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21. Carlos Visits

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Edith's POV
"..won't you stay with me a while.. Owuooho.. Close your eyes don't run and hide..." Harry gently rubbed my belly as I laid in his arms in my bed. We went to eat breakfast early in the morning, went to the studio, and now we're lying in my bed keeping each other warm in this cold weather. 
I laughed at him as he sang to me Foolin' by Def Leppard. I had mentioned to him earlier that that was my favorite song. So now he wants to be all romantic and sing with a screeching sound voice. 
"F-F-F-Foolin', ah F-F-Foolin'.." I start to laugh hard. His voice sounds like a dying seal.
"that's why you're a dancer Harry!" I laugh. 
"you are a bitch.." I stare at him with a wide smile and he stares back. He starts to tickle me and everyone that knows me knows I can't stand a tickle so I burst out laughing.
"no stop it!"
"no!" he tickles me until he pushes me out of the bed. He gasps. 
"oops." he says and throws me a pillow. He starts to hit me with it uncontrollably.
"stop it!" I get up and block the pillow with my forearms. I cover my head and throw myself on him tackling him to my bed squishing his thigh with my knee. 
"ah shit!" he screams. 
"wait wait! My thigh hurts!"
"I don't care, you threw me out of bed!" 
"you're pretty strong for a bony girl."
"I am not a bony girl!" I grab my pillow and stuff it in his face. He grabs my waist and throws me on the bed switching spots with me. He's starts to tickle me again and I can't escape his grip because he's on me. Then we hear a scream outside our room and out of the blue, my door bursts open and in comes a screaming Annie throwing herself on Harry and me. She hits my left boob and hurts Harry's other thigh. We lay in bed holding our injured body parts. Harry moans saying, "ow ow ow, my other thigh.." while gripping his thigh. 
"what is wrong with you?!" I question. When Annie landed, she landed on the other side of the bed. She screams again and pops her head up from where she landed. 
"guess what?!" she jumps on my bed and starts jumping up and down on our legs. 
"ow, my calf." Harry says holding his leg and rolling off the bed. 
"CARLOS IS COMING!!" she screams again and throws herself off the bed. I stand up and find her rolling on the ground hugging herself and Harry on the other side with eyes closed holding his leg. 
"you guys look crazy." I laugh. 
"did you not here me?! He's coming!" she screams again. She grabs my ankle almost making me fall. 
"I heard you! But are you sure? When?"
"he's here already!!"
"wait what?!" she gets up and holds my hands. 
"yes! He's here! Yesterday he told me he had a surprise for me and now he just called me asking where's my address because he's coming!" she screams again and hugs my neck almost choking me.
"oh my god!! That's great!!" I hug her back and we start to jump up and down. I look at Harry who's getting up from the ground and walking limply towards us. 
"how could this have happened? He has a job in Canada, it's impossible."
"I dont know, he didn't tell me anything. He'll probably explain when he gets here." she screams. She runs out of my room and shuts the door tightly screaming her lungs out. I look at Harry laughing. 
"why are you laughing?" he asks hugging my waist. 
"because you got hurt." I steal a quick kiss and push him making him stumble on my bed. 
"you know, I was just kidding about you being a bitch at first. But now I'm not." he props himself up by his elbows. A grin spreads across his face as I walk over to him and lay next to him. 
"so Carlos is coming?" he holds himself up by one elbow now looking down at me. 
"yeah. But why? I mean, how did he get permission to come?"
"probably Mike thought it was okay."
"but he's strict!" he laughs and gets up. 
"I'm going to get water. I'm thirsty." I follow behind him and sit on the couch as he enters the kitchen. 
"Where did Annie go?" Harry says coming to sit with me on the couch with a bottle of water
"I dont know actually."
Moments later, the door bursts open and a big suit case falls on the ground as a kissing couple comes in. 
"whoa!" I interrupt and he drops her down form his grip. 
"Edith!" Carlos yells. He runs to me and gives me a big hug making me stumble. 
"oh my god! I missed you Edith!" he kisses my forehead. 
"I missed you too! Why didn't you say you were coming?"
"I wanted to surprise my baby girl!" Annie walks over to him and hugs his waist. He embraces her in his muscular arms. 
"oh um, you remember Harry right?"
"oh yeah, OUR TEACHER." he says emphasizes while extending his arm to Harry. Harry smiles and blushes. 
"yes, do you have a problem?" I hug Harry just like Annie hugs Carlos. 
"oh, so you guys are finally together?"
"yes." Harry replies and kisses my cheek. Carlos smiles sweetly. By that smile, I can just tell he's saying, "I'm glad you've found someone." The same thing everyone has been telling me..
"so, want to give me a tour of your home Annie?" 
"sure." they turn around and enter her room. Harry and I go sit back down on the couch. He wraps an arm around my shoulders and I rest my head on his chest. 
"You know, I wanna watch TV." I interrupt the silence and turn on the TV. The Cartoon Network channels comes on. 
"you watch the Powerpuff girls?" he says brushing his fingers through my hair. 
"no, Annie likes watching this channel. I watch it once in a while." I skip through the channels and stop in a channel that's airing Swan Lake. 
"oh my god!" I say getting out of Harry's arm and leaning forwards resting my elbows on my knees. 
"Swan Lake. This one is from the 70's isn't it?"
"yeah, isn't that Susanna Piligram?"
"yeah, she's an amazing women. My mom really liked her technique." Harry comments leaning in forwards with me. Soon after, Annie and Carlos come back in the living room. 
"hey you guys! let's go!" Annie and Carlos get in front of the TV blocking our view. Annie turns around and turns the TV off. 
"where?" Harry says. 
"I dont know, to eat. Like a double date!" Annie replies. 
"yeah Harry! Let's go!"
"fine." he gets up and I follow. 
"kay, I'll drive." Carlos blurts out and we all follow Carlos outside. 

Apparently, Carlos rented a fancy car from the airport and is being all "badass" about it. 
"shut up Carlos, this isn't your car anyway." I smack his head. I'm sitting in the back seat with Harry and Annie in the front with Carlos. 
"so where are we going?" Harry asks. 
"I dont know, where do you guys want to go?" Annie looks over her shoulder. 
"I think the one that should decide is Carlos." I answer. 
"why should I? I'm new! I dont know anything."
"then it should be Annie and Harry since they've been here the longest." 
"alright. I agree. So Harry.." they start to discuss about all these restaurants and stuff as I drift off and look out the window. I look out at the city lights and all the interesting people walking around. Then we pass a shop that makes me almost gag. We pass the video shop where Gerard works. I get that guilty gut feeling again.
"ooh.." I place my hand over my stomach. Harry turns around to face me and smiles, then continues with his conversation. Ugh.. Why did we have to pass through there..

Finally, we make a sudden stop and park outside by the sidewalk 
"where did we decide to go?"
"Annie said there's this restaurant where they sell really good Philly Cheese steak and we agreed on that." 
"this is the place?" I point at some small shop that's in the corner as we get out of the car. 
"yeah.. I've passed through here so many times but have never been interested in coming. Weird." He giggles and grabs my hand. 
We enter the place and Harry and I go sit while Annie and Carlos go order. I stare at Annie and Carlos as they wait in line. They're very touchy with each other. Well, I guess it's okay since they're in a long distance relationship. But she keeps hugging his waist and he keeps touching her waist along with her ass. I smile at the sight of them as he holds her and kisses her. I've never seen him kiss someone like that before. He's finally found his match. Who knew it would be Annie.. 
From the corner of my eye, I see Harry look at me then back at Annie and Carlos. He giggles and throws a tooth pick at me.
"hey.." I throw it back at him. He just laughs and grabs my hand from across the table. 
"you look pretty today."
"just today?" I say jokingly.
"always" he winks. Annie and Carlos come back and sit with us. Annie next to me and Carlos next to Harry. 
"we're number 69." he winks at Annie. 
"ooh, naughty.." she winks back. Harry and I just stare back at each other awkwardly.
"soo.. How good is this place Annie?" I ask. 
"it's really good. My team and I come her after a success on an artwork. I get discounts here all the time. I come here often."
"where do you not get discounts? You're always talking about discounts!" Harry says throwing another toothpick. 
"geez, I have connections. Hater." She throws the toothpick back. They start to argue and I switch spots with Annie so I can speak to Carlos. 
"so how did Mr. Turner let you come?"
"I told him I wanted to visit. That's all it took."
"really? How?" 
"we're starting a new semester anyways. But um, we were having a conversation and I just told him I wanted to visit. So he let me come and gave me a month worth of vacation."
"really?! Oh my god. Bastard, he didn't let me have a vacation when my mom visited a few years ago."
"that's because we were in the middle of a production. Don't you remember? Alice in Wonderland?"
"oh whatever. Still not fair." 
"I'll be back." Carlos gets up. I turn to Annie and Harry who are still arguing. 
"you know what? Yo momma is so dumb, she took a spoon to the Super Bowl!" 
"oh really? Is that the best you got? Yo mamma is so stupid she thought Shammu was her mom because she's so fat! what!!" Harry smacks the table and it almost seems as if a cricket is singing. 
"okay that one was lame." I say. 
"yeah it was." Annie agrees. 
"another reason why you're a dancer and not a comedian." I laugh. 
"bitch." He throws another toothpick and it falls down my shirt poking my boob. Annie and him laugh high fiving.
"you guys are jerks." I throw the toothpick behind me and Carlos comes back carrying a tray of four plates with Philly Cheese steaks and soda. 
"Bon appetite." he sits down in front of me and we all grab a plate. 
"wow, this is really good." I comment. 
"told you so." Annie says tall and proud.
"5 stars, Annie, 5 stars." Harry eats his food like if it's the best thing he's tasted again. 

Our evening passes by very joyful and full. Our bellies are satisfied and I feel like I'll never be hungry again. I've eaten way too much today. We drive back home in silence. From the city lights that shine the inside of the car, I can see that Annie and Carlos hold hands. They glance at each other every once in a while and smile.
It's just unbelievable. I'm so happy for them. 
"feeling full huh?" Harry says silently tapping my belly as I rest my head on his lap. 
"yeah, it was really good wasn't it?"
"yup, I'm definitely coming by again." he starts to gently rub my belly making me drift off into a light sleep. 
"Edith, Wake up." I wake up to Harry's voice and a kiss. He helps me up and step out of the car. 
"ugh.. I want to sleep." I cling onto Harry's arm. 
"we're almost up the stairs." 
I stand up straight and carry my own weight up the stairs. 
When we're up in our house, I don't feel as sleepy. I yawn and go in my room with Harry.
"are you staying tonight?" I ask Harry sitting down on my bed. He stands over me by my feet. 
"you want me to?" I grab his hands and swing them side to side. 
"yes." I answer shyly.
"alright." he hovers over me and kisses me so sweet and gentle. We entangle our fingers together over our heads. He lets go of one hand and places it on my thigh bring my leg up. We hear a knock on my door and we stop the kissing. I grunt and go answer. 
"what is it?" Annie pulls me out and I close the door behind me. 
"can you and Harry like.. Go over to his house?"
"you know why!" she nudges her head towards her bedroom door giving me the look. 
"ohh.. No.. I want my bed tonight. I promise we won't bother you guys."
"umm.. No, please!!"
"Dude.. Come on. We'll put on music and we won't hear your screams." she smacks my arm and looks inside her bedroom. 
"come on, you both are my best friends."
"fine, but next time, you're leaving you got it!"
"Kay. Have fun." I enter my room again and find Harry on his phone lying down in bed already in his boxers and white tee. I also change into my pj's and turn the lights off and lay next to Harry. I hug his waist and wrap a leg over him. I kiss his neck gently with small pecks and he puts his phone down, placing his hands on my waist. 
"guess what they're doing.."
"oh god.." he laughs and embraces me closer to him. I rest my head on his chest feeling sleepy again as he rubs my arm. 
"I don't think Hailey has said anything." I interrupt the silence. 
"why do you say?"
"I dont know.. If she would have.. Scott, Carly, Or Shanelle would have said something to me.."
"I guess.. I just hope she hasn't said anything." 
"she won't. Don't worry. And even if she does, who cares."
"yeah.." I kiss his chest and he squeezes my bicep. 
"goodnight Harry."
"goodnight." I close my eyes and try to fall asleep. There's total silenece in the room when Harry speaks up again.
"do you.. Hear that?" I open my eyes and try to listen closely. There's squeaking, girl moans and a guys voice.
"yeah.." I say silently and burry my face in Harry's neck laughing. He wraps both arms around me laughing and turns on his iPod. Soon, all we hear is his music and little whimpers. They get louder and Harry and I keep laughing. He turns the volume higher till we can't hear them anymore. I close my eyes and try to listen to the music and fall asleep. It's quite hard at first but once I feel Harry's grip soften and my eyes tire, I fall asleep in his arms like I have for the past week. 
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