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Chapter Forty Four - The Fort

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He leaned in a little, but he wasn't sure if it was a smart move. Regardless, he pressed his gentle lips to hers.

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A/N Heyo, so this chapter's mainly focusing on Acid and Curse but next chapter, quite a lot of the Killjoys'll be involved. Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing, you're both awesome! If you can please review, I love hearing what you all think :3 Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Forty Four - The Fort

The smell of blood filled her nostrils and the air around her, their screams still ringing in her ears.
Two dead bodies lay infront of her, one belonged to a woman in her late twenties, the other to a girl who was tweleve years old. She was pleased that she'd managed to dispose of them as quickly as she had, but her only regret was that one of them had managed to escape.
"Alexandria?" Dr. Isoda said as she called her.
"Yes, Dr. Isoda, it's me. I just thought I'd tell you that Louise and Lisa Revenea have been killed, just as you asked, however Louise's partner and Lisa's father, Oliver, managed to escape."
"Do not worry, it was only Louise who had the information we needed. There is no need for us to panic over the fact that he escaped."
"Very well. Do you wish for me to find him and kill him?"
"No, do not trouble yourself with what is not neccesary. I wish for you to come back to Battery City so I can explain your next mission."
"Very well, Dr. Isoda."

Acid woke up in a cold sweat after dreaming about the death of Louise and Lisa Revenea. Oliver was the man who'd recognized her the other day and she'd killed his wife and daughter.
She got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen to get some water. It'd been a week since they picked up her car and ran into Oliver. Ever since then, she'd started to become a little more depressed. It made it more real that her past had really happened and that it wasn't just an extremely bad dream.
She had to admit, things with Poison were a tad easier. He'd become a little worried about her ever since she cried into his chest a week ago. He just wanted her to be okay, the last thing he wanted her to be was depressed. He knew how it felt and he didn't wish that on any body.
Acid and Static had been talking a lot more. Static tried to take her mind off things and it seemed to work. Acid hadn't realized how much she'd actually missed Static. Acid had also been talking to Ghoul and Jet a lot more recently. She understood why her sister was close friends with Ghoul, he managed to see a bright side to everything not to mention the fact that it was easy to be around them both since they always managed to squeeze a laugh or two out of her.
However, Bandit saw the change in her mother. She didn't bring it up, she just tried to cheer her up a lot of the time.
She took a sip of water, feeling it run down her throat and into her stomach. It was around five in the morning, the sun was barely beginning to rise, it was still dim outside.
She was about to return to the couch, but the front door was unlocked.
She ducked down and grabbed her gun, ready to shoot if they turned out to be a threat to her and her family at the diner.
"Jesus, Violet, I swear to God if you stand on my foot one more time."
"Jeez, sorry Storm. It's fucking dark here."
"Will you guys just shut the fuck up? We'll wake someone up and they'll think we're intruders."
"Sorry." Both of the voices, Acid assumed were called Storm and Violet, said in unision.
Acid managed to remain unseen, she got close enough to one of them and pressed her gun to their side.
"Who are you and what the fuck are you doing here?" She demanded to know.
The voice laughed. She knew who the laugh belonged to straight away. It made her heart feel warm and fuzzy,
"Ace, it's me. It's Curse."
Violet found a light and turned it on, Acid was able to see Curse. She noticed her gun was still pressed to his side. She removed it straight away and wrapped her arms around him.
"Jesus, you have no idea how much I've missed you. How long has been? Ten, twenty years?" She joked.
He grinned, letting out a small chuckle. "Actually, it's been three weeks, but it's nice to know I've been missed."
"You have no idea."
"Believe me, I do. I've missed you a fucking lot."
She pulled away and noticed that there were other people with them now. Aside from Blondie and Sunny, there were four other girls there. All of them looked around twenty, one of them had black hair that faded into a vibrant blue, one had bright blue curly hair with a purple streak in it and the other two had a similar brown-ish blond-ish colour.
"Acid, these are my friends Violet," he pointed to the blue haired girl, who was smiling kindly at Acid. "Storm," the half black half blue haired girl waved, not smiling. "Light and Bel. We were staying with them, but we thought we'd pay a visit."
"Nice to meet you all. Did you find the girl you were looking for?"
"No, it turned out to be a false lead."
She nodded. "Well, the guest room's still free if you all wanna crash in there."
"Sure, thanks Acid." Violet said.
All of them, except Curse, left to go to their room.
"By the way, did we wake you up?"
"No, I'd literally just gotten up for some water after yet another nightmare."
"You're still having nightmares?"
She nodded. "Yup. Some nights I don't have them, others I do."
He sighed. "I'm sorry, Ace. They're all about what happened before you came here again, right?"
She nodded.
"You wanna talk about it?"
She smiled sadly.
"I just feel like I'm seven years old again. I had a really bad nightmare once. My mom and dad fell asleep in front of the tv one night, so I got the remote and I accidentally put on a horror movie. They woke up since there was a lot of screaming and they put me to bed. I had creepy dreams about the clown in the horror movie, so I woke up my dad. I was convinced that the clown was under my bed, so I refused to go back in there. My dad got out of bed with me and we went into the living room. I don't know why, but I wanted to make a fort. I told him that I'd feel safe in a fort so we made one and I told him all about the nightmare. I eventually fell asleep in the fort and so did my dad. Death heard us talking and came in with us, she was only two." A smile crept up on her face at the distant memories.
He had an idea. "Let's do that."
"Do what?"
"Make a fort."
She arched an eye brow. "Are you serious?"
"Totally, it sounds like fun. You've got blankets on the couch, we can make it out of that!" He started to get excited at the thought of making a fort.
She laughed a little. "You really wanna make a fort, don't you?"
"Hells yeah!"
She rolled her eyes playfully. "Okay, fine. We'll make a fort."
Acid didn't really do much work, it was mainly Curse who made their magical fortress since he insisted she was 'making it all wrong', as he put it in a joking way. After it was complete, they got in and sat opposite eachother.
"So, tell me about this nightmare of yours, if you still wanna talk about it."
She explained what happened the other day with Kobra and Oliver and how she'd killed his wife and child.
"Holy shit . . . Ace . . . I can't say how fucking sorry I am."
"'S not your fault, Curse, it's mine. I mean I was the one who did it. And please don't say that I wasn't me when I did it 'cause that's what everyone's been saying lately."
"They've been saying it for a reason. You're a great person."
"I'm not. Good people don't kill innocent people for no fucking good reason. That's what bad people do."
"Look at me." She looked into his eyes. "You're a good person, Ace. You're an amazing mother, you're selfless, you're funny, you're intelligent, you're loyal, you're trustworthy and you're fucking georgous inside and out."
If she wasn't so upset, she would've blushed. Instead, her eyes filled with tears for the millionth time that week. "I don't feel like any of those things, Curse. I feel the fucking opposite and I'm fucking crying yet again."
"Hey sshh, it's okay."
"No it's not. It's never gonna be okay again after what I've done. I can't just forget something like that."
"I don't expect you to. I just want you to know that you're important to me and a lot of people here."
"I'm important to you?"
"Ace, you're all I've thought about for three weeks straight, of course you're important to me."
She paused. "I just . . . sometimes, I wake up and I can handle it. I can put on a brave face and be a decent mom, but others . . . I just think about what I've done and it's fucking hard to stop thinking about it. I just think sometimes that I don't deserve to be here, I don't even fucking deserve to be called a Killjoy."
"Of fucking course you have the right to be called a Killjoy! You've done so many good things, Ace, and you mean a lot to everyone here. Like I said before, you mean a lot to me. I probably care about you more than I should and you're one of the main reasons I convinced everyone to come back here with me so I could see you again." The last part slipped out before he even realized he'd said it.
She slowly remembered something. Her sister had mentioned the fact that everyone thought Curse had a crush on her . . . was her sister telling the truth or was Acid just taking everything he was saying about her the wrong way?
"Can we just stop talking about this for now? I've been feeling shitty and this isn't really making me feel any better by talking about how I feel about myself."
He nodded. "Okay."
"I've been feeling shitty and I need a hug."
He smiled sadly, wrapping his arms around her body. He held her close as if she were the last person on earth. He didn't want to let go of her, nor did she want to let go of him. They were happy hugging like there was no tomorrow.
Eventually, she pulled away, but stayed close to him. He kissed her forehead, rubbing her shoulder lightly with his hand.
She looked up at him, looking into his eyes. He looked into hers, he loved the pale green of her eyes. He'd loved them since they day he met her.
He leaned in a little, but he wasn't sure if it was a smart move. Regardless, he pressed his gentle lips to hers.
Acid wasn't sure of what to think. Did she kiss back? Did she pull away and scream? She didn't want to do the last option, that was for sure, so she gentley kissed back.
The kiss was sweet, innocent. He smiled in the kiss since she was kissing him back. He'd wanted to feel her lips on his for what seemed like years now and she wasn't freaking out at all. If anything, it seemed like she was enjoying the kiss.
He rested his hand on her cheek, pulling her slightly towards him.
She continued to plant soft kisses on his lips, but eventually, she stopped and so did he.
She looked at him and smiled softly. "G'night, Curse."
He returned the smile. "G'night, Ace."
She rested her head on his shoulder, then drifted off into a deep, dreamless sleep under their fort.
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