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Chapter Forty Three - Always A Monster

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She was forced to look into his eyes. They were full of rage, full of anger.

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Chapter Forty Three - Always A Monster

Poison and Static were watching Bandit, Zack and Lacie outside the diner when she decided to bring something up.
"Something happened between you and Ace." She stated.
"No it didn't." He denied it the second she'd finshed talking.
"Yes it did, we all know something happened. What was it?"
He sighed. "None of your buisness." He muttered to his sister-in-law.
She giggled slightly. "You know you're gonna be with Acid again, right?"
"Ace and I have talked about this, we both think it's for the best. Shit would be a lot more fucked up if we got back together."
"How so?"
"For starters, it's been five years. We're pretty much different people now, we'd have to get to know eachother all over again, we might not even like who we've become. Besides, if we got back together, Bandit'd be so fuckin' happy about it. I know she'd love it if we were together again, but what if something happened and we broke up? She'd be heartbroken over it and neither of us want to hurt her."
"Poison, you'll never know until you try. I know that neither of you will admit it, but you're both hurting right now. She's still in love with you, but you don't want to be with her. You're still in love with her, but you're scared you'll get hurt again so you don't wanna be with her. Bandit hates the fact that you're not together, I think that it even hurts her to see you and Ace with different people. I don't see how any of this isn't hurting Bandit and how not being together is protecting the two of you from getting hurt."
He understood what she was talking about, some of it was even true. Then he realized something. Static said that it hurt Bandit to see him and Ace with different people. Was Acid seeing someone else now?
"Is Acid with someone now?"
She shook her head. "No, but I know for a fact that someone likes her a lot. She likes them too, but I'm not sure if she has a crush on him."
He had an idea of what she was talking about. "It's Curse, isn't it?"
She nodded. "I also know he's scared of acting on his feelings because of the history that you and Ace have and because of Bandit."
"How do you know all of this stuff anyways?"
She smiled and shrugged. "People like to confied in me."
He smiled back at her. "Has Ace said if she likes Curse?"
"No, but she cares about him a lot. Everyone can see that."
He nodded.
"Look, all I'm saying is if you care about her, if you're still in love with her, just be with her. Also, you've been an asshole to her lately. Stop it, it hurts her and it hurts Bandit."
"I know I have. It's just . . . it's hard being around her sometimes. I just don't know how to act to what to do."
"I know. Just don't be a dick to her, okay?"
He nodded. "Okay."
"Now give me a fuckin' hug."
He hugged his sister-in-law.

Kobra and Acid were travelling to Zone four so they could get the car that Better Living had given to Acid. She hated the fact that the car was from those bastards, but she also thought it was too pretty to just abandon and leave to rot. She knew she'd be lucky if the car was still there. It wasn't everyday you saw a nice car in the Zones, it wouldn't have surprised her if a Killjoy had already stolen it and given it a new home.
Kobra had offered since everyone else seemed to be busy. Death would've come to help her, but she had to meet up with Stereo. Death still needed to tell her sister about Stereo, but since she knew things between Acid and Poison weren't too great, she decided to tell her at a different, better time.
It'd been a few days since they'd talked about the kiss, but it hadn't made things any easier between them. It was still incredibley awkward and uncomfortable for them to be around eachother. Everyone noticed this, but they didn't want to bring it up incase they started fighting again.
"Can I ask you a question?" Acid asked Kobra.
"Sure, go ahead."
"What ever happened to Donna, Lypse and Cherri?"
He smiled. "Ma lives in Zone five now with Lypse, Pen, Princess Kitty, Devi and Andi. She comes to visit us about twice a month now, they're due to visit soon actually."
"Anything happened with them that I've missed?"
"Lypse and Pen got married."
Her eyes widened and so did her smile. "Lypse and Pen are fucking married?!"
Kobra grinned. "Yup. It's been about a year and half, maybe two years now. They got together about a year or so after you were taken by Better Living."
"That's cool. I'm surprised, but it's still cool that they have eachother."
"Yeah, it is."
"What about Cherri?"
"She's still with Lie, Attack and Hurricane. They tend to travell a lot, so it's hard to guess where they are, but they visit a lot too. She loves Lacie, Guiden and Zack."
"They're all great kids."
"Yeah, they are. When they want to, Guiden and Zack can be fucking hellraisers. It's only when they're in a really bad mood and they can't have something they want. There's a lot of screaming whenever that happens."
"I can't really imagine that. They seem so sweet and innocent."
"They are, it's rare it happens, but it still happens. Lacie and Jeremy aren't like that at all and I think you already know that Bandit isn't either."
"No, she's not. You and Static seem really close to all three of them."
"Yeah, we are. I think Lacie's the one who we tend to be around more. Zack and Guiden are happy to go and do their own thing, but Lacie prefers going wherever it's quiet and not much going on. She's kind of shy and Zack and Guiden tend to scream and shout whenever they have the chance."
Lexia smiled. "Well, that's boys for ya."
Kobra laughed a little.
"I think that's it." She said.
Kobra pulled over and Acid jumped out as quickly as she could.
The black car was dirtier than before, but she didn't care. She finally had her precious car back.
"I've missed you, baby!" She said, attempting to wrap her arms around the car.
"This is . . . fuck, this car is fucking beautiful."
"She sure is. It's probably the only thing I'm glad I got from Better Living."
They managed to safely attach the cars together, then they started driving to a near by gas station to fill Acid's car with car with gas.
"Since you asked me a question, can I ask you one?"
"Did something happen between you and Poison recently? Things seem a lot weirder between you two than usual."
She sighed and smiled awkwardly. "That obvious? You're the second person who's asked me that question now."
"Who else asked?"
"Death. She thought we'd slept together or something, but it was just a kiss."
He nodded. "Did she also say that he'd eventually want to be with you again?"
"Pretty much."
"It's the truth. He's just confused about how he feels and he doesn't know what to do."
"I seem to be hearing that a lot lately."
"That's because it's the truth. He'll come around. He just needs time. Pretty much everyone agrees with me. I know Static's had a talk with Poison about how he's acting with you. She's been close to ripping his hair out a couple times 'cause of how he's been treating you."
"Yup. I know Ghoul's sure Poison's gonna wanna be with you again soon, same for Jet."
"How do you know?"
"Ace, he's my brother. I've known him since we were kids and know that you're pretty much the only girl he's ever really cared about in that way. He'll come around."
She smiled, leaning against the car with her arms crossed.
A Killjoy pulled up next to Acid's car. They were driving a black bike with a black body suit and a helmet.
"I'll just be a sec." Kobra said, leaving to buy some water.
She nodded as he left, her eyes on the ground.
The man next to her looked at Acid. She looked familiar, extremely familiar.
He stared at her behind his helmet.
It couldn't be her . . . it was impossible. Was she really just out in the open like that? Why wasn't she in hiding? He knew at least twenty people itching for her to be dead. A lot of them wanted to be the ones to kill her.
He took off his helmet.
Acid looked at him and smiled at the stranger standing in front of her.
"You." He growled.
"Exuse me?"
"It's you. It's really you."
"Do I know you?"
He grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him.
"Don't play dumb with me, you fucking flith. You know who I am. You know what you did to them."
She was forced to look into his eyes. They were full of rage, full of anger.
"I'm sorry, but I don't-"
"You killed them! You killed Louise and Lisa! They were all I had and you took them away!" His grip on her tightened. It hurt, it hurt a lot.
She knew she must've done something to him when she was working for Better Living.
"Look, for whatever I did, I'm so fucking sorry, but they were controlling me. If you take your hands off me, I'll-"
"How can you even sleep at night after what you did? The worst part is, Louise and Lisa weren't the only ones . . . you've done it to so many fucking people including my wife and kid!"
"Look, please just take your hands-"
"Jesus, I should just fucking kill you right now. You used to be someone, you were a person . . . but now . . . now you're a fucking monster that works for Better Living. I'd be doing you a favour by killing you."
Her eyes widened. She didn't have a gun with her and she was paralyzed in shock, she couldn't defend herself.
He pulled out his gun, pointing it at her. "I'm sorry."
"Drop it." Kobra ordered, his lazer pressed against the man's head.
He continued to stare at Acid, the gun still pointed in her direction.
"I said fucking drop it."
He finally did as he said, removing the gun from her direction.
"How can you defend her after what she's done? She's become a monster, a killer, yet you'd still kill me to protect her?"
"She was a different person then."
"You really don't think she's changed, do you? Are you really that fucking stupid?"
"They were literally controlling her, there was a chip planted in the back of her neck. She did whatever they wanted her to."
He laughed. "She's not changed. She's a monster and always will be. You're just an idiot to think that she can change."
"You just don't get it."
"Hey, you're Kobra Kid, right? I know you've got a wife and three kids and let me tell you something, while she's around, they're all in danger. I know a lot of people who wanna kill this bitch for what she did, I know a lot of them wouldn't hesitate to kill those kids of yours if you got in their way by protecting her."
"If they tried to kill my kids for protecting an innocent Killjoy, I'll give them fucking hell for it, you do hear me?"
He pushed the man to the ground.
"Stay the fuck away from us and leave her alone." He spat before they left.

The drive back to the diner was silent, but they were both okay with that. Neither of them really knew what to say anyway.
Kobra glanced at Acid. Her knees were tucked into her chest, her eyes filled with sadness.
"Are you okay?" He asked, breaking the silence.
She paused for a minute before answering him. "Not really, I mean . . . it's not like what he was saying was a lie. I've done bad things to good people. Really bad things. I've even fucking killed good people for no good reason and I've done it a fucking lot. Like he said, I'm just a fucking monster."
"Don't say that, Ace."
"Why not? I killed his wife and kid. If I killed Static and your kids, I think you'd find it hard to believe that I wasn't a monster."
He cringed at the thought of his wife and kids being murdered. "That person who did all of those bad things . . . it wasn't you. It was Better Living, you wouldn't have killed his wife or his kid if you had the choice not to do it. I know-"
"Kobra, that's not the point. I still did it. Their blood'll still be on my hands no matter what. It might've technically been Better Living's fault, but I was the one who pulled the trigger, I was the one who ended their lives. I can't ever change that. I can't ever change the fact that I'm a monster."
He pulled up outside the diner and opened the door for Acid. He helped her out, then he hugged her.
It took her by surprise, but she hugged him back nonetheless.
"You're a good person, he was talking fucking bullshit, do you hear me? You're important to a lot of people here, Ace. Don't for one second think that you're a monster again, okay?"
She nodded.
The sky was a dim blue, the sun had just set outside, leaving the sky to fade to blackness.
They walked inside to see their kids laughing happily with Poison and Death.
"Mommy!" Bandit shouted eagerly, pouncing on her the second she walked through the door.
"Hey, baby."
Bandit could tell that something was wrong straight away. The usual happiness that was in her mother's voice had disapeared.
"Mama, what's wrong?"
She shook her head. "Nothing, baby. I'm just a little tired, that's all."
Bandit didn't question what her mother said. She just accepted it and smiled.
"So, what was so funny before?" Acid asked, trying to take her mind off what'd happened earlier that day.
Bandit smiled. "Daddy was telling us a funny story!"
"Oh yeah? What about?"
"Christmas in . . . daddy, what year was it?"
"2019, the year Better Living was gone and the year your cousin Zacky was born."
"Yeah! 2019!"
Acid couldn't help but smile a little. She remembered that Christmas as if it were yesterday.
"He was telling us about uncle Ghoully and aunt Deathie jumping on your bed to wake you up and that you fell out!"
She remembered that, she was just glad that he missed out a certain part of that story. Ghoul and Death came running in that morning in their pyjamas. At the time, Ghoul and Death lived with them since they were looking for places of their own, so they temporarily lived with Acid and Poison. They started jumping on their bed screaming 'Wake up! It's Christmas!', but what they didn't know was that under the sheets, they were both naked. Acid ended up falling out of bed, wearing no clothing. She screamed at them to get out.
She looked at Poison and Death. "Yup, I remember that for sure."
They both smiled wickedly.

Later that night, Acid went out side, leaning up against the diner with a cigarette trapped between her lips. After that cigarette, she only had one left, the final cigarette.
Her cheeks were tear-stained, she couldn't stop thinking about what the man'd said and what she'd done to him and his family.
Poison walked out of the diner, knowing that Acid was there since she'd snook out over an hour ago. He was making sure that she was okay.
She didn't realize he was there to begin with, but eventually she turned her head and realized he was there.
She wipped her cheeks incase any tears had been left behind then sniffed.
"Hey." She put on a small smile.
"He y. . . Ace . . . Kobra told me what happened."
"Yeah . . . oh. Look, I know he's told you this before, but what he said, it was bullshit."
"I'd appreciate it if everyone'd stop pretending that what he said wasn't the truth. We all know it is."
"Ace, everyone's saying it's bullshit for a reason."
He sat down next to her.
"Just because I'm upset it doesn't mean you have to pretend that you care about me all of a sudden, Poison."
"That's not why I'm here and I do care about you. Just because we're not together and since we've been fighting a lot, it doesn't mean I don't care."
She snorted. "Then why have we been fighting a lot, huh?"
"We have different opinions a lot of the time."
"That's one way of putting it."
"Look, this isn't the point. You're not a fucking monster, have you ever even met yourself before? You're funny, smart, beautiful and sometimes you're stubborn as fuck, but you always have the right intentions."
"That doesn't mean that I'm not a monster. I've still killed people."
"It wasn't you. It was someone else, so don't you dare say that it was you."
Her eyes filled with tears again. She wipped them away before they could fall.
"A lot people love an care about you, Ace. Even if you think you're a monster, everyone knows that you're not. You're a good person."
"I just . . . I can't fucking help but think that when Bandit grows up, when she finds out about what I did that she'll fucking hate me for it... what if she thinks that I'm a monster? What if she doesn't want anything to do with me anymore? What if she's even scared of me?"
"Okay now c'mon, we both know that's crazy. She loves you so much and do you know what, she's gonna understand. If you want her to know, we'll tell her and explain everything. She won't hate you for it, she'll still love you and she'll understand."
She started crying again and huffed. "I'm terrified of her knowing about who I was and what I used to do. I don't want her to know that side of me, but I sure as fucking hell don't wanna lie to her either."
He couldn't help but pull her into a hug. She didn't fight against it, she just cried into his chest as she cried until there were no tears left to cry.
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