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18. Dynamite

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For some strange reason we all freeze, Gerard leaning towards Bert with is ass half off the chair. Yes I was looking at his ass. Perve.

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The teacher, Mr Dyna (nicknamed Dynamite), turns to face me as I enter the room, his curly brown hair bounces at the movement of his head.

“How nice of you to join us Mr Iero.” He speaks in a deep teacher tone and holds a straight face but it only lasts for a moment before he drops the act and smiles his usual friendly smile with twinkling deep blue eyes. “Go take your seat.” he tells me speaking in his normal naturally smooth voice.

Mr Dyna is actually a pretty cool teacher. He’s fresh meat in the teaching world at the age of like 24 or 25 but has the respect of nearly every student in every one of his classes. It drives the other teachers crazy how Dynamite can get his students to actually do their work and learn, where they have to threaten their students with detentions or bribe them with sweets (I overheard some of the other English teachers bitching about him a week after he started working here but Mr Dyna is a pretty easy going guy and doesn’t care about what they say about him behind his back). You can see in his eyes that he really has a passion for teaching and loves his job.

I smile back at him and grab one of the sheets of paper he was giving out to the rest of the class when I walked through the door (A poem). “Thanks Dynamite.” He smiles at the use of his nickname than heads towards the front of the classroom. Gerard smiles up at me as I take my seat next to him at the back of the room. Bert is sitting on the other side of Gerard grinning like the cat that got the cream or more like the Bert that got my nose. He holds up his closed hand and mouths the words ‘got you nose’.

I grin and reach across Gerard to try and snatch the non-existent nose from Bert’s hand but he moves it out of my reach. Gerard just looks at me then at Bert then back at me with a ‘WTF’ amused smile playing on his lips.

“He’s got my nose.” I pout folding my arms across my puffed out chest and sink into my chair playfully frowning. Bert grins wickedly while Gerard snickers at our game and shakes his head, causing his raven hair to fall in front of his face like a shield. I look over at Bert and he pokes his tongue at me. I pull an ‘O’ face, poke my tongue back at him then whine to Gerard “Geeeeeeee, make him give my nose back.” I whimper while tugging at the sleave of his ‘Iron maiden’ band-Tee.

“Alright Bert,” Gerard starts as he turns in his seat to face the teen. Bert looks innocently at Gerard and smiles a guiltless grin displaying all of his white teeth. “Give back Frankie’s nose.” he tries to sound stern but you can hear the hilarity in his voice. Bert just shakes his head dramatically side to side like a stubborn child, remaining silent. Gerard cocks a warning eyebrow at Bert as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Hand it over or I’ll tickle you and make you laugh so hard that you cry and wet you pants.” Bert gasps “You wouldn’t dear.” He responds narrowing his eyes at Gerard. “Try me.” Is Gee’s only come-back.

Bert watches Gerard closely trying to determine if he really would do what he threatens to do. Gerard stares back intensely. I watch the staring contest from over Gerard’s shoulder wondering who’s going to make the first move. Gerard suddenly lunges forward at Bert who quickly surrender’s before Gee even got close “Here, here, take it. I don’t want it!” he cowers playfully holding out his hand toward the now self-satisfied Gerard.

“Hey, come on boy’s settle down back there.” Comes Mr Dyna’s voice from the front of the class room. For some strange reason we all freeze, Gerard leaning towards Bert with is ass half off the chair.

Yes I was looking at his ass.


Shut up, he’s my boyfriend…I’m allowed too.

OMG, you just thought the word boyfriend…now say it out loud.


Bert is holding his arm out to… my Boyfriend (I smile stupidly to myself.) nearly falling out of his seat trying to stay as far away from Gerard as possible and I’m just sitting there watch the two boys smiling like I’m on drugs.

“He’s got my nose.” I say facing Mr Dyna and waving an arm toward Bert. Dynamite just smiles and huff out a half laugh “Bert, give Frank his nose back please so then we can learn about the proper way to analyse a poem.” Bert sits up normally in his seat “I am, see? I already surrendered before Gee attacked me.” He states giving Gerard a non-excitant nose. Gerard turns to me and touches my hand. To the people surrounding us it just looks like were passing the pretend nose but to us it means so much more. His gorgeous Hazel eyes light up and swirl with such beauty and passion that makes me want to moan with lust. The connection lasts for only a second but the aftermath results in my heart beating enthusiastically and my breathing been hitched. We both smile shyly then look away from each other.

The rest of English class was uneventful, except for the occasional brushing of hands or feet with Gerard and the knowing glances we kept giving towards each other.


I’m walking alone to my last class of the day and decide to embrace the air and twirl around in a circle, earning some weird looks from a group of fake Barbies and wannabe Beyoncé’s. I sigh happily to myself and skip along the corridor like I have not a care in the world (I’m astonished that my skinny black jeans are actually letting me skip).

Yeah…I do love him.

My convers scuff against the surface of the floor and I close my eyes trying to visualise every detail of Gerard’s face and remembering the feeling of his lips on mine.

I can almost smell his coffee and cigarette scented breath.

I was happily daydream until I ran face first into a wall of clothed flesh. I bounce back and fall on my ass. I open my eyes…

No wonder you ran into someone…you had your eyes closed dip-shit.

Shut up. You weren’t complaining about my eyes been shut when we were daydreaming about the ‘sex god’ Gerard.

That’s because Gerard is sexy…and hot…and cute…talented, creative, amazing, funny and-

Yeah I know... shut up now.

With my eyes now open I look up to find Eric looking unimpressed as he stared down at me.


Quick close your eyes and maybe he’ll disappear.

That’s a fucked up idea.

It’s the only idea you got.

…good point.

I close my eyes again anticipating a soon to come beating.

A/N I know it's short and nothing really happens but it's an Update nevertheless XD you know...leave a comment and tell of errors. The more comments and ratings I get the faster I try to Update XD love you guys .XOXO.
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