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The day after the night before

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The next morning I woke up to a Perry free bed. Her clothes were gone and the pillow she had been lay on was barely warm meaning she’d been gone for a while. Huffing I decided that there was no way I would be getting back to sleep, I was still confused as hell over why she was arguing over us and not the other bands on the label. The only thing I did know was she was telling the truth about being the owner of our label, her name rang a bell. Although, we never actually met her she was just referred to as “Ms Smiles” and therefore why would she lie? I got up and slipped on a pair of black jeans and a black and white stripped jumper before going into the large en suite and going about my business in there. After I attempted to smooth down my hair even just a little bit I walked downstairs in search for some much needed coffee. I wonder if Brian knew about Perry, but why would he be so frosty about letting us stay here? I have a million and one questions that I need to ask and much worse I was doubting whether making the deal with her last night was such a good idea. I was quickly brought out of my own world by a young girl asking what she could fix me for breakfast.
“Oh just a coffee please.” I smiled politely looking over at the dining table noticing that Brian was sat there reading something on his laptop looking thoughtful, knowing better than to interrupt him I got my cup of coffee and decided to go outside for some fresh air. I walked out and to a little carved wooden hut that had soft lights lighting up the dark tree covered area and decided I’d explore that and clear my thoughts. As I neared I noticed that the hut was occupied and the warm orange glow on deathly pale skin caught my eye.

“Here’s where you’re hiding then?” I smiled as she looked up slowly, pushing her black glasses up the bridge of her nose.
“Just doing a little work.” She smiled hugging her knees closer to her before returning back to the same file I found in her library last night. Our file. I just nodded standing there awkwardly looking around at the spacious hideaway. “You can sit down you know, you’re making me tired being stood up.” She didn’t look up as she informed me as I slowly took a seat next to her desk on the big comfy pillows. I kept my gaze on her as the warm amber glow from the lights accentuated her features even more. I noticed her eyes had a permanent gloss on the bright blue pools that were protected by black long eyelashes. She had a cute button nose that was in proportion with the rest of her face and her lips were plump deep rose colour with a perfect cupid’s bow that were as soft as silk last night. I bit my lip remembering how they felt last night as I looked away hiding the heat that were inflaming my cheeks.
“Are we going to talk about -” I started but quickly stopped as she put her hand up to shush me.
“No we’re not going to talk about last night. We made a deal, you keep it to yourself and you got your payment that’s it. Don’t make it into something it wasn’t. It was a business move nothing else.” She spoke looking me square in the eye, I noticed something flash in the deep icy pools before she quickly blinked causing me to lose sight of the lost emotion.
“Ok.” I looked away quickly and went back to drinking my now aired coffee, pulling my face at the taste.
“There’s a fresh pot over there.” She nodded towards a little kitchenette area that had a coffee machine steaming away. I nodded slowly making my way over to it draining the last of the old coffee in my mug.
“Do you want one?” I asked after a few minutes of silence.
“No thank you.” Her quiet disinterested response came back. Deciding I’d had enough of the awkward silence I finished pouring my poison into the mug before turning on my heels to look at her.
“I’m going to go for a walk, I don’t know the protocol you have so if anybody asks where you are should I tell them?” I gave her a final look to notice the nod of her head before I walked outside, exhaling deeply.

It was mid-afternoon when I noticed Perry was back in the main house, we were all sat around watching some horror film that was predictable and boring. I only probably thought that because I just couldn’t shift all the questions and confusion that was making a home in my head.
“Perry come join us!” Natasha smiled from her spot on the floor cuddled into Gerard’s side, looking up at the dark haired beauty.
“You know I dislike horrors Natasha.” She smiled back at her best friend, leaving her glance a little longer than she was supposed to, “I’m going to head off to the office, Kate is going to fix a meal for you all tonight, she said it would be ready around 6ish considering you do not have a show tonight.” She smiled politely looking round our group before leaving her eyes on Natasha before walking off towards the office.
“I’m just going to go grab my quilt for us.” She whispered in Gerard’s ear smiling before kissing his cheek and stalking off in the same direction Perry went in. It was silent between us all before Gerard slid up the sofa to sit next to me.
“So how was it?” He whispered at me still watching the screen. I snapped my neck to the side to look at him.
“How was what?” I chewed on my lip nervously, hoping he wasn’t referring to what I was trying to forget.
“Oh you’re playing that card, ok.” He smirked, still watching the screen which contained the image of the most recent murder in the film. “I mean how was she as a nurse? You know considering you had a headache, she healed you pretty quick.” I whispered a little louder, causing Brian to look over at us both with a funny look.
“Ok ok shut up before Brian gets suspicious.” I whispered back harshly after Brian had turned his attention back to the gory scene. “It was a one off to get it out of our system. Don’t make it into something it wasn’t.” I mimicked what I was told before and glanced at a stunned Gerard who kept opening and closing his mouth to say something, but was luckily stopped by Natasha walking in with her daisy print quilt.
“I’m going getting a drink.” I stood up allowing Natasha to fill my spot next to Gerard who just smiled brightly at her. I exited the front room and made my to Perry’s office, not bothering to knock and just walking in.
“Well that’s rude.” She looked up at me a small smirk playing on her lips.
“Shut up.” I whispered before pulling her to me and crashing our lips together. “We have a problem.” I whispered before pulling her back for another kiss before whispering, “Boss.”
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