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Chapter Forty Five - Shoot 'Em Down

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Acid couldn't remove her eyes from the scene she'd created. She'd killed him. She'd ended another human life.

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A/N So I'm happy to say that this chapter's pretty eventful . . . wow, I haven't said that in a while . . . Anyways, just to let you know next week's chapter might be late since I might be staying in a different city next saturday (it's a long story), but if I'm not then I'll update on the saturday as usual, but if I'm away I'll be posting the chapter either a little later than usual or a little earlier. Thankies to YoshikiHide182 and Chemical_30 for reviewing, you're both awesome ^_^ If you can, please review I love hearing what you think of the story so far and any theories you might have on what's gonna happen next. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Forty Five - Shoot 'Em Down

Bandit was laughing hysterically while Curse ran after and her mother, Acid. Curse was trying to tickle Bandit and since she was bored, they decided to runaway from Curse while he ran after them.
Curse grabbed Acid from behind and started tickling her.
"No! Curse! Stop it!" She said inbetween roars of laughter.
Ever since Acid and Curse kissed, they'd been a little flirty around eachother. They weren't officially in a relationship, in all honesty neither of them really knew what they were, but they just knew they loved being around eachother.
"Curse, I said stop!" She said, continuing to laugh.
"Make me, Ace!" He laughed with her.
Acid now had black hair again since Curse had gotten hold of some black hair dye and decided to give it to Acid. She loved that it was back to the colour she'd loved and missed so much.
Bandit started tickling Curse to get him off her mother, it worked and both Acid and Bandit started tickling Curse.
"Okay! Okay! I surrender, you both win!" He said, unable to controll his laughter.
Acid and Bandit stopped to high five eachother.
Acid then picked her daughter up, both of them still roaring with laughter.
Bandit stopped laughing, but continued to smile as she asked her mother a question.
"Mama, do you still have to go with daddy and uncle Curse today?" Acid, Curse, Ghoul, Poison and Kobra were leaving to go to the Black Market to stock up on food supplies. They'd only be gone for a few hours, but Bandit still wanted to be around her parents.
"Yeah, I do baby. I promise, we won't be gone for very long."
"Can I go with you?"
She smiled weakly at her. "I'm sorry, B, but you're still too little to go at the moment."
Bandit frowned. "When will I be big enough to go?"
"In a few years."
"A few years?! Mommy, that's forever away!"
She smiled. "I promise, it'll go quicker than you think, baby."
She continued to frown. "No fair."
She kissed her forehead.

A few hours later, Acid, Poison, Curse, Ghoul and Kobra were getting ready to leave.
Bandit was pretty much clinging to her father's leg, holding on for dear life.
"Bandy, we'll back soon. I promise you we'll be back soon, baby."
"But daddy, I don't want you to go!" She hated it whenever they had to leave, even if it was for things they needed like food.
"We gotta go, baby."
She pouted.
Curse and Acid noticed that she wouldn't let go of Poison's leg. She was extremely stubborn sometimes, that she'd inherited from both her mother and her father.
"Hey baby, is something wrong?" Acid wondered, kneeling on the ground so she was on the same level as Bandit was.
"Yeah. You're all leaving."
"It won't be for very long, baby."
"You're still leaving. I don't like it when you leave. I get lonely."
"I'm sure that your cousins would like to play with you, Bandy."
"But I want you and daddy today, I was with Lacie, Guiden, Zacky and Jeremy yesterday."
"We won't be long, Bandy. We'll be back before you know it."
"Can I go with you?" She used her puppy-dog eyes to try and convince them to let her go with them.
"No." They all said in unision.
"No fair!"
Curse had an idea. "I tell you what, Bandy, if you let us go now, I'll get you that special chocolate gooey brownie you love so much."
Bandit knew the exact kind of brownie her uncle was talking about. She smiled.
"The one with the marshmellows and chocolate sauce stuff too?"
He smiled. "With extra marshmellows."
She paused. "I guess that's okay." She slowly unwrapped her arms from his leg, accepting defeat.
Poison picked up his only child and planted a small kiss on her cheek. "How about I read you some of that bedtime story tonight?"
Her face lit up, she loved it when her father read her bedtime stories. "Yeah!"
He smiled again and put her down on the ground again.
Acid kissed her forehead. "I'll see you later, baby."
"Bye mama. Love you."
"Love you too, baby."
They left a few minutes later, Poison was driving, his brother was sitting next to him and Ghoul, Acid and Curse were sitting next to eachother in the back of the Trans Am.
The air was a little awkward, but it was soothed a little when Kobra put the radio on. Kill The DJ by Green Day played in the car.
Acid smiled. She loved the song when she was a kid, she started murmering the lyrics to herself.
Curse noticed and smiled. He loved it when she did that.
Acid caught him looking at her with a smile on his face.
"What?" She asked, smiling a little.
"C'mon, you weren't staring for no reason."
"I just think it's," he tried to find the right word. "amusing when you sing to yourself."
She smirked. "I'm insulted, my singing voice is amusing to you? I'm very much insulted, Curse. Very insulted." She joked, still smirking.
He laughed a little. "That's not what I meant and you know it."
"Then what did you mean?"
"Okay... I guess it's kind of cute."
Ghoul felt extremely awkward sitting in the back with them while they were both flirting, so he let his mind wander and he started thinking about one of the Killjoys who'd recently come to the diner, Violet Silhouette, who he was starting to develop a small crush on.
"Yeah, cute. Cute is when you-"
"I know what cute is, idiot, it's just . . . I'm not fuckin' cute." She laughed.
"Since when? You have cute qualities."
"I've just . . . I've never been called cute before . . . it's weird, I don't know if I like being called cute." She smirked.
"It's meant to be a compliment." He smirked with her.
"But cute? Kittens and bunnies are cute, being called cute it just . . . it sounds weird."
Kobra and Poison felt awkward aswell as Ghoul since they were being a little flirty and it was loud enough for them to hear. Poison pretended to clear his throat with a cough.
They stopped flirting and realized where they were, who they were with and what they were doing.
They snapped out of it and just listened to music on the radio until they reached the Black Market.

When they got there, they headed for the supplies straight away and started grabbing the necesities.
Curse got the gooey brownie filled with marshmellows and chocolate sauce for Bandit, just as he had promised while Acid was in the section filled with drinks which mainly consistead of water.
She picked up several bottles of water when she felt a gun press into her back.
"Don't make a sound and cooperate with me if you wanna live." A low voice, with a thick southern accent, said from behind her.
She felt her heart spead up a little, but she nodded anyway.
"Now, put down the water."
She did as he said.
"Good, now walk out of here. If you try and run away or try anything in order to escape, I blow you away, understood?"
She nodded. "I understand."
She walked to the door and then walked out of the Black Market, trying to think of a plan to get away without getting shot at the same time. She tried not to panic, to pretend it was all going to be okay. She couldn't die, she had a daughter and a sister to go back to.
"You got her already?"
"Yup, I'm surprised it was this easy. I thought the Fabulous Killjoys'd be keepin' an eye on this one. I guess not."
She felt them tie her hands together behind her back. She knew if she pulled hard enough, the ropes would break since she had the artificial bones and injections in her muscels to make her stronger.
"They're probably gonna notice she's gone soon, Dracula."
"I know that, we're gonna have to be fuckin' quick about this."
"We agreed we'd take this slow!"
"Things change, Bro."
There were about five of the men. They were all dressed in black, their faces covered by bandanas so Acid didn't know who they were. They were all men who wanted her dead for what she'd done. They'd been tracking her ever since Oliver spotted her in the Zones, they were waiting for the right moment to kill her. They knew that Curse would be wondering where she was soon since they thought he followed her around like a lost puppy.
They wanted to kill her slowly, they wanted to make her feel the pain of everyone she'd murdered in the name of Better Living Industries, but they knew they didn't have enough time to do what they so desperately desired. They couldn't just put her in the trunk of a car and take her to a place where they could torture her since they drove bikes in the Zones and didn't own a car. However, they knew it was better to get the job done whether it was a quick death or a slow one. They knew she'd be out of their hair quickly if they did that.
"You know, I really wanted to do this painfully, slowly. I wanted to do this for people like Lisa and Louise. You remember them? That was my sister and my niece. Then there's people like Dracula's brother over here. You made his brother fall for him 'cause he was planning to take down Better Living. He told you everything, then you fuckin' killed him like he was nothin', like he was scum."
"I'm sorry for that. I am, you have no idea. But I wasn't myself, I was-"
"I don't want your fuckin' exuses!" He roared at her, slapping her across the face. "Y'know, there's about a million fuckin' Dracs in the Zones lookin' for ya, I heard they got their best exterminator in the Zones too."
Her eyes grew wide when she heard him say that. They were looking for her? She had no idea.
"I-I'm sorry."
"You're sorry? Oh well, if you're fuckin' sorry then it's all o-fuckin'-kay, ain't it, sweetie?!" He screamed in her ear. "Sorry don't bring back my sister and niece, sorry don't bring back Dracula's brother either! It doesn't bring back anyone you killed. You're a monster, a mother fuckin' murderer. I hope you burn in hell you little fuckin' bitch."
He pressed the gun to her head. The second that happened, something inside her came to life.
She tugged on the ropes, ripping them with almost no effort what so ever. She grabbed the gun and threw him to the floor. They all immidiately started attacking her, they weren't going to let her get away.
She pushed them off every time they got a hold of her. Without thinking, she grabbed the gun and shot one of them twice in their chest.
She dropped the gun the second she realized what she'd done.
Acid watched the man she'd just shot fall to the ground.
"TRIC!" One of them screamed.
"Dracula, she's got the gun, let's fuckin' go!"
They got into their car and swiftly drove away. They left the dead body behind, Acid couldn't remove her eyes from the scene she'd created.
She'd killed him. She'd ended another human life.
Tears filled her eyes.
Since they heard the gun shots, Poison, Kobra, Ghoul and Curse cam running out to see Acid staring at the dead body.
"Ace!? What happened?!" Curse ran over to her.
"I-I killed him."

Acid was curled up into a ball as she cried into Curse's chest at the diner.
He rubbed her back, trying to soothe her. He tried to tell her she had no choice, if she didn't kill them, they would've killed her. It was self defense.
Acid didn't believe his lies. None of them changed the fact she'd killed someone again.
Static went up to her husband. "We got the transmission from Poison, are you okay? Did anything happen to you?"
"No, no. I'm fine, Stat."
She pressed her lips to his and enveloped him in her arms, holding on for dear life.
"Thank fuckin' God. I thought something happened to you."
"I'm Fine, Stat. I'm fine, I promise."
The tears spilled over. "You're sure? Fuck, I can't believe this's happened, it seems like so long ago since anything like this has happened."
"I promise you, I'm fine. There's not a scratch on me."
"I can't tell you how fucking glad I am. How's Ace doing?"
"Honestly? She's a mess right now. In the car she wouldn't stop crying, she's been hysterical ever since she shot that guy down."
"It was self defense, it wasn't her fault."
"I think she sees is as another meaningless murder. She's been pretty cut up about what she did for Better Living lately. It wasn't her fault, but she's still blaming herself."
Static still held Kobra close to her. "I wish she'd stop that. It wasn't her fault. Fuck I'm glad you're okay."
Kobra smiled and kissed her cheek. "I'm fine. I promise."

Violet walked over to Ghoul after hearing about what'd happened on their trip to the Black Market.
"Holy shit, Ghoul, I just heard what'd happened. I'm so fuckin' sorry." She gave him a friendly hug, which only lasted a couple of seconds. "Are you okay, did anything happen to anyone?" Her blue curls were messy, she looked like she'd just woken up.
"No, luckily everyone came back okay, but Acid's pretty upset about what happened."
"I hope she's okay, she seems like a really nice person."
"Yeah, she is. Anyways, is everything okay here? Jeremy's okay, right?"
"Yeah, he's just fine. He went to bed about an hour ago."
Violet decided to hug him again. "I'm gald everyone's okay. I'm glad you're okay, Ghoul."
He hugged back and smiled sadly, remembering what'd happened. "Yeah, me too. Me too." He repeated to her as she held the woman he cared about close.
However, as he hugged Violet he couldn't help but remember the woman he'd not seen in years, but he still had a spark of love burning inside him for her. He couldn't help but think of Lo.
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