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14. Run? Threaten? Beg? Deny?

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“Tell you what,” he starts and I lift my head “I won’t breathe a word about your relationship to anyone if you guys do something for me.”

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“Shit!” my eyes widen in surprise and horror.

Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck. This can’t be happening!

I pushed Gerard off me maybe just a little bit too hard. He falls backwards landing on his ‘sexy’ ass with a ‘humf’ and looks up at me with heartbroken tear glazed hazel eyes that grips my heart tight and makes me feel incredibly guilty.

“What the fuck?” he exclaims not breaking eye contact with me as I stand in front of him nearly wobbling at the knees against the wall.

He obviously hasn’t seen the daunting figure standing at the end of the alleyway because he’s looking at me like I just took back every word I just heart-wrenchingly told him.

I want to jump down on top of him apologising then wrap my arms around his warm, pale body and kiss him all over his smooth face over and over till his thin lips curve into one of his adorable smiles and forgives me for pulling at his heart strings and confusing the fuck out of him because I’ve been all hot and cold towards him.

…But I don’t.

Instead I look at him with pained, apologetic eyes then turn towards the disrupting figure in the hope that Gerard would follow my gaze and realize that’s the reason why I pushed him away and not because I panicked and changed my mind.

Fucking prick, how dear he interrupt my first official make-out session…um…boyfri-……Gerard.

You can’t even say ‘boyfriend’! you still denying your gay?

I’m not gay!

Right, you just have a boyfriend.


Your pathetic

Shut up!

The figure is still standing at the entrance, looking at me and the grounded Gerard.

“Oh” I hear Gerard whisper slowly in realization but I just remain staring at the person unsure of what I should do.

Run? Where to? I could run all the way home and hide under my bed in the dark and disappear off the face of the earth or maybe I’ll run to another town…or country…maybe another planet and change my name to Fun Ghoul and wear a shirt with yellow long sleeve and a very dark green dirty vest over the top and have a pair of kick ass sunglasses. I could create a new life based on lies and I’ll rebel against authority, eat food out of a can and try to change the world while fighting to stay alive and battle against the bad guys in an epic laser gun fight. There would be muscle cars and art would be the weapon. I’ll carry an awesome looking green ray gun on me at all times and if someone decides to mention my past life I’d just shoot them.

Everyone would still know even if you leave and never come back, everyone would still talk about you and judge you even more because you ran away like a coward. And do you really want to leave Gerard behind all alone to face the cruel judging eyes of everyone?

Okay…so that’s not an option.


Threaten? I could threaten the person, sure I may be short but I could go all psycho and scare the crap out of them. I’ll have major crazy wild eyes with clench fits and jaw so it looks like I’m holding back a great deal of demon power. I’ll get all up in their face while threatening their very existence if they ever tell anyone what they seen and I’ll add in some crazy unpredictable sudden movements to make them flinch.

Yeah but what if your scare tactic fails and you end up getting you head bashed in? and plus that idea might end you up in a mental institute, what with the crazy unpredictable sudden movements.

Beg? Maybe I should get down on my knees and beg for them to tell nobody that I was pashing Gerard behind the gym. I’ll plead and gravel at their feet and tell them that I’ll do anything to keep them quiet.

That’s just pathetic.

Deny? I could just act like nothing was happening and that the person was delusional if they tell anyone. I’ll just flash a confident smile and walk straight past them calmly.

Yeah! That’ll work…if you were popular, no one would believe you. Face it Frankie boy…your Fucked.

Cry? Shout? Crawl up into a ball? Shut down?

Your screwed!

I don’t know.


Shit! it’s moments like these I really want the earth to open up under my worn out convers and swallow me whole…or for Ray’s Fro to devourer me.

I look at the Kid?

Yes, it’s a student. At least it’s not a teacher. If it was a teacher they would most likely call my mother or something. And I want to be the one to tell my mother about my relationship…if she ever has to find out.

But then again…a student could kick your head in Frankie boy.

Why do you call me Frankie boy?

Because I can.


I notice that the boy is just standing there like he’s unsure of what to do.

Hey you’re not the only one who doesn'tr know what to do!

I said shut up!

No you didn’t.

Yes I did!.

No…you thought It.

Whatever Mr technical.

“Umm…sorry…hi” an awkward sounding voice travels down the alleyway from the stranger and slashes the silence. Suddenly a voice comes from the side of me as Gerard stands up. “Um…Hi?” he asks slightly confused of what the other guy wants.

If he was going to tell everyone he would be on the phone texting all his friends or running towards the school building to find them and gossip by now and If he was going to beat the shit out of us he would have made a move by now and wouldn’t have sounded so awkward.

Gerard’s response gives the teenager some kind of permition to walk forward.

“Yeah hi, sorry to interrupt but I’m lost.” He stated as he stopped in front of us.

I look at the blond hair boy dumbfounded. What!?!? Then I notice the piece of fresh new paper in his hand and I click.

That’s a time table and I’ve never seen this kid before…

“You’re a new Kid?” I ask bluntly while Gerard offers to look at his time table.

“Yeah, it’s my first day and I have no clue where I am or where i'm ment to be.” The blond hair guy confirms as Geared mumbles to himself looking at the schedule. I continue to stare at the guy. He has a silver lip ring in his bottom lip and I’m instantly jealous.

I want a lip ring.

He has piercing icy blue eyes and short naturally light blond hair. He has a solid build. This guy looks like he could knock me flat but seems to have this vibe of friendliness but also seems to look like he takes no shit and is just ‘cool’.

“Hey, you have Maths next with me.” Gerard announces suddenly pulling his head out of the time table with a smile.

“Cool…do you have maths too?” new guy turns to ask me. I’m a little surprised at his grown confidence towards Gerard and me.

“Arr… no, Gee’s in the Year above me.” I say motioning my hand towards Gerard who’s standing next to me. “We only share English together because I got bumped up a class.” I added, not sure why.

“Nice.” he says while shoving his hands deep into his jackets pockets with the time table. Gerard smiles a friendly smile.

Obviously he’s deemed him as friend worthy.

Me on the other hand am still making up my mind.

Like ok so he doesn’t seem to be homophobic.

He looks like a bit of a cool outcast, like your group of friends.

Yeah true, he seems friendly.

I bet he’s a loyal friend.

probably trust worthy.

“I’m Frank.” I suddenly announce sticking my hand out straight in between us intending a handshake as I deem him friend worthy too. The stranger looks at it for a split second then smiles and shakes my hand. “I’m Bob.” Gerard holds his hand out “Hi, I’m Gerard.”

Bob drops my hand to shakes Gerard’s. There is a moment of silence then suddenly Bob speaks out “So…” he starts awkwardly wanting to say more but unsure if he should or not. He shifts on his feet then smiles stupidly “I just got to say you two make a pretty cute couple.” Instantly I go to say ‘where not a couple’ while Gerard goes in the opposite direction by starting to say ‘I know right’. We get half the words out then turn to look at each other, and then we start having a conversation without words, because were so close we can communicate just by giving each other certain looks (cool right?).

I start with ‘dude I thought we were keeping it a secret’ he responds with a look that tells me ‘chill out, he has just caught us making-out’. I can’t deny that so I just continue to look at him with lost eye almost begging him to make thing better. His eyes tell me that he’s sorry and that there’s not a lot he can do.

While Gerard and I are communicating through expressions Bob just watches with a confused look plastered onto his face. I chose not to look at him while Gerard tries to explain.

“We…umm.” Gerard starts lamely “you see…we are…kind of…well umm.” Bob holds up his hand to end Gerard’s rambling stumbling mess of an explanation. I feel like slamming my head against the brick wall.

So awkward!

“Don’t hurt yourself man. Look I’m not homophobic if that’s what’s freaking you out.” Bob said to us as he put his hands back into his pockets. “Arr it’s not rally that…” Gerard tells him while I continue to avoid eye contact.

Time for another staring contest with my shoe laces again.

“Let me guess,” Bob ask calmly “Frank…, its Frank right?” Gerard nods and then he continues “Yeah, well I think he doesn’t want to tell people but your fine with it so you two guys are wanting to keep it a secret until Frankie-boy over there finishes his staring contest with his shoe laces and feels confident enough to ‘come out’” I look up at the use of my name with wide concerned eyes and Bob just gives me a knowing look.

Fuck he’s fucking psychic.

He just called you Frankie-boy…what? he can call you that but I can’t? unfair.

Shut up that’s not important right now.

“Please don’t tell anyone!” I blurt out in a sudden wave of fear.

He knows too much!

Fuck you sound like someone out of a horror movie whose going to murder him….cool.


“Hey, hey calm down.” Bob exclaims. Gerard pats my back soothingly “Chill.” He whispers to me, I feel calm wrap around me as Gerard’s hand touches my back.

God i wish i wasn't wearing a shirt so then i could feel his flesh on mine...but that might be juat a lot awkward.

I just sigh and drop my head feeling stupid. Then Bob offers us a deal “Tell you what,” he starts and I lift my head wanting to watch his face expression to make a proper judgement of his sincerity in the offer he is about to make “I won’t breathe a word about your relationship to anyone if you guys do something for me.” I glance sideways at Gerard who nod in agreement at me “OK” a say cautiously. Bob just smiles an amused smile. “Be my friends.”

Hope you like it, leave a comment or somthing to let me know what you think. If there is any errors just tell me so i can fix them up XD love you guys so much, It's MY B'DAY today ~yay~ and also happy anniversary to Gerard and lynz way (their anniversary is on the same day as my Birthday, how funny is that!) XD.XOXO.
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