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The One That Got Away

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A mysterious girl meets a familiar boy

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“Wait” I grabbed her arm softly “what should I call you?” I asked smiling.
“The one that got away.” And with a wicked smirk and a wink she walked off, her red, white and blue cape wafting as she did. This was the day I met the mysterious girl that I still don’t know the true identity of. Now call it what you wish and I know this sounds like A Cinderella Story and trust me the guys have taken the piss out of me for it, but have you ever met someone who you was instantly attracted to? You have? Then imagine not knowing who that person was and live with that for four years. Every time I saw a Wonder Woman costume I was plagued with the image of her long wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes. As far as beauty goes she had gone all the way.

We’d just got off the stage from our second show of the tour and we were in Manchester, UK. We could all hear the crowd buzzing outside the exit door which leads to the bus, wow these fans were keen. We all walked out after we’d had a shower and changed, after all when your meeting people you don’t want to stink do you? She was the last one in the line that I was signing and it was her eyes that gave her away. Ok and the smirk. Here was my big chance to find out at least her first name, maybe in another four years it’d be her second name too. “And who am I signing this too?” I asked looking up at her and flashing my best smile.
“Oh it’s not for me honey it’s for my best friend she’s gone getting pizza.” She smirked, “but if you could sign it to Perry she’d be very thrilled.” She beamed at me as I signed it to the chosen name. “Great show by the way.” She stroked my hand; intentionally I’m sure, as she retrieved the post card that had I Love MCR written on it. MCR being short for Manchester of course.
“Glad you enjoyed it,” I paused “what should I call you?” I asked a little hopeful.
“The one that got away.” She did the smirk and wink again before disappearing into the sea of the crowd that had formed behind her. We finally signed all we could and got back on the bus in order to go the hotel as we was playing another show the next day at the same venue.
“In another life I would make you stay so I don’t have to say you were the one that got away.” Gerard sang as he walked to the kettle to make another coffee.
“What did you sing then?” My head snapped up at them 5 fateful words.
“The one that got away by Katy Perry.”
“Perry, really.” I rolled my eyes realising I was stupid to believe her.
“What you talking about?” He looked at me as if I’m crazy.
“Do you remember ‘the one that got away’ girl?” I waited for him to nod to me “well I’ve just signed a postcard for her.” I paused as he opened his mouth to speak before quickly shutting it. “Well she said that the post card was for her friend and that her friend was called Perry. Now it makes sense, Katy Perry’s song, Perry as a name, she’s having me on.” I laughed at how stupid it sounded when spoke aloud.
“Well at least its case closed then yeah? You can forget about no name girl now?” He laughed giving me coffee as I nodded in agreement.

We went to the venue the next day in order to set things up and do the usual practice.
“Guys can I just interrupt you for a minute?” I heard David, our events monitor, shout as I was messing with my guitar. “I just want to introduce you to your new guide manager.” I turned round to see her stood there smiling. “Guys this is Perry Smiles and she’s replacing Jane.” He introduced her to each of us and I noted Gerard look over at me and nod smiling. “And as I have to go run errands she’s kindly agreed to show you around Manchester and help you with anything you might need haven’t you Perry?” He looked over at her and she nodded her smile getting bigger.
“Of course.” That was the first time she’d spoken whilst being stood in front of us all. After Dave had gone we finished what we needed to do and Gerard announced he wanted to go shopping in the city centre after hearing there was a forbidden planet nearby.
“But I wanted to go there last.” Mikey moaned at Gerard choosing to go there first, half an hour later they still hadn’t come to a compromise.
“I have an idea, my best mate works in the store how about I get her to come here and show Gerard were it is and then when we’ve finished shopping I’ll show the rest of you where it is?” Perry spoke up after obviously thinking about it. “Don’t worry she’s not a nut job, she’s perfectly sane and not obsessed.” She reassured us.
“Well I’m up for it.” Gerard smiled and she went off to make the phone call to her best friend.

An hour later and we was all giving her our orders off coffees.
“I’ll help you there’s quite a lot to remember.” I smiled as we walked inside, the familiar smell of Starbucks coffee filling my nostrils. “So you are Perry.” I looked at her smirking, feeling a sense of achievement that the woman sneaking into my thoughts for four years has finally lost part of her mystery.
“Maybe,” she looked up at me, “who says I’ve not borrowed someone’s identity Frank?” she watched my reaction for a few moments before turning to the man at the counter and ordering all of our drinks.

Well this tour won’t be one I forget in a hurry.
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