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21. Ouch

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ouch, Ouch, OUCH, OUCH!, OUCH!!, OUCH!!! And fucking OUCH!!! Oh fuck! I'm dead!

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A/N Thank you for making my chapter go Green! and Thank you for your wonderful comments it was a real motivation to know you guys like my story that much…XD so yeah I better continue this story or half of you guys said that they will drop dead…I’ve already made too people ghosts. Thank you again you wonderful people for reading and loving my story.

A/N Ok from now on I’m thinking Frankie’s inner voice will be bold italics and his thoughts/response will remain just italics (so like then you can tell the difference between the two Frankie’s) I think that makes sense…I don’t know, I’ll see how it works in this chapter…XD ok here’s the story.

ouch, Ouch, OUCH, OUCH!, OUCH!!, OUCH!!! And fucking OUCH!!!

Oh fuck! I’m dead!

Way to jump to the worst possible conclusion.

Shut up!

I silently fight with my inner thoughts as paralysing wave after wave of pain pulses throughout my ‘fun-sized’ body.

I’ve died and gone to hell and now I am going to be in this much pain for eternity.

This is hell? It’s not hot…It’s not even warm…did Satan or someone break all the heaters or something?

Shut up! I don’t fuckin’ give a shit about the fuckin’ climate… I think the worst thing about this is that I’m stuck here with you.

That’s not very nice Frankie-boy…you hurt my feelings

Fine…I’m sorry.

My thoughts are quiet for a moment as I try not to focus on the pain that continues to washing over my body.

Why the fuck did I go to hell? I didn’t do nothin’ wrong. I’m a good kid…sure I’m a bit of a misfit and a punk but come on! I never did anything that bad to land myself in hell.

Yeah I have to agree with you on that one.

Just because you agreed with me I won’t tell you to ‘shut up’.

Yay…freedom of speech.

…yeah, shut up now.


I want to move and examine my situation but my body won’t let me due to the pain I’m currently drowning in…it’s even too painful to open my eyes. My head is spinning and my throat is so dry and sore, it feels like I swallowed a handful of pins, needs, broken glass, about 52 razor blades then washed it down with a bottle of acid or some other chemical you’d find in science class that you really shouldn’t swallow.

Irritatingly there is not one single sound.

Fuck! Am I deaf too? Arrrr that’s just great…

This is no time to be sarcastic.

Seriously?! I’m dead, deaf, in pain and stuck here with you…I CAN BE FUCKIN SARCASTIC IF I WANT TO!

shit, calm down. Now is not the time to-


You know…what hurts the most?

You never got to tell Gerard that you love him?


That really sucks.

I take a moment to calm down and not get too upset before I start thinking again. I try to ignore the pain but it’s proving impossible to ignore my back and shoulders that hurt like crazy and my lungs that feel like they are burning with pain every time I breathe in…


…I’m waiting.

’Breathe in’…

YAY! I’m breathing…I’m not dead!

YAY! You’re just in a lot of pain.

Yeah but If I’m not dead then I still have a chance to tell Gerard that I totally love him!

Dose this near death experience make you want to tell everybody that you love Gee?


What about your friends? Will you tell them?


Your mom at least?

…no. shut up now.

Sound lingers just outside my ears,

Yay I’m not deaf.

I come to the conclusion that my brain and senses are slowly regenerating. As my hearing sharpens I can hear the average sounds that you would normally hear in your school corridor...(yes I remember where I am now, I’m at school and not hell…but you can’t blame me for mistaking school for hell, their pretty much the same thing some days.).

I can’t hear any students.

Must still be in class.

Birds chirp outside and the wind rustles the leaves.

There must be a window open or something.

(In this corridor you have lockers lining one wall then on the opposite side there is a wall of windows that come half way down the wall. Hopefully that helps you picture the set up.)

Then I hear a sound that is a little harder to define but I can tell that it’s really close to me. It’s muffled but I know that it’s not because of my hearing. I really want to open my eyes to have a look around but it’s just way too painful at the moment. Even knowing it kills to breathe,

ha ha ha That’s a bit ironic. Kills to breathe.

Yeah, fuckin’ hilarious.

Now who’s been sarcastic?

I still go to take a deep breath despite the discomfort, in the hopes that if I get enough oxygen into my pained body that then I will be able to recover faster and then maybe finally muster up enough strength to at least open my eyes.

I fill my lungs with polluted air and make my chest rise. This whole breathing in thing is proving to be a lot harder than first thought, for one it hurts so much and it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest.


The weight on my ribcage is making it too difficult to breathe in…but I have to breathe so I try to finger out a way to make my chest lighter. It is now that I notice the weight on my chest is moving…


Ok! That’s just a bit creepy! Oh God I hope it’s not a fucking spider crawling on top of me.

Since when did spiders weigh about 50 pounds…dipshit.

Shut up. What about that 1975 movie ‘The Giant Spider Invasion’? I bet you those spiders weighed over 50 pounds.

Oh! you mean the movie where you started screaming like I chick and hid underneath a blanket behind the lounge and put your hands over your ears so you couldn’t even hear the movie?

Dude!!! It was fucking scary…horrifying…terrifying. They were huge mother-fucking spiders. Who wouldn’t be scared?

Gerard and Mikey. And anyway it was a low-budget 1975 film produced by Transcentury Pictures, It was so fake.

What part about ‘spiders’ don’t you get? The film is about giant spiders that terrorize the town of Merrill!

It wasn’t even the movie! It was the fucking trailer!

Shut up.

While I’m fighting with myself about the scare factor of some old horror movie from the 70s the muffled sounds from before is beginning to become clearer…it sounds like muffled cries or sobbing.


Because I’m curiosity’s bitch I force my eyes to slowly open. My eye lids feel like they have been super-glued shut but once I finally open them the light seeps into my hazel iris and burns like hell. I blink a few times allowing my eyes to adjust to the sun shine. I stare straight up at the roof.

Wow how interesting…and yes I am been sarcastic.

Mmmm, shut up.

Hay you know what I just remembered?


What happens next I was completely un-expecting and I have no idea where the energy or strength came from. But for no real reason my arm fly’s up into the air then falls open palm straight onto my forehead creating a very loud ‘slapping’ sound…


~evil grin~

Ok…first off….OUCH!!!

And second…WTF!

I told you when no one’s looking you’re getting a face-palm. (A/N chapter 13. I’m not gay.)

How do you know no one’s looking? And that fuckin’ hurt!

Arr quit your bitchin, it woke you up a bit didn’t it?

I go to answer myself when I feel movement on my chest. I am now positive that the sound I was hearing before was definitely someone sobbing…only now do I realize as I look down over my chest that someone is…Eric?

A/N There is more to this chapter but I got excited and wanted to update as soon as possible…XD thanks again to you wonderful people who leave comments and read my story.XOXO.

Oh here’s the trailer on YouTube (it goes for 4 mins) to that move that was mentioned in this chapter. I watched it and cracked up laughing…I love old horror movies there like comedy’s to me. [The Giant Spider Invasion (1975) trailer-] and also I’m just going to share something with you guys.

…Anyway, love you guys and leave a comment to tell what you thought about this chapter and if you spot any errors.
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