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17. Unexplained

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"It’s short-ish and has an interesting little ghost story going on and the music sounds awesome with the deep toned lead singer.” I point out.

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“Sorry about Eric you know, He can be such a dick head.” Bert apologises to me as we walk down the quiet empty corridor outside the nurse’s office where we had just left the broken Vic behind with Leticia the sweet young school nurse. I’m now on first name basis with the nurse since I’m often getting the crap beaten out of me by Eric and his 'brain dead' followers.

Lunch time was now over and I had English with Gerard and Bert. I shrug my shoulders at Bret’s apology and walk forward towards my locker to get my English book “It’s not your fault.” I simply respond as we round a corner. Bert smiles and skips along beside me happily. We go to our lockers and get our books then head toward class during which we shear a meaningless conversation about the Misfits new album ‘The devils rain’.

“Dude, that song is totally the best one off that album,” Bert comments enthusiastically referring to the song ‘Cold in hell’.

“Yeah it’s alright but the one I really love is ‘unexplained’, it’s awesome and gets stuck in your head.” I protest. Bert just shrugs his shoulders and pouts his lips accepting my opinion “Seriously,” I try to per sway him to agree with me “It’s short-ish and has an interesting little ghost story going on and the music sounds awesome with the deep toned lead singer.” I point out.

Bert smiles remembering the song in his head. I smile too because I know that he is totally agreeing with me about the song now. I start to softly sing ‘unexplained'.

“At astounding speed a ship appears
Upon our radar’s eye
Four armored birds will soon engage
Something unidentified
Evasively it turns on them
The rest is classified
Vanishing without a trace
In the North Dakota sky”

Bert proves my point about the song been catchy and sticking to your brain as he joins in with the singing as we round a corner. Together we sing the chorus.

“It’s Unexplained, it’s Unexplained
A blinding flash of light
Is the last thing they will say
It’s Unexplained.”

Bert wraps his arm around the top of my shoulders as we continue to sing like drunks’ walking home from the bar, Bert even has his other arm flying around in the air as we sway to the beat of the song in our heads. My back is still sore from the lunch time fight but I just ignore it and sing the song out loudly with Bert.

“Lost at sea a mighty fleet
Sends an S.O.S. in code
50 years it reappears
Coffee isn’t even cold”

The line about coffee reminds me of Gerard and his coffee scented breath that washed over my lips before he kissed me. Bert and I take in a deep breath then continue on with the song smiling like fools.

“Returning from its nowhere
The crew was never found
Their spirits haunt these ghost ships
And they make such eerie sounds.”

We turn up the volume of our voices as we near our English room and Sing the last part of the Misfits song.

“It’s Unexplained, it’s Unexplained
Who knows what terror lies out there
Far beyond the waves
It’s Unexplained, it’s Unexplained
Their souls the sea would claim

It’s Unexplained”

We shout then burst out into laughter. Our class room is just a few doors down and I start to think of Gerard and how he followed me across the field to help Vic at lunch.

I think I love him.

I smile softly to myself at that thought.

I’m gonna tell him, maybe after school.

Suddenly Bert jumps in front of me, startaling me and preventing me from moving forward with a giant grin plastered across this face framed by long black stringy strands of hair. “You wanna know something?” He asks me then puffs his cheeks out like a puffer fish waiting for my answer.

I smile an amused but weary smile “Ummmm” I ponder for a moment “O…K…” I answer slowly and completely clueless as to what Bert is about to tell me. He flashes his teeth in a quick evil looking smile then pinches my nose.

“Ouch!” I exclaim “What the fuck was that for?” I ask him while covering my now sore nose. Bert just grins and announces “I got your nose.”

I can’t help but smile at his childish antics as he skips around the empty hall towards our English room.

“Hey give that back I need it to smell things.” I play along with Bert’s little game. “Come and get it then Frankie boy.” He coos just before opening the class room door and disappearing inside. I smile to myself and shake my head as I sigh.

I don’t know why I think it’s funny that Bert thinks he’s got my nose, but it just is.

I giggle quietly to myself as I reach for the closed door handle. “It’s unexplained.” I mutter under my breath as i swing open the door.

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Here's the song on youtube if you want to hear it... I love the misfits, but I love MCR more
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