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Chapter Forty Two - Forget

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"You know Curse has a fucking huge crush on you, right?" Acid almost snorted. "Curse has a fucking crush on me? No, we're just friends."

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A/N So I'll be honest, this chapter's not so exciting in my personal opinion, but I promise you that the next one is. Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing the last chapter, you're both awesome! If you can, please review I love hearing what you all think! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Forty Two - Forget

The sun was beating down in Zone two. Curse couldn't be bothered with the sun, so he stayed in while his friends and one of his sisters, Storm, Bel, Violet, Light and Blondie, were fucking crazy enough to go outside training.
Sunny and Curse were sheltered in a small building about the same size as your average garage, drinking stale bottles of water.
"Fuck this water's gross." Sunny complained.
"You got that right." Curse agreed with his little sister by five years.
Their sister Blondie came in, panting heavily after training with Storm. She just grabbed one of the bottles and started drinking it quickly.
"How the fuck can you stand the taste?" Curse wondered outloud.
She stopped drinking to answer her little brother. "Being at the diner with the Fabulous Killjoys has spoiled the two of you, hasn't it?"
"Hey, the food they have is fucking edible, Blondie."
"Curse, we're Killjoys. We take whatever we can get, we can't be fucking picky in the Zones."
"Can we just go to the Black Market and get some food there? That's where the Fabulous Killjoys go to get food."
"The Black Market is in Zones six and we're in Zone two. That's gonna be at least a four hour drive there and back, so no."
He groaned, drinking the water they had.
Storm and Violet came in, sweating and panting due to the heat and the fact that they'd been training.
"Are you two even gonna train today?" Storm wondered.
"Yeah, he's just missing someone from the diner." That someone that Blondie was talking about was Acid. They knew their brother had a crush on her and quite frankly, they didn't like it. They didn't trust her one hundred percent yet, they thought there was a possibility that she was still working for Better Living.
"Anyways, I'm gonna get back out there." Violet informed everyone.
"Yeah, me too."
"Me three."
There were only two people in there now, Curse and Storm.
"Hey Storm, can I ask you a question?"
"How did you know when you wanted to be with Silk?"
"I just knew. She was a really good friend and I had a crush on her for a while, but I knew that her dad was homophobic, so I didn't say anything, but she told me she had feelings for me too. Why, you think you like someone?"
He cracked a smile. "Yeah. I just don't know if it's a smart move or not since I'm friends with her ex husband and she has a kid with him."
Storm instantly knew who he was talking about.
"Curse, you have a fucking crush on Acid Bullets?!"
He paused, biting his lip a little. "So what if I do?"
"She worked for Better Living, she might still be working for them, Curse. There's fucking millions of rumours about her in the Zones and I know a few people who'd like to kill her for what she's done. It's not safe for you like her. If you told her how you felt and if she still works for Better Living, she could try to manipulate you to get whatever it is she wants."
"She isn't like that, plus you don't even know her. And who the fucking fuck wants to kill her?!"
"I know enough about her, Curse. And a lot of people wanna kill her."
"Okay, so what if Silk come back and it turned out the same thing that'd happened to Acid happened to her?"
"First of all, I'd know if she was still working for Better Living after we'd taken the chip about because I know who she is. Second, I've known Silk since I was a teenager and I've been with her for over two years and you've known Acid for like what, two weeks? The situations are completely different, Curse."
He sighed. "You're right, I'm sorry for getting a little pissy."
"'S okay. I've got a pretty short temper on top of everything."
He hugged her.
"So, your lazy ass hasn't done any training today. Let's go!"

Things were still extremely awkward between Acid and Poison ever since the kiss they'd shared. He'd tried to avoid her at all costs while Acid wanted to talk it out so that it wasn't as awkward.
Their daughter, Bandit, didn't know that her parents had kissed, but she did however know that something must've happened since things were really strange between them more so than usual. She wondered what'd happened, but she didn't bring it up. She didn't know if it'd make things worse or not, so she never breathed a word about it to anyone.
Pheonix always seemed to be around. Acid just tried to keep her distance from her as did everyone else, although at times Pheonix made it extremely hard to be ignored. There were times she just wanted to punch her again.
Acid missed Curse a lot too. It was weird not having him around, she'd gotten used to seeing his messy brown hair and big cheesey, boy-ish smile every day. She knew Bandit missed him too, but according to Static, she was like that every time that Curse, Blondie and Sunny had to leave. Acid tried to distract her daughter as much as she could so she didn't think about them as much and most of the time it worked.
Death saw that Poison was dodging her sister even more than usual. She also saw a change in Acid.
"So . . . how long ago did you and Poison have sex?"
She was shocked. "Death, what the fuck?!"
"C'mon, something's happened between you two. You're both avoiding eachother more than usual."
She sighed. "We didn't have sex . . . it was just a kiss."
"Ssh!" She shushed her.
"Yeah, we kissed . . . It was more I kissed him and I think he started to kind of like it, then he realized what was happening, freaked out a little and then walked away."
"Jesus Christ, how the fuck did that even happen?"
"I don't know . . . it just happened. I don't know how we started talking about it, but we just started talking about life after we took down Better Living and how we used to be and before I knew what I was doing, I was making out with him."
"So . . . now you're back to square one?"
"Square one?"
"I guess I thought things were getting better between you guys . . . has this fucked some shit up now?"
She nodded. "Yup. He's avoiding me big time, but I just wanna talk about it and get all the weirdness out of the way."
"He's gonna come round."
"I'm not so sure about that."
"Ace, he loved you a lot, feelings like that don't just dissapear. He just doesn't wanna get hurt again."
She sighed.
"Are you okay? You just seem a little pissed, are you sure this is just all about what happened between you and Poison?"
She shook her head. "No, it isn't. I'm missing Curse like fucking crazy and I wish he was here."
"You know Curse has a fucking huge crush on you, right?"
Acid almost snorted. "Curse has a fucking crush on me? No, we're just friends."
"Oh c'mon, don't pretend you don't know. A lot of people can see it just when you two are hanging out. He really likes you, Acid."
She paused and thought about it for a second. He was Curse and he was her friend, it almost seemed to weird to think that he had a crush on her.
"No, that's not even fuckin' possible. It's fucking weird just thinking about it, he doesn't like me in that way, trust me."
She shrugged with her arms crossed. "Alright, whatever makes you sleep at night, honey."
Acid laughed a little, but it was short lived when Poison walked out of his room, his eyes staring at the ground so he could avoid eye contact with Acid.
"Hey, Poison, my sister wants to speak to you." Death said,
He sighed. "Can it wait?"
"No, it can't." Death said. "You're welcome." She mouthed to her sister.
Poison walked over and sat next to his ex wife. "What is it?"
"I know you're avoiding me like the black plague, it's obvious. All I wanna do is talk about it so we can move on."
"Ace... there's nothing to talk about. We kissed, there's nothing more to it. It's in the past and I think we should just forget about it."
"But even if we pretend what happened the other night didn't happen, it's still gonna be fucking weird between us."
"Yeah, but if we talk about it I can gaurentee we'll have another fight about it."
She nodded, knowing that he was right. "Yeah, that's true."
"Look . . . that kiss . . . it didn't mean anything and that's how it should stay. If we got back together, it'd just be even messier than it is now." She kind of understood what he was saying.
"Okay, fine." She wasn't the mood to fight. They seemed to be fighting almost all the time and she didn't like it one bit, Poison didn't either.
"So . . . we're good?"
She nodded. "Yeah, we're good."
"Good." He agreed with her.
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