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25. Loss Of Control

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Shit goes down... Involving a midget and a buttmunch. Enjoy! :)

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Hi guys! An actual update this time! I'm sorry about the extremely long wait for this chapter, but as I explained in the previous note, I've had SHITLOADS of homework. Becky is not a happy bunny right now -_- ANYHOO, the new chapter is here, it's a little rushed, so don't judge too harshly? This one contains what most of you have been waiting for... BUTT KICKING!!!!!! That's right, this is the chapter where shit. goes. doooowwwwnnnn. So, I hope you enjoy it! Rate and review to let me know what you think!

Chapter title from Green Day... MAN iUno! is a great album!

~BulletproofNinja xo

Chapter 25- Loss Of Control

Frank's POV

I honestly don't see why I came to school today, because I can't focus on anything. I'm so worried about Gerard, I've been going off into my own little world during lessons and almost every teacher has shouted at me for it. Why did I listen to him? Why didn't I stay with him? He needs people around him right now, he needs comfort.

Mikey's just as worried, he's been quiet all day. Not even a fangirl when he saw Bob and Ray kiss. That isn't like him at all. Well, I can't say I blame him, can I? It's normal to be worried about him, he's been fucking raped for gods sake! Especially with how Gerard was beforehand, there's a chance he could slip back into old habits again!

Our plan for today hasn't worked out, unfortunately. That Andy bastard doesn't appear to be in school, probably chickening out because he's a spineless bitch. It's a shame really, I really feel the need to hit something today, and Andy seems like the perfect person to vent that anger out on. Actually, I'm pretty annoyed, because he needs to pay for what he did. No one should get away with violating a person in such a horrific way!

I sigh as the bell rings, signalling the end of English. Mikey, Ray and I all stand up, collecting our things together and slouching out of the room. It seems as though mine and Mikey's moods are affecting everybody today, nobody seems to be their usual selves. We stay silent as we make our way over to the clearing at the back of the school, none of us knowing what to say.

A thought pops into my head, one that lifts my spirits slightly. Andy usually hangs out in the clearing, so he could be there now! ... To think that he's been so near Gee this whole time and we didn't even notice his creepy intentions... It's just bizarre. My short legs move faster in my haste to get to the clearing. I stumble up the muddy slope before walking through the trees, pushing the leaves out of my line of sight. When I break through the last of the leaves and my vision clears, my eyes skim the grounds.

"Fuck." I say a little louder than intended, causing me to recieve a few confused stares and irritated glares.

"What?" Mikey asks, coming up behind me as I begin walking again, heading towards our small group near the entrance of the clearing.

"I thought Andy might be here... Stupid really, he's not that thick." I shrug, rubbing my eye fiercely. Man, I'm tired.

"Yeah, well..." Mikey smiles sadly before sitting down next to Alicia.

Ray finally reaches our group, coming to stand by my side. "You'll get him eventually, dude. He'll get what he deserves." He gives me a light squeeze on the shoulder before sitting down next to Bob. I stare at the floor for a minute or two, before sighing and taking my place next to Becky. She just smiles warmly at me.

"And how are you today, my little ray of sunshine?" She giggles at me. I can't help but smile, she always knows just what to say to ease the tension.

"I'm good." I mumble. "Have you had any coffee today?" She bites her lip and stifles another giggle.

"Yes, but that's not made any difference. Coffee doesn't really affect my hyperactivity. Anyway, am I not just allowed to be happy? It looks like we could all use a few smiles around the place!" I glance around at all of my friends to see that they are all, to put it nicely, miserable as fuck.

"I see your point..." I agree. "I'm sorry, but I'm feeling really uneasy today. It feels weird knowing that Gerard's all on his own. Well, except for his Mom. But that's not the point, it feels weird me not being with him!" My bottom lip starts to wobble, and I look up at Becky with watery eyes. "I need him." Becky's face turns sympathetic.

"Aww, Frankie, don't worry. Gee will be fine! Just think, only a couple more hours and then you'll see him again." I smile at her, the words proving somewhat comforting.

"You're right. I'm just overreacting again." I laugh falsely, not fully believing my own words. Beck just nods, but eyes me suspiciously.

Soon after, the group has drifted into a light conversation, discussing how good Green Day are.

"I just find it hard to believe how a band can be that good, you know what I'm saying? The fact that there's only three of them makes it seem more intimate as well." Bob explains, trying hard not to fangirl.

"Yeah, I know. But I just have to say that Billie is probably the most awesome person ever. He's absolutely hilarious, and he knows how to throw a good diva strop!" Mikey adds, laughing at the last bit.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, the guys are awesome, but aren't you more excited about the new albums? iUno! has just been released, and none of you are commenting on it? It's the most amazing piece of shit I've ever heard." Becky chips in. I stay out of the conversation, observing from the sidelines.

Their speech is forced out of my focus as my phone starts vibrating in my pocket. With just the touch of my burning hand, I send my Astro Zombies to-

"Hello?" I answer without checking caller ID.

"I love your ringtone dude!" Mikey shouts across the circle. I shush him and stand up, walking away.

"Frankie!" Gerard's voice shouts down the phone. "Frankie, it's me."

My heart starts to pump faster, all sorts of horrid things running through my mind. "Gerard, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, but I can't be alone." I can hear him take a long shuddering breath before he speaks again. "Can you come and stay with me?"

"Of course, Gee! I'll leave now, I'll be there in about half an hour! Will you be okay until then?"

"Yeah, just hurry? Please? I need you." My heart breaks at the pain in his voice. He sounds so scared.

"Of course, just hang on angel."

"I will, I'll see you soon. Love you."

"Love you too." I hang up the phone and walk back to the group.

"Guys, I gotta go. Gerard wants me to be with him." I explain, picking my bag up from the floor. Mikey goes to stand up. "No, don't worry. He just needs some company, that's all. I'll call you if anything happens, okay?" He nods slowly, still unsure.

"Okay, well make sure you do."

"I promise. Now, I gotta go, I'll see you guys later." I turn on my heel and walk out of the clearing, making my way through the main building and out into the courtyard.

I see Ronnie and his group at their usual spot by the gates, but it doesn't bother me anymore, I know I'm safe around them. Ronnie sees me and jogs in my direction.

"Hey Frank, how's Gerard?" He asks, genuinely concerned.

"Honestly? He's not good, I'm just on my way back to see him, he needs company." Ronnie looks sad by my reply.

"Oh..." His face brightens. "Hey, did you manage to catch up with Andy today?" I look at him, confused.

"No, he's not in. Why?"

"That's odd, I saw him like ten minutes ago. Just walking down the street over there." My mouth drops open.

"Where? Did you see where he was going?"

"Yeah, he was walking the way you guys normally... walk... You don't think he's going to...?" He trails off, knowing exactly where my train of thought is.

"Oh, I think that's exactly the kind of thing he'd do." I whisper in horror. "I gotta go, sorry!" Without waiting for a reply, I'm off sprinting down the street, heading down the familiar streets, not paying attention to where I'm going. My body moves on instinct, I don't even have to think about it. All I know is that I need to get to Gerard. I need to keep him safe.

After four minutes of sprinting, I turn down Gerard's street. His house is in sight, which only make me push myself to go faster. He could be there. He could be hurting him.

The front door is shut, along with all of the curtains, it looks as though nobody's in. It's then that I hear the screaming. Oh, no. I throw myself at the front door, bursting into the hallway.

Andy is crouched over Gerard, punching him repeatedly. He appears not to have noticed my loud entrance. "Bastard!!!" I yell, lunging for him.

I grab him by his long greasy hair, pulling him backwards and away from Gerard. He's shocked, which makes it easy for me to pin him down to the floor. Although, to be honest, with the amount of anger I feel right now, I could probably take on Bob and win.

"Why can't you just leave him alone? You sick.." I punch him hard on the jaw. "Sick..." Another punch, his jaw creaking beneath the force. "BASTARD!" This time, I feel his jaw break as I bring my fist down to collide with his mouth again. He cries out in pain, which gives me a weird feeling of satisfaction. But I'm nowhere near done yet.

I grab him by the throat and squeeze tightly, bringing my face down so I can feel his hair brush against my skin. "You have no idea what I want to do to you right now. You're fucked up. You're a dirty, sick, evil rapist. You deserve to rot in hell for it. But I happen to think that hell would be too kind a punishment, don't you think?" I ask, watching him squirm under me as I continue to restrict his breathing.

I let his throat go, only to pick him up by his hair and drag him away from Gerard. I throw him on the floor and he writhes around pathetically, gasping for breath. "How do you like it? How do you like to be the one feeling helpless?" I kick him forcefully in the stomach. "How do you fucking like it?!" I finally lose control, unable to stop myself from bringing kick after kick down to Andy's wounded form. I honestly don't care though, he deserves everything. I switch to punching, making sure that I hit every piece of his body. I want him to hurt. I want him to hurt like Gee did. Like Gee still /does/.

I manage to stop myself for a brief moment, only to bring my hands up to my face. All it takes is for me to look at him once, and I lose it again. This time, I go for a more aggressive approach. I pull his head up, kneeling down so I'm eye level with him. "I fucking despise you, you're the lowest of the low, you should be ashamed of yourself." Surprisingly, he smirks at me.

In between hacking couchs, he says "You're just jealous that I got to him before you did."

His words make me see red, and I bring his head down to meet the wooden floor forcefully. I hear a loud crack and blood starts to trickle out of a cut on his head. I begin punching him again, my hatred driving me to carry on.

Well, it's my intention to carry on, but I'm stopped short by someone dragging my backwards. "What the fuck are you doing?! Get off me!"

"Frank, you're gonna kill him!" A voice I recognize as Bob's shouts.

"And? It's not like he doesn't deserve it!"

"Leave him, and go to Gerard." I go still in Bob's arms, realization flooding my mind.

"Gee." I whisper, breaking out of Bob's steel like grip and running past Ray, Alicia and Ronnie to get to him. I drop to my knees and let out a sob. "Gee, it's okay. We're hear now." I lift him up and cradle him in my arms, rocking us from side to side.

"Somebody call the police. They need to come and arrest that motherfucker before I do something else to him." I snap, not taking my eyes away from Gerard.

"On it." I hear Ronnie say. That reminds me...

"Why are you guys here?" I ask, confused.

"Uhh.... Ronnie came and found us, saying you got all freaked about something, and you ran back here... So we came as fast as we could." Ray explains quietly.

I look over to Ronnie, who is now off the phone. "Thank you.... Again." I chuckle at the last bit, he really has been there lately.

"No problem, just as long as this scum gets what he deserves." He looks down at his feet, where Andy lay silently. With a grunt of distaste, Ronnie spits on him and kicks him once more. The room falls silent, and Ronnie's gaze moves back up. "Sorry... He's just fucking sick. I don't blame Frank for kicking the shit out of him." I laugh slightly, the sound sad, instead of happy.

"Yeah... I just hope he goes down for what he did." I sigh, brushing the hair off Gerard's face.

"That reminds me, the police will be here soon."

I just smile at him and turn back to Gerard.


"Okay, I think it's safe to say that you won't be seeing him for a while." The police officer says to the room.

"For real?" I ask from my seat on the floor next to the sofa, looking up at where Gerard lay sprawled across the cushions.

"For real, yes." He chuckles.

"Thank you so much, officer. We really appreciate this." Mikey says, stepping forward and shaking his hand.

"It's no problem, why I took the job. To help people like your boy over there get justice." He nods towards Gerard.

We all just nod in knowing silence, our appreciation evident in our expressions.

"Thanks again." Ray says from the other sofa, Bob by his side.

"No problem. You guys stay safe now, okay?" We nod and the police officer exits the house.

Mikey lets out a huge sigh. "I'm so glad that's over with. Gerard can just be happy now." I nod in agreement, my head brushing Gerard's arm.

As I move my head, I feel something soft underneath the sleeve of his jacket. Without drawing any attention to it, I discretely turn my body slightly, and pull the cuff of his sleeve away. I peer down the gap between his arm and the fabric and my heart sinks. Bloody bandages.

Oh, Gerard....

I feel his body begin to stir, and I pull my hand away, moving onto my knees and watching him expectantly.

"Wha- No! No, no, no, no!" He sits up abruptly, knocking me backwards slightly. Everyone in the room falls silent, all heads turned in our direction I just shrug it off and move forward.

"GEE! Gerard, look at me! Look at me!" He stops shouting and turns towards me, breathing heavily. "Andy's gone. He's not coming back."

"He-He's not?" He asks, his voice cracking with emotion. I shake my head, causing Gerard to start sobbing with relief. "Thank you Frankie."

"It's alright, as long as you're safe. Now stay still, you're pretty badly injured. Do you want anything?" I ask soothingly, smoothing his hair out of his face, which is slick with sweat.

He shakes his head. "Just stay here. That's all I want." He replies, his voice croaky.

I kiss his hand, nodding in agreement. "Anything."

He sighs sadly and flops down again on the sofa. I sigh with him, knowing that things are going to get better.

Hi again, just want to apologise a second time in case this chapter isn't up to scratch. I had to rush the ending if I as going to get it up anytime soon, but I did the best I could! R&R for a smiley becky! You also get an early copy of MCR 5 (Damn, I wanna know the real name!)
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