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"And that's the thing about music. Once it hits you you feel no pain." Just a little something I wrote, R and R for tofu bacon!!!

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"And that's the thing about music. Once it hits you you feel no pain."

But that's also not the thing.

Music isn't about being mind numbing an dulling the beating, the crunching pressure of being so alive.

Music is art.

Art reaches into your soul, your disgusting, bloody guts and pulls out the shard of glass that have been long imparing you from walking, picks you up and throws you back onto your feet.

It IS painful. Art is pain, it is fury. Art is insanity. But it is fighting the insanity to the death. Until you can shake hands with it and send it on it's way, off to war with another country, another person.

Music isn't meant to be numb.

But numb is easy.

Numb is the pills you take everyday, the cuts lining your wrists, the catchy substandard pop crap on the radio.

Real music, real art isn't there to numb you, injecting you with apathy till you lie on the bathroom floor in pieces, bleeding, shreiking... but still crying "I'm Okay."

But that's the thing about real music...

It throws you to the ground, forcing you to wrestle with your darkest moments, your greatest fears.

But it doesn't run away from the ugly scars they give you, the bruises that expierience lined your eyes and stomach with.

It hands you a mirror, smiling with admiration at the battle scars you've acquired.

Music doesn't crave normality.

It doesn't feel the need to be 'okay.'

It stands there with you at the rallies, the protests, the parades yelling and crying and screaming that "GODDAMMIT I am NOT okay and I am exhausted and weary and starving but I am very much ALIVE."

It's unashamed of it's scars, showing its naked, puckered skin for the the world to see.

And it rips off your long sleeve shirt, and hands you a megaphone and the backpack that carrys all of your insecurities, and hands them to you one by one.

Music is the coach that taught you how to scream in their faces, and love the rush you get when you beat them down, leaving your depressions and failures writing in pain in the middle of the stage.

Music is your feeling.

It is your life.

It is your heart.

So guys, I just saw this: "And that's the thing about music. Once it hits you you feel no pain." On Tumblr, and this is what it inspired. Rates and reveiws are very appreciated and I'd really like to know whether you liked this or not. Thanks lovelies!
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