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20. Fight

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Why did I bite down my nails? I could do so much more damage if they were longer.

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I feel like I’m been possessed by some form of supernatural force or energy as a raged filled fire ignites in my chest and course inside my pulsing veins. I clench my jaw and close my shaking fists trying not to lose complete control of all my senses.

“NO!” I bark louder than God’s revolver and stare unblinkingly into Eric’s slightly surprised widened eyes. I muster up all the courage and strength in my weaken and strained body to push myself violently off of Eric causing him to stumble backwards. I lean against the cool metal of the lockers to plan out my next move but the voice in my head tells me to ‘just go for it’ and ‘make the mother-fucking prick bleed a crimson river down this mother-fucking hall.’

Eric death stares me and there is just a moment of complete and utter eerie silence.

Time stops and my heart beats wildly in my panting chest preparing for the predictable show down between ‘the homophobic bully’ and ‘the misfit midget’ that is soon about to take place right here in the vacant corridor of our school. Fear and panic prickles slowly down my spine but the raging fire in my red hot blood is a much greater force and I know that today is the day that Eric Broz will feel the wrath of my blood-thirsty, psychopathic side.

Vic will have his justice and I will go down in school history for the bloodiest fight ever to take place in this hallway. I push myself off the lockers lunging forward and tackle Eric to the ground. I crash dangerously in to his chest with my bruised shoulder, knocking the wind out of him. Eric yelps in surprise and pain as I sit up straddling him and grip the front of his shirt with both hands to shake him violently, smashing his skull onto the cold floor with a loud ‘crack’.

I can see the pain entering Eric’s glassy eyes. Disorientated he tries to push me off of him but I stay put and slam my fist of rage into the side of his head. I can tell by is expression that he is trying to not cry as he closes his eyes and blindly thrashes his arms and clenched fists at me. I raise my arm high above my dyed black haired head and bring it down hard into his left eye, instantly forming a dark purple bruise on the damaged flesh.

Eric thrashes about like I’m trying to drown him. “GET OFF ME!” he yells with a broken and dying voice but I just ignore him as I split his lip and hit his nose. His bright red blood gushes out from the freshly made wounds and creates a thin red coat over the skin on his face and my knuckles. Tears escape his closed eyes and run down the side of his face as he silently cries in pain.

Eric suddenly rolls us so that now we’re just a tangle of legs and arms swing and whipping about wildly. Somehow he ends up on top of me and grips my throat tightly but I barely notice as the heated rage inside of me has now infected every inch of my teenaged body and I focus on causing as much pain and injuries as possible to the ‘fucking prick’ on top of me. I reach up and pull his hair with one hand and try ripping his face off with the other.

Fuck! why did I bite down my nails? I could do so much more damage if they were longer.

Eric grunts and huffs as he tries to move his head out of my reach while holding on tighter to my neck. I gasp and gag disparately trying to get air to my lungs, because right now I can’t breathe, but I don’t let it slow me down. I firmly grip onto Eric’s dark brown hair, scraping his scalp, and pull roughly making Eric growl and clench his jaw with his teeth on show in frustration and discomfort. I claw at Eric’s face and leave long, red, angry looking marks on one side of his face, along his left temple, just under his left eye, and down his neck over his Adam’s apple.

“Fuck You!” he spits down at me venomously as he retracts one hand from my throat but dig his nails into the tender flesh of my neck with his remaining other hand. He hits me with an open palm, the slapping sound bounces of the cold metal lockers and echo’s quietly up the vacant school corridor.

“No! Fuck you!” I spit back just as venomously through gritted teeth. My eyes sting as the sharp pain in my cheek reddens and heats up. I twist my body from underneath him trying to flip him off me or better angle myself to reach his now bruised, red, bleeding, tear stained face.

“You’re such a stupid mother-fucking prick!” I yell with a raspy voice, due to Eric strangling me, and yank at his hair while kicking my legs madly.

“You’re pathetic!” I growl loudly through clenched teeth, causing my throat to feel like I just swallowed razor blades, and go to slap him across is messed up face but he moves out of my range so I end up hitting his throat instead. I try to sit up but Eric just holds me down and digs his knees into my sides painfully.

“You’re Useless.” I gasp out of my torn throat before Eric ‘bitch slaps’ me hard across my cheek. The slap only makes me angry and I viciously claw at any flesh I can reach and thrash my body around like I’m having a seizure.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Eric just remains silent. I try grasping his throat in my unsteady blood coted hands but I can’t focus due to oxygen been denied access to my lungs as Eric strangles me nearly to the brink of unconsciousness.

He might actually kill me. I pushed the murderous button inside of him and now he has lost control and he is going to kill me, right here in the school corridor. I never got to tell Gerard that I love him, I’ll never see Gee’s amazingly beautiful pale face again, and I’ll never get to taste the incredible coffee and cigarette taste of his mouth as our tongues dance for dominance. I won’t get to tangle my fingers into this long, soft, raven hair and pull him so close to me so that our bodies are pressed against each other. I’ll never get to feel the tender soft flesh of his lips across the skin of my neck. I’ll never get to feel his heat beat against mine.

I can’t breathe and I’m in so much pain. My back and shoulders already hurt before this but now they are pulsing in unbelievable pain that I don’t think I’m going to be able to stand up properly...even if Eric wasn't on top of me. Not to mention that my throat feels like it’s been torn out, yelling probably is not helping with the pain.

“Can’t….Breathe…” My voice is so raspy and broken that I don’t think Eric can understand me. I give up trying to hurt Eric and attempt to pull his ever so tight hands off of my throat. My head feels dizzy and my lungs are burning. I move my hands down to my neck and try lifting Eric’s fingers but my body is fast losing all strength so I try pleading instead, even knowing it’s a useless idea considering my voice is not even understandable at the moment.

“Eric…” I gasp and wheeze “You’re…chok…ing” I try to force a breath of air into my chest but fail. In a feeble attempt to stop Eric I raise my hands to his face with my vision blurred. I was intending to hit him but my oxygen deprived mussels refers to cause any damage so I end up just holing his face in my hands.

His cheeks are swollen and hot due to the bruising and injuries I inflected moments before. His skin is slick and moist with blood and tears. I can feel myself losing consciousness as warm tears seep from my eyes and slowly roll down the side of my face. I fear that these are my last moments alive.

It feels different to this morning when the bus threaten to kill me, there is no life flashing before my eyes and I can’t really think of anything in particular. At least with the bus it would have been quick and probably less painful compare to this…my body bruised and beaten, struggling to breathe and…and…I can’t think. My head is pulsing and full of half thought thoughts.

My sight is fading to black but I know that my eyes are wide open. I stare up at my murder’s face, Eric. From what I can tell he has his eyes closed and his expression is pained and tortured. I push his face with the last of my strength hoping that he will open his eyes and notice…... that he…... is….... killing…... meeeeeeee……...


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