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16. Bleed

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“I’ll make you fucking bleed.” Gerard threatens with annoyance and agitation. “Gerard…” Mikey speaks in hush tones, warning his older brother to calm down.

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I run faster than I’ve ever run before in my life due to the sudden burst of adrenalin that leaks into my blood stream and infects my muscles. I’m scared for Vic, he’s only a skinny guy, he’s delicate and fragile where Eric is strong and well-built and probably has a built in gym in his home. Eric can, and has before, cause some pretty serious damage and if he’s not stopped I know Vic will end up in hospital, I just kind of wish it wasn’t me that has to step in…I’m fucking fun-size and Eric’s a bloody skyscraper compared to me (actually Eric’s just above average height like Ray…I’m just short). I can feel the hot flush of angered rage flood through my veins in my ‘fun-size’ body.

That fucking stupid homophobic prick!

Go! Frankie, Go!

Eric now has Vic on the ground and is hovering over the top of him kicking his fragile ribs hard and spiting on his quivering body while his followers (Sam Fenser and Skye Darlon) stand around laughing that sickening, taunting, mockingly hurtful laugh that demolishes any self-esteem and cuts at your heart like a rusty razor blade. I cringe at the thought of Vic’s bones crushing and braking under the force of Eric’s steal caped boots. I want to scream my lungs out ‘leave him alone, fuck! Hasn’t he been put through enough already? He didn’t do anything wrong…THIS IS NOT FAIR’ but a painful lump forms in my throat making it harder to breath as I approach the unjust attack. I’m only a few meters away from the fight when Eric practically straddles the cowering Vic and grabs a fist full of the front of his shirt and slams his knuckles into the tear stained flesh of Vic’s already redden and busied cheek.

I lose control of my sanity and body to the heated feeling of rage as I release some form of deep throat growl/roar of frustration, fury and outrage. I move like a lightning bolt on speed while closing my eyes in preparation to smash my whole body into the unprepared Eric. I tackle Eric’s torso and we both go flying off and away from Vic in a tumble ball of limbs and grunts.

I knocked all breath out of Eric’s hate filled lungs just by the pure force of the blow and both Sam and Skye stop their cruel laughter as Eric and I stop rolling and landed a few feet away from the them and Vic. I quickly look over to where the shaken Vic is curled up in a protective ball. A quick spick of panic dominates me as I worry about the followers turning on him but then relax slightly at the sight of Gerard rushing up onto the scene.

He followed me.

Gerard stands protectively a couple of feet in front of Vic and watches the ‘brain dead’ followers almost daring them to make a move. Sam twists his face with hatred towards Gerard while Skye just pouts and glares. I See Ray, Mikey and Bob join in with the party. I smile softly at the support of my friends. But the warm fuzzy feeling only lasts for a millisecond before I realize just how badly Eric had beaten Vic in that short time. Ray helps Vic sit up gently, the blood mixes in with the fallen tears and drips down his chin and neck. He looks so terrified and completely heartbrokenly pained.


Ok not die, I don’t want to go to jail, but he is so not getting away with this.

My shoulder feels funny but there is no time to inspect injuries as I try to gather my bearings after the rolling. Eric sits up gasping for the unhealthy New Jersey air and I pounce on him like a drunken lion on a dazed zebra.

“You homophobic,”

I start as I collide my clenched fist of rage into the side of his face.


I continue as I punch his nose in the hope of hearing that crunch sound of it breaking. Blood gushes out but I don’t think It’s broken.


I proceed as I try to use all the might and force I can gather in my emotionally confused angered state to slam my knuckles down into the flesh and skull of the tormenting bully beneath me.


I finish screaming wholeheartedly as I go for another blow to his now bleeding and swelling face. Eric cries out in pain and shock. I stop my attack in the hope that he has learned his lesson but then suddenly out of nowhere he rolls me onto my back so that now we end up with him pinning me to the ground and grinning a sinister smirk on top of me. He holds me down by the shoulders and I glare up into his dirty green eyes that ooze with hatred and fire.

Where both breathing hard and his breathe washes over me like a warm sickening wave that sends hate filled chills down my spine. I clench my jaw with fury and try to shift his weight off of me.

“Come on Eric! Knock his lights out!” Comes the encouraging call of Eric’s friend Sam from somewhere unseen.

“You shut your mouth asshole.” Snaps Gerard.

“Oh you wanna have a go?” Sam retaliates.

“Make him bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed” Sings out Skye with a voice full joy and glee.

“I’ll make you fucking bleed.” Gerard threatens with annoyance and agitation. “Gerard…” Mikey speaks in hush tones, warning his older brother to calm down.

How can people find happiness in others pain?

it’s sick.

The smirk on Eric’s face fades away quickly at the sound of his friend’s voices from behind him. He now looks more angry and frustrated than evil and blood thirsty. I maintain my hate filled glare but have given up on squirming out of his grip but my body still remains tense.

Eric lifts me sharply by the shoulders suddenly and smashes me back down hard into the dirt. I cry out as a piercing pain developing in my back and he cries out in a frustrated, almost regretful tone “Fucking hell Frank! Why can’t you just stay out of it?!”

Oh, hell no. he did not just ask that!

I widen my eyes in surprise “are you fucking kidding me?” I bark in his faces which makes him flinch back and this allows me to free my arms. I start waving them around spastically and he looks down at me confused and concerned at my sudden odd arm movements. It must look like I’m having some form of a seizure.

“IT’S NOT FUCKING FAIR!” I shout and shove the Stunned Eric off of me. “DO YOU REALLY THINK IT”S OK TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T FIT INTO YOUR FUCKED UP LITTLE IDEAR OF THE REAL WORLD!” I bellow as I stand up tensing my body, breathing heavily and wincing at the numbing pain shooting up and down my spine. Eric just looks up at me remaining silent. His eyes have changed and suggest some form of remorse or maybe even shame.

“Oh shut up you faggot!” snaps the ‘brain dead’ follower, Sam, in venomous tones. I widen my eyes once again in pure frustration and annoyance. I grunt out loud and kick the dirt as I feel like tearing my hair out “I’M NOT FUCKING GAY!” I snap back.


Shut up.

“And anyway stop using ‘gay’ as a derogatory term.”

The nasty and snide expressions on the two followers drop off their faces and replaced with confusion as they both look at each other for answers. I can’t help but face palm myself “for fuck sake.” I mutter to myself “You don’t know what ‘derogatory’ means do you?” I ask them knowing full well that they probably don’t even go to English class. Eric stands up a few feet in front of his friends and smirks at their clueless response of silence, they can’t see his face.

“Ahh, what?” Skye asks. his facial expression looks like he’s in pain from thinking. Eric rolls his eyes at his friend’s stupidity. I go to explain the meaning of the word,

Why are we giving an English lesson to these asshols at lunch?

I don’t know.

But I was cut off by Eric.

“Derogatory, you fuck-tart,” Eric starts as he turns his body to half face his ignorant friends and my intrigued ones “is a critical or disrespectful attitude. Using the word ‘faggot’ or referring to gay as an insult is degrading, humiliating and can considered to be a derogatory terms because it offends homosexuals.” He informs an astonished Sam and Skye and impressed Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob.

“Fornicate! To have sexual intercourse while unmarried.” Sings an unexpected voice from behind me. Everyone turns to face the direction of the cheerful voice. A messy long black haired teenaged Robert Edward McCracken a.k.a. Bert approaches the group.

“Hey ya, Frankie.” He greets me by patting my shoulder which causes a sharp pain to stab me in the back but I refuse to display any sign of discomfort and just nod in acknowledgment instead to the cheerfully happy Bert. He continues to walk pass me and towards Eric and knuckle busts his fist. Eric and Bert are friends but Bert is friend with everyone, he shears the same art class as Gerard and we’re all in the same English class (Gerard, Bert and myself.)

He smiles a friendly joyful smile at everyone’s ‘WTF’ expressions glued to their faces…Everyone that is apart from Vic who is just sitting next to Ray on the ground staring at his pink converses. He looks broken and lost with lines of tears and blood streaking down and over his redden and bruised cheeks.

Oh, poor Vic. He doesn’t deserve this shit.

Bert remains clueless to the resent event as Vic goes un-noticed by him. “I guess were not just randomly announcing the definitions of random word from the dictionary. What’s goin’ on?” Bert concludes as we all look at the contrastingly happy Bert to the obviously agitated and depressing atmosphere. Eric shakes his head dismissingly and quietly answers “nothing.”.

Bert smiles over to Gerard and waves “Hi Gee.” he chirps “Hey Bert.” Gerard smiles half heartily. Then he finally notices the fallen down, damaged looking Vic next to Ray sitting on the dirt. Concern dominates his once smile covered face “Shit, what happen to you?” Bert asks sincerely and approaches the broken Vic.

Bert’s one of the few people who doesn’t care about race, sexuality or gender.

“You know it only makes it worse to know that you know what you are doing is insulting, degrading, humiliating and disrespectful. Yet you still do it anyway.” I state calmly to Eric as I fold my arms across my chest death stearing Eric’s dirty green eyes. Bert looks up disapprovingly at Eric, Sam and Skye. “Fucking hell.” he mutters under his breath reproachfully as he shakes his head shamefully.

Eric just grunts in response and walks away with Sam and Skye following behind.

“We should get you to the nurse or somthin’ man.” Bert softly tells Vic who remains unresponsive. I walk over to them and try to help Vic stand up. “Come on.” I whisper gently as I place one arm over my shoulder while Bert did the same with the other arm.

“Do you want us to come too?” Ray asks clearly concerned about Vic’s state. “Should be fine mate.” Bert answers optimistically. Vic just bows his head and winces at the pain.

I should have ran as soon as I seen Eric following him…why did I wait?

oh fuck no, you are so not blaming yourself for this.

If Vic wasn’t on his own then that Eric wouldn’t have attacked him.

“From now on Vic your sitting with me and the guys at break and lunch, ok?”

A quiet, shaking, broken whisper escapes Vic’s throat “Are you sure?” asks the shattered sound. I look at the guys for their approval.

Gerard is the first to respond “Yeah, we're sure.”

“You’re always welcome to sit with us.” Mikey gently comments.

“We’ll make sure Eric stays away.” Ray adds.

Bob just smiles even knowing that Vic can’t see him. “Let’s go get you fixed up.” Bert prompts for us to get him to the nurses office. Quietly Vic smiles a broken but true smile “thank you.” He whispers.

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