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22. Awkward

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*chapter needed some editing and I couldn't do it during the weekend. Sorry D:

Edith's POV
"shit" I sat up on my bed. I had sweat dripping down my back, neck and nose. I was having a nightmare of someone chasing me. I hate those dreams. I look over my shoulder at Harry. He's still in a deep sleep. I pick up my phone to check the time; 3:45am. The "noises" have stopped. It was about time. From what I remember, I was trying to fall asleep when Carlos and Annie were still going at it. I soon fell asleep without having a clue when they stopped. 
Well, as long as they had fun I shouldn't complain. They're wild..
I walked out of my room to go get a drink of water. I saw the lights in the kitchen on and found Carlos. 
"hey." I said getting a glass of water. He was eating a left over cheesecake from a day ago. 
"couldn't sleep either?" he says. 
"I was asleep but woke up because of you two." we both sit up on the counter. 
"oh.. Sorry.."
"just kidding. I had a nightmare so I woke up.."
"oh, about what?"
"someone was chasing me.
"it was Gerard.." he says making me spit my water.
"I'm just kidding. I dont know.."
I drink water again.
 He taps my knee, "wait.. Can I tell you something?" he says looking at me. 
"wait, let me tell you something first."
"okay, what?"
"how was she?" I giggle pushing his shoulder lightly. 
"she was great. One of the best nights in my life. Seriously like she was sitting-"
"ok ok. Don't want to go into details. Now what were you going to tell me?"
"oh.." he hesitates and jumps down, "come." I get off the counter and follow him to the couch. He sits across me on the other couch. 
"okay.. Uhh.. Now don't get mad at Annie alright.."
"oh god.. What did she say.."
"she told me what happened. The incident.."
"oh.. Well I won't get mad because you're my best friend and I tell you everything but, yes. It happened. I regret it."
"why? I thought you wanted him."
"I did. But after that.. I realized it was a mistake and.. We're just not for each other anymore." he nods and looks down at his feet.
"you might be mad but.. I don't agree with you.."
"why do you say?"
"I dont know, I mean.. Things happen for a reason right? What If fate wants you two back together.."
"but if so, why would I hate him right now?"
"well.. I dont know. I'm not fate but fate must know something.."
"but no, I don't like Gerard. I love Harry.."
"but do you love him as much as you loved Gerard?"
"loved and no.. I have to admit that I loved Gerard way more but.. Harry is so sweet and such a great guy. He deserves better than me."
"no.." he comes to sit next to me on the couch, "don't say that. It was a mistake okay? No one's perfect."
"yeah but.."
"you're not a bad person and you know you didn't do it to harm anyone. It was out of love.."
"and lust.. I didn't feel the love. I just wanted to feel his touch so badly."
"but still.."
"I dont know. All I know is that I don't want anything to do with him right now." I get up from the couch as well as Carlos.
"but I'm really happy you found someone that makes you. He seems happy too." we start to walk back to our rooms. 
"I'm glad too. It's for the better."
"yeah.. Wait, before you go in.." he leans and whispers in my ear, "are you going to ever tell Harry?" 
"I dont know.. Maybe.. "
"oh.. Okay then. Goodnight."
"goodnight." I close the door behind me. I lay next to Harry again who is still very deep in his sleep. I scoot closer to him and fall back asleep.


Harry's POV
phone starts ringing
"hello?...Crap. Okay. Bye." I hang up and look at the time. It's 8:34am. I'm suppose to be at the studio for a meeting today. Dammit, I forgot. I was planning to spend my day with Edith again. I turn around and prop up on my elbow looking at Edith. Her back is facing me and her hair is everywhere. I brush it a little; out of the way on her shoulder and kiss it as I wrap my arm around her waist. She doesn't move but moans a little. I kiss it again and move down her arm and up again towards her neck. She turns around and faces me. 
"good morning Hales." she smiles at me and closes her eyes again. 
"good morning. My body hurts."
"I dont know.. It just does." 
"oh.. Are you feeling okay?"
"yeah. Just tired. I had a nightmare last night."
"about what?" I brush her bangs out of her eye sight. 
"I was being chased by a murderer.. I think."
"hmm, that's odd." I kiss her forehead.
"I have to be at the studio so I have to get going."
"okay, You have fun." 
"ugh, thanks." I get out of bed and she follows. I change into my cloths and she enters the restroom.
"why do you have to be at the studio?" she says coming out.
"meeting." then I enter the restroom. I brush my teeth with the toothbrush I left here from the last time I stayed. I wash my face and look at myself in the mirrior and think, How would it be like to live with Edith?
I snoop around her stuff. All I see is perfumes, a laundry basket, creams and make up, tampons, and some pills. I pick them up and notice they're birth control pills.. 
When I get out, I find Edith sprawled across her bed sleeping again. I approach her slowly and grab her stomach quickly and yell, "get up!" she flinches and opens her eyes. 
"jerk." she says getting up. 
"I'm gonna get going." I laugh and put on my shoes to step out. I walk by Annie's room and open the door slowly. Carlos is still sleeping but she's on her desktop. I silently pick up a sock I see on the floor and throw it, aiming for her head and run out quickly. I open the door and run out. I then suddenly feel cold water run down my back. I turn around and notice she followed me. 
"I'm not dumb Harry! I know it was you."
"augh! That's cold." I yell. Edith soon pops up in the doorway and runs to me. 
"you left without telling me goodbye?"
"I said I was leaving." 
"jerk." she punches my arm. 
"bitch." but I don't punch her back. All I do is wrap her in my arms and plant a kiss on her lips. 
"bye now. I'll call you later."
"Kay, bye Harry." I press the button on the elevator and she walks back inside her house.
I watch her go. She turns around once more before closing the door and shoots me a flirty smile. I laugh to myself feeling butterflies in my stomach. I just love her too much.. 
How would she react if I said I love her?

Edith's POV
I enter my house and run in Annie's room jumping on her bed where Carlos is still sleeping. 
"how did you know it was Harry?" I ask Annie who's on her computer. 
"I saw him through the mirrior." she snorts. She turns to me and smiles. 
"tell me Edith, why am I so happy?"
"because you just got laid." I say laughing. 
"yes that too but no. I have a beautiful person sleeping on my bed that I call my boyfriend. That's why I'm so happy." she moves over to the bed and climbs on Carlos. 
"good morning baby." she says and kisses him. 
"I'll leave you two alone." I don't get a respond because they're already making out. As I walk in the living room, I pass the front door and hear a knock. I open the door calmly and careless. When I do, My heart starts to throb like poison in my blood when I see him before me. I stand there frozen not being able to speak or feel my legs. 
"what are you doing here." I question. I really wish I wouldn't have worn these small shorts. They're making me uncomfortable as Gerard stares into my eyes. 
"um, Frank and Emma made me come."
"liar. Get the fuck out." Annie pops up next to me and gasps as she sees Gerard. He glances at her and squints his eyes cocking his neck a little. 
"no, this is important actually. May I please come in?" I don't respond and I start to tear up as I remember what happened and imagine Harry's heart being shattered into pieces. 
"no sir, you cannot." Annie replies stepping in front of me. 
"please, I really need to speak to her."
"I dont know.. Edith, what do you think? Ohh! She says no. Bye bye amigo." she closes the door in his face but he stops it half way. He pushes in with his forearm. 
"she didn't even respond."
"just let him in." I say holding back tears.
"fine.." she lets go of the door and slams her bedroom door as she steps inside. I step back and Gerard comes in closing the door. He stands in front of me with a half smile. 
"please, sit." I lead him in the living room and I sit opposite from him covering my legs with a pillow. 
"well, I dont know where to start but um.. Frank planned a little get together for his birthday today. He want to spend a day like.. Old times back in high school. They thought it would be a great idea since we're friends now."
"who said we were friends?!" I blurt out. 
"umm, I did. They know we.. Had a talk. I..lied.. To him saying we made up and became friends and he was happy. I felt terrible for lying but.. What else could I do."
"so why are you coming to tell me this?"
"I volunteered. Since they think we're friends and.. They have the hope for us to.. You know.. Be together again." I don't reply to that. He squeezes his lips together looking at the ground and around the house. A few seconds later, I respond. 
"where are we going?" he smacks his lips together and speaks. 
"to the beach. So.. Are you.. Coming?"
"yeah.. And I'll go along with the plan. I don't think it's correct if they know.. What happened.."
"right, I agree.." he nods and half smiles. I half smile back. I get up and he follows.
"Frank and Emma are downstairs with their car. They told me to wait for you while you get ready."
"oh.. Okay. Well, you just sit and make yourself at home. I'll be in my room." I walk back into my room and he sits back down. 
I close my door and fall to my knees. I hit the ground with my fists as I lay and cry. I was planning to never see him again. I can't bare it anymore. It's just not right. It's just not...

Gerard's POV
I sit here feeling very nervous and embarrassed. I never thought we would speak again. Ugh.. This is horrible! I dont know what to do. I couldn't even look at her. Even if I did, I didn't want to. I felt guilty and.. Used...
Someone steps in the room and walks to the kitchen. She gets a cup of water and leans on the door edge staring at me like a hock. It's the same girl that told me to leave.. 
She puts down her cup of water and walks in front of me standing a few feet away with her arms crossed. 
"so.. What are you doing here?"
"I just came to speak to Edith."
"where is she huh? Did you stuff her in your pants you scumbag!" 
"no.. I just came to ask her something.." 
"now you listen to me.." she lowers her torso to look at me straight in the eye, "you hurt her again.. I will kill you.."
"okay.. I won't hurt her now step away.." I push her shoulder lightly since she is too close to me. Another guy steps in and he looks a lot familiar. 
"hey Gerard, remember me?"
"oh Carlos! How are you?" I smile and get up to hug him. 
"I'm great. How about you? Haven't talked you in so long."
"I know, well I've been okay. You know.." he nods and then smiles. 
"right.. Well it's nice seeing you again."
"nice seeing you too."
"so tell me, what are you doing here?" we both sit down. 
"well uh, me and my other friends are going to the beach for a friend's birthday and we decided to invite Edith."
"oh that's cool.. So are you guys like.. Friends now?"
"yeah, yes we are."
"oh that's great. How old are you know?"
"24. Going to be 25 soon."
"cool, I'm 25 too." 
"nice." In that instant, Edith comes back out with a beach dress that is see through and you can see her slim body with a bathing suit and her dragon tattoo. I try not too look. It only reminds me of that day. 
"ready?" I ask her getting up. 
"yes. Let's go. Bye you guys." she says and I follow her out the door. We walk in silence down the hall with a good few inches in distance as we reach the elevator door. 
"why aren't you in beach cloths?" she asks me not even turning around to face me. 
"I'm going to change over there." she doesn't respond but keeps pushing the button for the elevator door rapidly. 
"come on." she grunts.
"you know that won't make a difference." the elevator door opens and we step inside. Again, she doesn't answer me but glares at me rolling her eyes. 
We hit the bottom floor and I pull her arm before we step out.
"okay, I know you might not want to be talking to me but I suggest you do because we don't want them to think anything okay?"
"fine. Now let go of me." she starts walking faster but when we're close to the front entrance, she backs up and locks her arm with me and smiles. When Emma and Frank notice us, they get out of the car with a grin. 
"hey, Happy birthday Frank!!" she says and embraces him.
"thanks! We're going to have so much fun today. Gllad we're all friends again." Frank says grinning happily at both of us.
"it's nice to be together." Edith says coming back to me. She smiles like she use to and it warms my hearts. But it freezes again knowing its a fake smile. 
"well, let's go?" 
"sure." we all step inside the car and drive away. 

On our way to the beach, Frank and Emma blast out their music. We get weird looks from people at red lights. A person told Emma something and I can't believe she flipped them off. Oh Emma, she never changes. 
Edith and I hardly talk but we try to keep it cool since Emma and Frank glance at us every 5 minutes. 
"are the others over there already?" Edith asks looking up from her phone. She's been on her phone all this time giggling. She's probably texting her stupid boyfriend. 
"yeah, they got there early to save a good stop." Emma answers facing both of us. She grins at me then at Edith and Frank and sits back down properly. Edith--for the first time--puts her phone down and reaches inside her bag. And for the first time in 20 minutes, she talks to me again. 
"want some chips?" she says with a sweet smile. 
"sure." I laugh. 
"what's so funny?"
"this just reminded me when you use to keep chips in your locker all the time." she laughs and slaps my arm. 
"oh that's right. Yeah, I'm still in love with chips." she takes a potato chip and eats it making a childish face which reminds me of old times when we would play around. I guess we can't do that anymore so I just smile. 

We park right in the parking lot that's closest to the beach. Frank and I carry the cooler while the girls carry the chairs and umbrellas over to where the others are.
"isn't that them?" I say when I think I see Mikey waving at us. 
"yeah that's them." Frank replies. 
When we get closer, Ray comes and helps us with the cooler. 
"is it true you guys are friends?" Ray whispers to me. 
"yeah.." I lie. 
"that's awesome! Glad to have you guys back." we set the cooler down when we arrive and he pats my back. Edith greets everyone and I can see everyone is so happy to see her. They greet me the same way and whisper in my ear that they're happy. If only they knew the truth.. 
"well.." Frank says. He gives Ray the look and they grin mischievously at each other. 
"1,2...3!!" Frank counts and they grab their girlfriends running towards the water and jump inside with them. All you can hear is Christa and Emma screaming their lungs out while Ray and Frank laugh. Mikey, Edith and I sit side by side each other laughing. 
"feels like old times doesn't it?" Mikey says. Edith and I look at him and back at each other. 
"I guess so.." she says and lays down. I look at her with a smile also glancing at her beautiful body. I wish I could run my hand from her thigh up to her neck and kiss her deeply like I use to. She catches me looking at her and glares at me with death in her eyes so I look away.
Emma and Frank come back running and sit down next to us. 
"you're not getting in Gee?" Frank asks me shaking his wet hair on Edith.
"watch it." she says sitting up again.
"um.. I dont know.."
"come on dude.." he tugs at my hand. 
"fine.." I get up and slip off my pants putting on some trunks and take my shirt off.
"wanna come with me Edith?" She can't say no so that's why I asked. I really want her to come with me.
"sure." she gets up and slips off her dress revealing her body in a bikini. Surprisingly, she walks over to me with a smile and holds my hand. As we walk out, I turn around to face the others and they all hold up a thumb with approval. I snort a little and she looks at me.
"nothing." I reply and we both walk in the ocean still holding hands. The water is up to our waist when she lets go and starts to swim so I follow her. We stop in the deep when she grabs my hand again. 
"are they looking?" she says with a grim smile. I turn to look.
"yeah.." she then loses her smile and grips my hand. 
"I'm sorry but I really don't want to do this."
"neither do I but we can't tell them what happened." she looks at me hurt when I said I didn't want to do it either. 
And I don't. For respect of her relationship but I still love her. I'm trying to control myself. 
"wait.. You don't?"
"well yeah.. You have a boyfriend don't you?"
"yeah... I do.." she releases my hand from her grip. We stay silent for a while. She then sinks in and doesn't come back up. All I see is little bubbles coming up from where she is. About 30 seconds later, she comes back up gasping for air. We're still not speaking. The waves just flow on us making us go up and down and side to side. I look around and find Ray and Christa in the distance. How I wish to hold Edith how Ray holds Christa.
"can I ask you something Gerard?" she finally says. 
"through out all these years.. Did you ever date anyone?"
"yeah, A couple of girls."
"oh.." and that's all she says and turns away. 
"did you?" I ask her, "other than your current boyfriend.."
"yeah, just 2 others but.. It wasn't anything serious with the first one. I was still in high school."
"oh.." I nod, "was I ever on your mind?" I dare to say. She locks eye contact with me.
"to be honest.. Yes. Because I was hurt. Was I ever on your mind?" 
"always." I say and grab her waist. She puts her hands on my arms gently. 
"I'm sorry Edith. I should have known our love was stronger and know from the instant Vicky told me you cheated, it was all a lie. But I was ignorant. I couldn't stop thinking that I would always be cheated on. I'm sorry and it wasn't even Vicky's fault. It was mine for ruining what we had." her lips quiver as she lowers her head and rests on my shoulder. I hug her tightly and stroke her back.
"I was stupid to leave you like that in the parking lot. I was just so mad. I didn't know what to do. I'm such a douche bag and I really didn't deserve you. You're very special to me Edith. I love you and always will. I told you.. You'll always have a place in my heart. No matter if you don't love me." she to looks at me and extending her wrists to me. I could read the words even though they're upside down but it touches my heart and I tear up. A tear rolls down her cheek and she looks into my eyes and down at my lips and we both together, lean in and kiss. 
My heart melts and I get shivers as her soft pink lips touch mine. We forget we're in front of our friends and for sure they're watching us but we deepen the kiss. She grabs my face and makes the kiss hotter as I scoop her legs up to hug my waist. We hadn't realized a huge wave was coming and so the wave hits us making us go under water. We let go and just hug while the wave is still over us and we come back up. 
"I still love you Gee. But us can't happen again. I still love you but I really like my boyfriend too. I can't just cheat on him Gee, and you know it."
"I know.. I wouldn't want you to do it either.." 
"Thanks for understanding.."
"you're welcome. Can we try to stay friends?"
"yes. I would like that." she leans in and gives me a small peck on the lips. 
"uhh.. that's not what friends do." she laughs. 
"yeah.. But I liked that."
"I did too." she smiles and hugs me. 
We chill in the water for a little longer till I hear the others calling us back. We swim back together and we step out onto the sand, holding hands again.
"I knew you two still liked each other." Ray says coming in between us.
"it's no doubt. What was that scene?" Frank says. Edith and I sit back on the ground next to Frank.
"I dont know.. Friendship" Edith answers. Everyone starts to laugh and yell, "sure!" in a sarcastic way. 
"then if that's friendship, then Emma and I are best friends!." he tackles her down with a kiss like he use to in high school. 
"yeah that's right." I say with raised eyebrows. Edith gets up to fetch a sandwich and sits back down next to me.
"want some?"
"no it's cool, I'll get my own." 
"fine, your loss." she shrugs and laughs. 

The sun starts to set and Ray and Mikey make a fire. We burn Emma's marshmallows without asking. She's in the water with Frank so, she wouldn't mind. It starts to get cold and everyone is in the water. Are they crazy? The sun was hot when no one was inside and now that it's cold everyone is inside. Including Mikey, who said he wasn't getting in. Edith and I are the only ones left with a huge belly since we ate all the marshmallows and chips. We lie down on top of the blanket, But have quiet a distance from each other. It feels odd since we use to always cuddle when we were together. 
"what happened last time?"
"what do you mean?"
"I mean like.. Why did we do what we did?"
"I dont know.."
"I dont know either. It was just in the moment."
"actually.. I really wanted you. I missed you so much and I thought it was correct at the time."
"right.. I thought the same.." there's silence again before I say something else.
"what did you feel?" I ask her hoping she knows what I mean.
"well.. I enjoyed it obviously but.. It felt right and I longed for you. But I don't feel like it was love. It was more like lust."
"I agree. But I did mean every touch."
"I know. I did too." I feel her hand that rests by our thighs touch my fingers and I grab it.
"we just can't do it again." I tell her time looking at her.
"yeah, we can't." she looks back smiling. Then we both look back at the sky and relax as we fiddle our fingers together.

Frank's POV
"you're so beautiful. You're so beautiful I could eat you." I start to nibble on Emma's neck. 
"stop Frankie." she starts to giggle. We're floating in the ocean under the moonlight. Ray and Christa are somewhere else. Poor Mikey, he hasn't had his Jade for a couple of years now. He's probably walking around kicking the sand or floating face up alone in the ocean. 
"Aren't you glad for Edith and Gerard babe?" I tell her as I look towards their direction where they're laying. 
"yeah but.. Isn't that like cheating on her boyfriend?"
"I guess so but c'mon, give them a brake. They haven't been together in so long and they deserve each other. I won't say anything if you won't. Besides, they're just two friends that share kisses.. That's all. Nothing bad."
"I guess. Pfft, I won't say anything. That's suicidal."
"pfft yeah." we stay silent again and I look at her, admiring her beauty. It never gets old. I can look at her forever, for the rest of my life. She smiles and we both lean towards each other kissing deeply. 
"I love you." I tell her between kisses. 
"I love you forever and ever." she replies and I smile. We entangle our fingers together underwater and enjoy our bodies so close together. I really want her but.. I have to wait till she's ready. 

It soon gets really late and cold and Emma and I swim back to the shore and walk over to where everyone.
"should we leave?" they ask me, "'s getting really late."
"yeah, and it's cold so let's go." we start to pack our things and when we're done, we all split our ways and head to our car. 

Emma and I drive home in silence holding hands. There's low music playing in the background which sets a good, relaxing mood. I look at the back seat where Edith and Gerard are sitting through my rear mirror. She has her head resting on his shoulder sleeping as well as him. It just reminds me of old times. I really wish they wouldn't have broken up because they are the most perfect couple I've ever met. And now, they just can't be together for various reasons but what hurts the most is wondering, would they ever be able to get back together? 
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