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15. Shit just hit the motherfucking fan!

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“Um, I’m a vegetarian.” I inform him “Oh, cool.” He holds his fist out to me from across the table intending a ‘fist bump’ “I can respect that man.”

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A/N ok I know you're just going to skip over this bit and go stright to the story, but just so you know it took so long to Update because of problems with my mother, it got deleted so I had to rewrite it and then the internet stopped working, ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...anyway here's the update...

“Fuck I hate Miss Jones,” I pout folding my arms cross my chest while I lean against the lockers next to Mikey who is carefully placing his books from our previous History class into his neatly sorted locker and mumbles half-heartily in agreement with me without glancing in my direction.

“I mean who gets all worked up over a fucking comment about stupid old William Shakespeare?” I ask Mikey while looking at the dirt under my bitten down nails. Mikey sighs and shuts his locker door “You only made the comment because you know that Shakespeare is like her hero.” He states monotonously with his poker-face expression then turns to walk up the hall without me.

“Yeah, Yeah, He’s one of the world’s greatest writers and all that bullshit.” I exclaimed rolling my eyes as I push myself off the lockers to follow Mikey up the corridor “But come on Mikes, He’s just a writer it’s not like he saved the world from an incoming asteroid or anything, he just…” I shrugged my shoulders “entertained people.” I say simply.

Mikey stopped and turns to face me with a slightly confused expression on his face. I turn my head to the side to face him. “I thought you once said that entertainers can save lives? And I also thought you liked Shakespeare too?” he asked raising one of his eyebrows questioningly at me.

Fuck, he’s got a good memory. No wonder he tops nearly every class.

I shrug my shoulders again and roll my head to face up the hallway to start walking once more. “Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the guy, it’s just it gets annoying to hear about him every fucking lesson.” I take in a deep breathe of the cheap spray deodorant scented air trying to remember a class with Miss Jones where she didn’t mention the famous writer. “Like do I really need to know that William Shakespeare was born to John Shakespeare and mother Mary Arden sometime in late April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon and that there is no record of his birth, but his baptism was recorded by some stupid church, thus his birthday is assumed to be the 23 of April. (A/N that’s true by the way.) I don’t care that his friends said he was the best writer of his time. He now has Miss Jones saying he’s the best of all time.”

Mikey just walks quietly beside me. He’s obviously bored of the conversation.

“It’s just unfair that I get detention after school just because I said ‘the guy has been dead for 400 years could we pleases talk about some present interesting entertainers’”

I can tell that Mikey is rolling his eye “Yeah that’s the reason why,” he says sarcastically “and nothing to do with the fact that you called her ‘A Shakespeare-lovin’-history-teacher that needs, and I quote, ‘to quit living in the past maaaaan and teach us some proper history or get out of this history room and go teach English.’”

“Ok, so maybe I deserve detention for that but you have to give me credit for not swearing.” I point out.

Mikey sighs sadly “Ok fine, you get credit. Happy?”

“YEP” I beam with pride but still annoyed that I now had detention after school.

Mikey and I trudge through the student littered hallway and out toward the field.

For crying out loud she acted like I just ran the poor guy over in the teachers car park just outside. Obviously no one told her he was dead and didn’t like been told that she’s a ‘Shakespeare-lovin’-history-teacher’, but it’s the truth.

I growl with frustration as Mikey and I approach the spot where our group hangs out. It’s a picnic style table sitting under the branches of a tall old oak tree towards the back of the school yard. Already sitting at the table is the ‘Fro man Ray, the ‘sex god’ Gerard and the new kid Bob. He has promised not to tell anyone about Gerard and me, which has allowed me to relax a bit, I’ve only just met the guy but I feel I can trust him.

The raven haired Gerard has his back towards me so I decide to take advantage of his position and sneak up behind him to cover his face with both my arms while I stand behind him. He flinches at the sudden darkness then sighs as he tries to wriggle out of my arms but I just tighten my grip carefully so I don’t suffocate him. His face is completely covered by the sleeves of his hoodie which I am still wearing since this morning. Bob’s sitting on the table top looking down at us with a ‘WTF’ expression while Ray just snickers at our antics and continues to pick at his lunch. This is nothing out of the ordinary. Mikey exhales an exhausted sigh and drops into the seat next to Ray across the table.

Something’s wrong with Mikey.

I think to myself as I examine his poker-face trying to figure out what’s eating away at Mikey while still annoying Gee by covering his face with my arms and holding his head to my chest. Mikey has been oddly quiet during class and seems to be in deep thought about something. At first I just thought that it was because I kissed his brother after he saved my life but now I get a feeling that it has nothing to do with it…thank god.

“Womf rog wif Miccy?” Comes Gerard’s muffled voice from under my arms. I look down from above his head and allow him to move one of my arms so he can speak. “What?” I ask curiously. He breaths in a deep breath of polluted air then tries talking again. I still have one arm sitting across his forehead and the other one loosely hung around the front of his shoulders. I’m tempted to push the front of my body against his back but someone might notice and suspect something.

“What’s wrong with Mikey?” Gerard asks staring directly at the mentioned brother with concern. Mikey lifts his head up at the use of his name and looks him in the eyes.

Wow, they really do have a close brother bond. Gee couldn’t’ even see Mikey and knew something was wrong.

“What you mean, Gee?” the younger Way asks sadly as he dropped his eyes to his hands in front of him. I make myself comfortable and rest my chin on top of Gerard’s raven head and subconsciously sway my hips side to side as I’m slightly bent over the top of Gerard and I’m never one to stand still. Secretly I breathe in the scent of coffee, cigarettes and vanilla…must be his shampoo. If I stay here for only a moment no one would suspect anything, but I can’t push the limits, Bob already knows and I don’t want anyone else to find out.

“Don’t fucking play dumb Mikey mouse.” Gerard states using one of his nick names “What’s wrong? Why are you so sad looking?” Mikey avoids eye contact with his older brother and shrugs his shoulders. Just as Gerard’s is about to say something I get an itch on my chin and I rub it on the top of Gerard’s head which cause him to look up at me with a sigh. My face hovers just above his as he bends his head back looking straight up at me.

Fuck I so want to kiss him.

Do it then.

His lips seem to be begging for my contact. The longing hazel coloured eyes speak to me offering support and comfort. I believe he can see deep inside me, the true me. I know he can see my confused soul and my beating heart. I feel my knees melt and my heart flutter around in a cage of my ribs inside my chest.

I wonder if he knows what he’s doing to me. I want to moan and groan just at the sight of his pale skin face with his pink kissable lips and those loving puppy-dog hazel eyes.

Kiss him…please.

no…I can’t everyone will see.

Everyone? There’s only your friends here…YOUR FRIENDS! Ray, Mikey and Bob…and Bob already knows.


I quickly move to sit next to Gerard at the table before I do something I know I would regret. I glance at Ray who seems to be trying to analyse Mikey’s face, which is a complete waste of time because if Mikey doesn’t want to show facial expressions then you are not going to see any. At least I know he doesn’t suspect anything between Gerard and me. Mikey is too busy staring at his hands to have noticed the moment between Gerard and myself. I then quickly glance over in Bobs direction and am a little startled to see his icy blue eye staring right back at me giving me ‘I just seen that’ look. Oh well, he already knew. I quietly sigh to myself and stare at my rested hands on the table in front of me…similar to Mikey.

Then I click.

“It’s a Girl!” I nearly shout with excitement. Mikeys head, along with everyone else’s, snaps in my direction and I feel a little intimidated (I’d never admit it tho).

“What?” I shrug my shoulders and then become distracted with my nails pretending not to be interested. “It’s bit of a no brainer, who-” I start but then is cut off.

Fucking ‘cut off Frank’ day.

“Well obviously it a ‘no brainer’ if you figured it out.” teased Mikey. I pull an ‘O’ face and acted like I just been appallingly insulted. “Ouch! Mikey that one hurt.” I say dramatically as I place my hands over my heart. This earns me giggles and chuckles from the guys around me.

I go back to sitting normally and start up the conversation “Soooooo,” I drag out the word “who is it?” I quickly ask while grinning like a creep as I lean forward, not wanting to miss a word of what Mikey is going to say, everyone else does the same thing (the leaning in bit, not the creepy smile that was just me).

Mikey looks at our faces one by one and sighs in defeat because he knows we won’t drop the subject till he spills the beans. He goes to open his mouth than quickly shuts it again as a confused look dominates his sharp face when he notices the stranger sitting on the table top.

“Who’s this?” he asks pointing a finger at Bob and looking at Gerard and me from across the table. “That’s Bob.” Ray answers happily. Bob wraps his hand around Mikey’s pointing finger and shakes it “Hi” he chirps. Mikey looks like he’s a little confused but doesn’t ask questions. Gerard waves his hand dismissingly “That doesn’t matter right now, stop trying to change the subject, who’s the chick Mikey?” he asks as he intensely watched his younger brother squirm with awkward discomfort from across the table.

“I wasn’t changing the subject,” he pouts “I just wanted to know who was sitting on our table before I go spilling my crushes name.” he snaps. I smile because it’s funny because it’s the truth. Mikey wasn’t trying to change the subject, if he was he would have asked Bob meaningless questions.

Gerard rolls his eye “Whatever. Who is it?” Mikey sighs in defeat and lowers his head trying to hide behind his brown hair-straightener straighten hair like his brother does in embracement. I swear I can see his cheeks turning into a rose colour. “Ok well,” he starts as he lifts his head again, then stops trying to think of a way to explain “You know Alicia Simmons?” Gerard smiles evil and mutters under his breath “I knew you liked her.” This earns him an evil glare from the younger Way brother.

I smile at Gerard’s comment as I recall all the times he would nudge me in the ribs with his elbow in the school corridor and point to Mikey and Alicia as they walk awkwardly next to each other then he would whisper in my ear “she so wants his dick.” Or “he sooooooooooooo wants her.” or even start sing “Mikey and Alicia sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G.” And I wouldn’t be able to help but giggle…yes giggle at him playfully teasing his younger brother.

Mikey lets out a sadden sigh and this grabs Gerard attention “It’s her right?” he asks in his protective big brother voice, it’s also mixed with concern and confusion for his little brother. Mikey nods his head “Yeah, but… here’s what happen,” he starts as he sits up straight to tell us all the story, Ray turns his body towards Mikey to listen while Gerard and I both lean across the table, even Bob swings his legs around to the other side of the table to face him.

“So yesterday Jenny Cooper,” he waves a hand towards Gerard “You know Jenny, right?” he asks his glaring brother from across the table. Gerard mumbles disapprovingly in response, he’s not a fan of Jenny.

Jenny’s one of those people who thinks that they know best and always have to have a say on what’s going on and always seems to have a comment on everything. Her and Gerard clash with personalities, she would enter a room and he would look for the nearest exit…usually dragging me and Ray behind with him.

She’s rude arrogant and obnoxious…but Mikey’s also friends with her and he’s allowed to have other friend than us, we just wish she wasn’t one of them.

Mikey rolls his eye “Yeah well, yesterday just before we walked home, she said she would talk to Alicia about me and then this morning as I was walking to first class she comes up to me and tells me that I shouldn’t talk to Alicia again,” We all look at Mikey with looks of sympathy and confusion, especially Bob who has no idea who anyone is but he still feels sympathy for Mikey and his girl problem.

“What? Why?” Ray asks confused while Gerard thinks the situation over inside his head, trying to figure it out on his own. I know he’s thinking because he’s pulling his ‘thinking face’, where he stares at nothing and wrinkles his cute little nose slightly, he always pulls that face when he’s problem solving…it’s so cute.

I wonder if Gerard can hear my thoughts,

Let’s hope he can’t because you have thought of some pretty inappropriate things about him…e.g. this morning when walking to school, something about him been unwell and you taking care of him then-

Yeah, yeah I get the picture.

I know you get the picture, you created the picture.

Shut up!

No! but why do you want him to hear your thoughts anyway?

So then I can tell him how cute he looks without everyone else hearing me.

I subconsciously smile stupidly to myself and rest my elbow on the table to hold my chin in my hand while I look at the sex god that is Gerard and his cute thinking face.

Gerard you’re cute.

Oh boy.

Gerard you have such a cute thinking face.

Don’t think it, tell him.

Gerard you’re face in general is cute.

Frankie boy just tell him.

Gerard you have such sexy hair.

Tell him before you make me explode with frustration!

I love your eyes.

I think as I look deeply into the hazel colour.

Wait…I’m looking into his eyes…wait…he’s looking at me.

A small secret smile creeps onto his lips and I can’t help but smile too as I turn away. I try to distract myself by asking Mikey a question “So why doesn’t Alicia want to talk to you?” He shrugs his shoulders and looks at the table in front of him with sadden eyes.

Poor Mikey.

“I don’t know, Jenny just said it’s best if I keep my distance from her for a while.” He said and I can tell if we don’t drop the subject soon that Mikey is going to end up in tears…and I don’t do tears.

Everyone can sense the same thing, including Bob. There is an awkward silence as Gerard, Ray, Bob and I ether fidget uncomfortably or look around trying to think of something else to talk about. Ray is the one to save us from the silence and the threat of Mikey’s tears (It’s not that we don’t care about Mikey it’s just we know he doesn’t want to talk about it right now and he’ll probably have a brotherly chat to Gerard later about it in privet.)

“What happen to your face Frankie?” Ray blurts out and Mikey lifts his head to inspect the bruise on my jaw from where Eric had hit me earlier. Gerard already knew and we also told Bob too after he asked about it this morning while getting to know each other. Mikey looks at me puzzled “When did that happen?” he asks referring to the bruise.

I give him a ‘WTF’ expression because we have had two classes together since receiving the bruise and he is just noticing it now? Oh well, he has been dealing with the issue of Alicia and her sudden disinterest in him.

“Eric punched me this morning.” I say like it’s obvious. “Oh” is Mikey intelligent response. There is a quiet moment before he asks “Why?”

I sigh and explained the whole saving Vic and awkward fight between Eric and me. Mikey laughs a little at my demonstration of the crazy flying arms and wild kicking legs. But while I’m sitting back done in my seat next to Gerard, who is also smiling at my fighting techniques, Ray looks confused “Wait so Eric actually hit you and not one of his followers?” now it’s my turn to look confused “Ahhhh yeah.” I confirm and Ray asks again “Eric? As in Eric Eric, Eric Broz?”

I widen my Eyes in frustration “Yes! Eric Broz!” Ray now has everyone looking at him puzzled “Really?” he asks in a slightly higher voice than normal as he questions my answer in disbelief. “YES!” I practically yell.

It’s finally happen.


His hair has finally devoured his brain.

“Why don’t you believe me?” I exclaim in confusion and frustration. “Yeah, why’s that so hard to believe?” Bob questions from the table top intrigued as to why Ray won’t accept the truth. Ray just shrugs his shoulders and shakes his ‘fro “It’s just…” he starts then cuts himself off “I don’t know.” He looks down and pokes his sandwich, obviously not hungry, then looks back up at me “haven’t you ever noticed that it’s never Eric actually beating the crap out of you but his ‘followers’ under his direction…well not really his directions either but more because one of the ‘followers’ suggest it?”

Gerard makes some kind of sound that implies he just had a sudden realization and slaps me hard on the arm “Ouch” I say holding my arm where he just hit me “Oh my god,” he exclaims with widen hazel eyes ignoring my pain “That’s true.” Then all the excitement drains away “how weird.” He comments losing interest and becoming distracted by some odd looking coloured spread on his own sandwich. Mikey notices the strange looks the raven hair boy is giving the defenceless sandwich and leans across the table “I don’t know what it is either.” He softly tells his brother than sits back. Gerard sicks out his tongue in disgust as he picks up the sandwich carefully to throw it away in the bin next to the table then pushes the bin away with his foot while still sitting down.

I just smile confused but happy and turn back to Ray “Umm, what do you mean? He’s beaten the shit out of me before…” I think for a moment “Maybe not as much as you guy but he has had his fair share.” I admit. Ray pushes his sandwich towards Gerard and shrugs his shoulder “I’m just mentioning it, I bet you 9 times out of 10 that it’s one of his followers that beat you up and not Eric himself.” Gerard hands half of Ray’s sandwich to Mikey who accepts it. Obviously Mikey rejected his own odd looking coloured spread lunch.

“What’s on it?” I ask referring to half of sandwich Gerard is currently taking a bite of. “Ham and cheese.” Ray answers “oh” I reply intelligently “Want some?” Gerard offers noticing I didn’t have any lunch with me “I’ll take the ham off for ya”. I shake my head “No thanks, I’m not really hungry”. Gerard looks at me asking me if ‘I’m sure’ with his eyes, I softly nod my head in response. He shrugs his shoulders then takes another bite. “Don’t you like ham?” Bob asks curiously wondering why Gerard would offer to take the ham off “Um, I’m a vegetarian.” I inform him “Oh, cool.” He holds his fist out to me from across the table intending a ‘fist bump’ “I can respect that man.” I bump his fist with mine and smile.

“So like, quick question.”

“Shoot” I say eagerly.

“Who’s this Eric guy?” we all smile and snicker a little “Don’t worry, Eric wouldn’t have a go at you. You look like someone who could take him down.” Ray announces looking up at the well-built, intimidating Bob. Mikey snickers out loud “Yeah, Eric may be a dick but he’s a smart dick. He’s not going to pick a fight with someone stronger than himself.” He informs looking across the field behind me. Mikey nods his head forward “Speak of the devil and he shall appear.” He comments. I turn my head in the same direction as Mikey and see Eric with two of his ‘brain dead followers’ stalking a annoyed looking innocent Vic.

“Oh shit.” I mutter under my breath as I watch intensively to see what’s going to play out. If Eric backs off and leaves then everything will be ok, but if things start to get physical than some shit is going to hit the motherfucking fan!

Our whole table is watching the scene plying out in front of us from across the field. “That’s Vic in front and that’s Eric leading the pack of wolves behind him.” Ray informs Bob staring at the group of boys from across the opening. “Two people are not a pack.” Mikey informs quietly watching. “Whatever.” Is Rays ingenious response. It’s a little amusing the way they’re talking quietly like they’re bird watching or something.

Eric reaches an arm out and turns Vic around violently and I’m on my feet in the blink of an eye but wait to see Eric’s next move. I can feel everyone’s eyes on me including Gerard’s, who is still sitting at the table looking up at me, but all my attention is focused on the argument between Eric and Vic. Some heated words are throw between both boys then Eric swings a closed fist at Vic and I sprint forward towards the action.

Shit just hit the motherfucking fan!

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