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Deal with the Devil

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Is Frank getting closer to the truth about Perry?

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I was stood just out of sight of Perry and suit guy but so I could still hear what was being said.
"Ms Smiles may I interject something?" He must of paused for her to nod. "If you want him to sign these papers and be out of your life as quickly as you say then maybe you should give up on the said band. Why are you so determined to keep them?" The young guy asked with confidence clearly thinking he was on to a winning proposal.
"It's none of your god damned business why this band means so much to me. You tell him from me if he's prepared to fight this I'm prepared to fight ten times harder and let’s see who gets hurt the most." At this point she sounded as though she was about to explode.
"I ... I don't ... I don't understand." The young guy stuttered, clearly not expecting Perry's explosion.
"No but he will. This meeting is over I have work to do that will actually be successful unlike your attempts at trying to win my case." That's when I knew I had to get away so she wouldn't know I'd been listening in. This sounded to me as though it was a messy divorce, but she was only young would she really have got married? I stood back and into a room which appeared to be a library with a huge desk in the middle of the room. I walked over to it slowly looking at a few things that caught my eye. First was a picture of a young child fast asleep on who I assumed to be her dads chest. Over the top of the picture frame was a small cross necklace. The next thing that caught my eye was a plain looking file with big, black, bold letters in the center spelling out "MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE." Were we the band she was arguing over? And if so why were we so special to her? I decided to get out before she came in so I quickly skimmed the file before heading up to my room.

It was later on and Perry had said we'd order takeout and eat together which we all agreed to.
"Right. Give me fifteen and I shall return with food." She smiled as she put her shoes in clutching our orders.
"Oh I'll come with you." I smiled as she was about to leave "you may need help." She eyed me slowly and shrugged heading for the door, me in tow.
We drive out of the long stretch of driveway in complete silence. "So why are you really getting pizzas with me?" She looked over at me slowly before returning her attention back to the road.
"To see why you are driving to get takeout pizzas that could be delivered." I retorted smirking.
"Oh good one." She sad with just a touch of sarcasm "So what did you hear?" Now it was my turn to be taken back. How did she know? "You’re as subtle as a seal getting a fish." She eyed me from the corner of her eye.
"I heard about a band being the focal point of some settlement. Divorce is it?" At this she threw her head back giving a hearty laugh.
"Divorce? Oh honey how wrong you are." She continued to laugh forca few moments extra. "We was business partners." She spoke after calming down.
"So who's the band?" I asked playing dumb.
"We both know that you know the answer, maybe another question." She spoke flatly.
"Why us? We're not even signed to you." I sounded very protective now. This band is my life and when it's being threatened by a disagreement by someone who has no part of it I am going to be protective.
"But honey you are. Reprise was my dad’s company, when he passed he left it to me." We'd pulled up by now "all those deadlines you were given, all the merch made for you, all the touring all came from me." She turned to face me, "Darling, I'm your boss." She whispered in my ear slowly, her sweet scent filling my nose. I could just tell she was smirking.

After we all ate our food I quickly disappeared into my room feigning headache. I actually wasn't lying this new revelation has left my head spinning and more confused as to Perry then I was before. It was later when I was jerked out of my thoughts by the knock on my door that I stopped thinking about it, but not for long given the fact it was our hostess at the door.
"I've come to see how your feeling." She smiled before looking down the corridor where I heard Gerard talking to Natasha.
"Oh yeah I'm ok." I replied before letting her in slowly, feeling very self-conscious at the fact that I was in just a pair of boxer shorts. "What is the real reason for visiting me, boss?" I asked when I secured the door, whilst hearing Gerard closing his door and muffled voices and giggling coming from his room. Him and Natasha hooking up was inevitable, they have done nothing but flirt. Natasha goes out, Gerard attempts to follow if he can.
"Oh I like it." She smiled. "My true purpose is to offer you a deal." She studied my face before continuing. "You keep this new information you've just learnt and I'll give you something you really want. Something you've wanted for four years." She smirked. Was she really offering that?
"To clarify, your saying if I promise to keep quiet you will sleep with me?" I looked up at her with my poker face on. Clearly this new information is far too close for comfort for her.
"Yes Frank that's what I'm saying." She walked over to me slowly, "you willing to make a deal with the devil?" She whispered on my lips, with no smirk but a serious look. Instead of responding with words I just pulled her closer.
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