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19. I hate you

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Fuck, he’s going to kill me! And I never got to tell Gerard that I love him.

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I’m on the cold ground of my schools corridor floor, with my eyes closed awaiting for a world of pain and maybe some broken bones but unquestionably a large amount of my skin will be covered in black and blue bruises once Eric is finished with me.

Wow, your such a tough guy…NOT!

Shut up, it was your plan to close my eyes.

I’m not talking about your eyes been closed but you just giving up before the fight even begins…You’re a crazy little psychopath that causes so much damage when playing your guitar but you can’t stand up to a homophobic bully?

What? No come back? No ‘shut up’?

Shut up.

I realise that nothing was happening, there is no steal-cap boot in my ribs, no clenched fist in my face…what is going on?

“What the fuck are you doing?” comes Eric’s savagely snide and irritated voice from above me, questioning my closed eyes. I nervously open one eye to see not only an irritated Eric, but a frustrated, agitated and pissed off Eric viciously scowling down at me with blazing, dirty green eyes that seem to be burning holes into my head.

If looks could kill…

“What?” I asked confused on why he wasn’t already beating the crape out of me. Eric just growls in frustration and slams his fist into the lockers next to us while still staring deep into my eyes. The sudden action and sound makes me flinch.

“Fucking hell!” Eric growls more to himself than to me. Anger and hatred seeps out from is pours and fills the air surrounding us in the empty hallway. “Why are you everywhere?” He asks me with a deep tone and a frown dominating his face. I look up at him blankly from my position on my ass on the ground than raise a questioning eyebrow at him “hu? What do you mean?” I ask confused.

“You are everywhere! Always appearing from nowhere and getting in my way!” Eric snaps at me then dose something I wasn’t expecting. He sighs loudly and rubs his eyes with one hand “Why can’t you just fucking piss off?” he asks me simply, his voice cracks slightly at the end. All his anger and hatred fades away and is replaced with tiredness and dull emotion. When he looks at me again all the fury and fire has left his brown and green eyes. I watch his expression intensively trying to decipher what he is going to do next. I look deep into his eyes. I never really noticed the colouring of them before now. Their brown around the rim of the iris then fade in to a very strong green.

This tired Eric only hangs around for a moment before his expression twits into a scowl and the heated hatred returns to his eyes as he notices me looking up at him.

“What the fuck are you staring at? You fucking midget!” he spits venomously before he reaches down and grabs a fist full of the front of Gerard’s hoodie (Which I am still wearing from this morning). He swiftly pulls me up with little effort and smashes me hard into the lockers, the sound of my back hitting the metal echoes down the vacant hallway like thunder rolling in darken storm clouds.

A harsh ache pulses up and down my spine causing me to breathe in sharply and wince in discomfort. I close my eyes trying to ignore the pain and breathe in a shaken breath. Eric either doesn’t notice or just doesn’t give a shit.

Most likely he doesn’t give a shit.

He pushes hard on both my shoulders and I can’t help but yelp in pain, it feels like he’s going to dislocate them.

“Why can’t you just fucking die in a hole or something?” he shouts with such loathing and disgust pushing me even harder into the lockers. I try to free myself from his grip, pushing on his elbows in an effort to loosen his hold on me and shifting side to side trying to wriggle free, but it just causes more pain so I have no choice but to stop moving. Eric has me pined against the lockers and I can’t even move. I can feel the stinging sensation in my eyes as I try to hold back the salty tears that start to fill my eyes as the pain in my back and shoulder begin to fell unbearable.

“Arrrr! please…let…go!” I plead looking for mercy in Eric’s brown and green eyes that burn severely with such rage and hostility. The look in his eyes was so intimidating and scary that I actually feared that he would snap my neck if I even thought the wrong word.

Fuck he’s going to kill me! And I never got to tell Gerard that I love him.

Eric leans in close enough that I can feel his hot breath on my skin, his jaw clenched and his eyes never braking contact with mine. He draws in a deep breath and bone crushingly squeezes my shoulders to braking point.

“I hate you.” He slowly informs me in a deep throat growl that rumbles over my flesh and causes the hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end and every nerve in my body to scream out in panic. The pain in my shoulders and back increases and spreads over my body as a suspenseful silence intensifies the feeling of fear and uncertainty causing my gut to churn with the sickly feeling that something really bad is soon to come.

Abruptly Eric shakes me and slams my numbing body into the cold metal of the lockers relacing another round of false thunder to roll down the vacant corridor of my school.

“I HATE YOU!” he screams in my face, loathing venom dripping of every word and pooling at our feet. He repeatedly slams me into the lockers a few more times repeating with each beating ‘I hate you’.

He punches me hard in the stomach making me buckle forward with my eyes shut tight trying to ignore the pain that is spreading rapidly throughout my body. I unintentionally lean on Eric, unable to move due to agony. I can feel Eric’s chest rise and fall rapidly as he breaths in fast. He stops my beating just for a moment to softly grab my shoulders but doesn’t push me off him like I was expecting. Instead he lowers his head closer to my ear, his hot breath warming the soft flesh.

“I fucking hate you.” He whispers quietly. His voice crakes and sounds broken.

What the fuck did I do? Why does he hate me so much?

You’re not just going to take this are you?


Fucking hell Frank fight back you pussy! He causes pain and broken bones then laughs in the faces of the ones he has tortured.

I being to feel the pain been replaced by headed anger.

Did you not see what he fucking did to Vic? And Vic never did anything to anyone, Vic is quiet and shy with a sweet gentle nature.

I breathe in sharply, letting the rage flood my pained body.

It’s unfair and not right! Are you just going to let him get away with this kind of behaviour?


You hate him! Attack! Teach him a lesson he will not forget! Don’t let him get away with this!

I Swallow hard and take one more deep painful breath in then straighten up to look into Eric’s eyes. I want him to see the pain and fury in my eyes, to let him know that what he dose and has been doing to others is not ok and today he is going DOWN!...

A/N Will Frankie kick the living shit out of the homophobic Eric? Or will Eric over power Frankie and put him in hospital? Find out next chapter…XD*/]

[/*I would write it all in this one chapter and not leave you hanging but I have school work that needs to be done and don’t know when the next chapter is going to be up…but I will do it ASAP. Love you guys, leave a comment and let me know of errors.XOXO.
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