" Devin asked curiously.
"I, ah, I just...chilled. TV and stuff." He lied, not looking at them.
Patrick was oblivious to his obvious lie, and Devin gazed into his eyes with disbelief, but said nothing. They ate in silence, and then the phone rang. Pete sprang out of his chair and picked up the receiver.
"Peter, it's Tia..."
"I tried to break up with Joe, but...I just couldn't do it. We've been going out nearly two months, I can't break up with him and leave for his best friend!"
"Well...we're eating dinner, I can't talk now, just...I dunno. I have to go."
"Who was that?"
"No one special."
"You seem to be getting a lot of phone calls from 'no one special, Pete." Patrick observed, frowning.
Pete shrugged, and they continued their meal.
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