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Just What Was Going On?

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Who the hell is Perry Smiles?

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It was our third day in Manchester; Perry and her best friend Natasha had agreed to go to the venue to ensure everything was set up. There was something not right about this, how can a girl so protective of her identity be so helpful? I wasn’t the only one who had given this much thought, Gerard also had and we spent much of the night discussing possible scenarios as to why. From the ridiculous of ‘she’s and alien about to abduct’ to ‘a fan who has an active restraining order’, this seemed very plausible at 3:48 am.

I walked into the venue to the venue for the third time, this time with very dark eyes from my lack of sleep, the younger Way by the side of me looking fully refreshed as we walked backstage hearing the girls, before we saw them.
“Get ready!” One said before giggling as an unfamiliar song played through the speakers. “Let’s go girls!” The same voice sang, clearly through the microphone. Both Mikey and I looked at each other with disbelief and amusement as we saw the phone that was wired up to the speakers and more importantly the song that was being played. This was an opportunity not to be missed, so we quickly snuck into the standing area, knowing from personal experiences that the bright lighting would stop Perry spotting us. We stood silently behind Natasha, who was laughing her head off as Perry pranced around the larger stage leading up to the chorus. “The best thing about being a woman, is the prerogative to have a little fun and … Oh, Oh, Oh, go totally crazy, forget I’m a lady! Men’s shirts, short skirts.” She looked down at the outfit she was supporting which was an oversized Green Day tour shirt and a short body con skirt with a black blazer. As she was dancing around the stage I noticed she had kicked her shoes to the side and her dance was resembling that of what the song was about, which was, “Man! I feel like a woman!” She shouted out as she kicked her leg up and threw her head back. Her signature bright red lipstick completed the look as she offered her ‘one’ person audience a pout.

As she finished the song her audience of Natasha clapped whilst they both giggled. “That was awful!” The long haired best friend laughed as Perry replaced the microphone for a new one and put on her small heeled ankle boots before retrieving her phone.
“We will have to tell Gerard there’s been a set change he has a new song.” Mikey spoke when the girls had calmed down from laughing Natasha spun around to where his voice had come from with a clear blush. However, Perry didn’t even flinch as she walked over to the lighting booth next to us.
“Don’t think he has the right pitch for the song.” She smiled checking the wires not once looking in our direction, as Gerard and Ray joined us.
“Brian has called a bad and staff meeting in 5.” Gerard looked at us as we nodded and started to head off into the direction of the canteen. “You two too.” He spoke to the two girls when he saw them not moving.
“Ok here’s the problem.” Brian spoke looking around the room. “The hotel has double booked, there’s no room for us all. The bus isn’t due back until tomorrow afternoon, so we need to find a place for us to stay. There are a few hotels but none with enough room for all the guys to stay in together. Some big event happening is the reason.” Brian explained, as Perry informed us of some rival football game going on or something. “Can anyone suggest anything?” By now he looked dispirit.
“Perry and I could fit people in our place. It’s 5-10 minutes away from here.” Natasha spoke up, much to Perry’s clear surprise it seemed, “your welcome to come see it.” She added, seeing Brain’s unsure glance at us.
“I don’t think that’s necessary.” I added thinking of how helpful these two have actually been.
“Ok, how many can you fit in?” Brian asked minutes later once he realised we was all in agreement.
“About 10/12 people.” Perry spoke this time after doing a mental count up and getting over the shock of Natasha offering their place to begin with.
“Great! Problem solved!” Brian’s face became relieved as he started confirming who was going where.

“So we’re staying at yours Miss Smiles.” I whispered in her ear as she was at the vending machine, choosing out her chocolate bar. “I see this as an opportunity of me finding out more about your life, wouldn’t you agree?” I moved closer to her, looking at her reaction through the very shiny glass.
“Hmm maybe. Who says you’ll find anything out?” She matched my gaze. “And who says that if you do find anything out you’ll like that. For all you know I could be a crazed fan who’s about to entrap you all.” She smirked slowly, “or I could be a special agent and be putting you all in harm’s way.” She stared at me for a short time before bending down to pick up her chocolate bar. “I hope you’ll have a pleasant time staying at my house Frank.” She whispered in my ear, so close that her lips lightly brushed them and before I could turn around to respond she was off talking to Natasha laughing. She clearly is loving the fact she can mess with my head and leave me wondering, WHO THE HELL IS PERRY SMILES!?

It was time to go to the girls house, Perry agreed to take some in her car and Natasha would take some of us in her car, the journey as promised was short and as we drove up to the house I was not expecting the huge house that we pulled up outside of.
“Ok guys where here.” She spoke as she got out slowly, ignoring our looks of awe. She got our cases out of the car, with some help from Gerard and lead the way in. “Ok, Nats and my house is the left side, the other side is my parents. So just stick to the left of the entrance and you’ll be fine.” She smiled as we were in the grand entrance of the house. “I’ll show you to your rooms.” She looked at us all as she motioned for us to follow her, as if she was a tour guide showing us all the magnificent monuments. After she showed us the kitchen, games room, and television room she allowed us to get settled in our rooms. Yeah that’s right we all had our own rooms that’s how big the house was. I decided to jot down the ideas I had for some new songs then go down to the kitchen for a bit of something to eat.

As I entered the kitchen I saw Perry stood there talking to a young guy who had a file of papers with him, deciding against interrupting them I just stood round the corner.
“Point being?” She snapped at the young bloke, who was in a suit.
“Who I decide to have at my house is no issue of his. He’s not paying the bills I am. Frankly the quicker he signs them stupid papers the quicker we can move on from that stupid mistake.” She spoke with a frustrated tone of voice.
“I understand your frustration Ms Smiles however we cannot rush this. We have to consider his demands and respond accordingly.” The guy spoke in a quiet voice. “So what are you responding to his demand of three quarters of the band.”
“My response is,” she paused clearly rethinking what she was going to say, “my response is he wants my stuff, he can’t have it and trust me this band is my stuff.” I caught a glimpse of her through one of the pans and one eyebrow was raised and a different kind of smirk covered her lips. This smirk was one of sheer determination. Just what was going on.
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