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Hayashi's home for rejects.

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Die must make the best out of a bad deal even if it means living with crazies.

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Die unfolded the small piece of paper with the address which was now smudged by the rain, written on it. He sighed as he tried to work out if the number was a 3 or a 5. He gave up after a few moments and just went with 3 as he hitched up his backpack and trudged through the puddles. He was ashamed of where he was going, very ashamed infact. They'd always said that the house was the 'wheelie bin for freaks' but it wasn't as though he had any choice anymore. He came to a stop outside of the tall, iron gates, guarding the large front garden and he read the sign that had been fixed on there.
Private my ass Die chuckled to himself as he rang the bell. Nobody answered and he was about to give up when somebody finally picked up. The timid voice sounded shy and scared.
Die stuttered an answer, "H-hi"
"I uhh...Hey Toshiya stop it! Ouch you hurt my foot, you asshole,"
"It's your fault, bonesss" came a deep voice along with a giggle.
"Stop bullying me! I haven't done anything to you!"
Die stood back from the microphone as arguing continued on the other line.
He sighed, "Hey, is someone gonna let me in? I'm freezing and wet!"
"Oh right, yeah, you're the newbie, yeah c'mon, gate's open" It was Toshiya, Die gathered, that had said that. With a nod of his head of wet hair, Die pushed the gates open which closed with a slam. He was officially trapped here, forever.

The front door was soid oak and the dark green paint was wearing thin. Leaves the shade of autumn were lying on the floor which crunched under Die's impatient footing. Nobody probably comes here anyways apart from the freaks He tried the door which was locked. He let out an aggitated cry before slamming his fist onto the door repeatedly. The door swung open and Die took a hesitant step backwards, landing his foot into a pile of what looked like was moss-covered mud. That's so gross!
"Yeaah?" Came a voice from the door. It was that Toshiya that had opened the gates for him only now, it didn't quite fit the scenario in Die's head. In fornt of him was a tall, slender figure with black and blue streaked hair, twisted into two buns and dark lips smiling. The clothes that Toshiya had dressed in this morning wern't that concealing either: A very short laced black skirt with suspenders and stripy stockings and a mesh black top which only showed his pale stomach.
"I..uhh..." Die fought for words. Toshiya laughed and dragged Die though the door.
"Oh, honey, you're soaking!" He pouted and bit his lip as Die put his bags down and stared around at the house. It was massive! Polished wood banisters lined the stairs all the way up to the top and a long plush runner covered the wooden flooring's cold all the way into a huge lounge where two other people sat, warming by the fire.
"Get your own fire, bitch!" Kaoru yelled back at the figure who recoiled and pouted with his hands over his chest.
"Hey!" Toshiya yelled but neither answered, both staring into the hypnotising flames. He rolled his eyes, and tried again but louder, "HEY! YOU GUYS!" Both head snapped that way and they stared at Die with curiosity. "We have a new one!" Toshiya sang and hugged Die who starngely put his arms around the strange boy.
"Hi, I'm Kaoru" A boy shorter than Toshiya greeted him with dark hair which glowed purple in the firelight.
"Nice to meet you," Die said and bowed, "I'm Daisuke but you can call me Die" Kaoru smiled warmly and went back to the fire.
Die looked around for the other one but he had vanished into thin air. Toshiya saw his confusion and he sat Die down by the fire.
"That's Shinya," he lowered his voice, "He's kinda messed up," He did the motion for crazy towrads his head and Die opened his mouth to say something but then the a large door opened and out came two men who were smiling happily out of the warm glow of the room.
"Daisuke? It's Daisuke, right?" One asked and held the other man's hand who kissed his cheek affectionatley. "I'm Yoshiki Hayashi and this is my husband, Hideto Matsumoto" Die stared at the pair and nodded.
"Right, yeah uhh...can I talk to you," He glanced around at the goth who was now sitting down next to Kaoru by the fire, "In private?"
"Sure," Hide smilied and kissed Yoshiki's cheek again and he blushed, "I'm gonna go check on Shinya, see how he's doing" Yoshiki nodded and turned back to Die. They both walked into the room which the pair had come from which turned out to be Yoshiki's office. Die sat down in the large leather chair but then sat upwards to make himself look bigger.
"I know what you're gonna say, Daisuke, that you don't belong here?" The blonde asked as he stared at Die who gluped and then nodded. Yoshiki let out a laugh. "I knew it!" Die looked blankly at the blonde. "Yeah, kid, you're just in denial at the minute but it'll get better I'm sure". Die looked away and opened his mouth to speak but Yoshiki cut across him again.
"Next, you're gonna ask why is everyone here such freaks?" Die nodded silently and he felt Yoshiki's gaze on him. "You must be supportive to everyone here as they've all had some shit, some more than others in their life. It's because they were forced to move and to adapt here because their family could no longer live with them. It is very sad but me and Hide decided to create a place where children who are less fortunate to have a loving family can come to and then we can look after them. I know what it's like for people when they're struggling because hell, I'm married to another man. Do you think I didn't get any shit for that? I was beat up and everything, alsmot died really" Yoshiki looked away, towards a distant place. Die looked with horror towards the older man who smiled as sweetly as before.
"But we're all safe here, Daisuke so there's no need to worry," Die nodded and got up to leave but Yoshiki called him back.
"Yeah?" Die asked and Yoshiki neared closer to him.
"I have one last thing to say, Daisuke and that's to be extra kind to Shinya because out of all of us, his life has had the most struggles" Die was about to ask what had happened but before he knew it, the door was shut and he was standing once again in the main lounge of the house.

He awoke to the smell of toast and his eyes flickered open slowly to the unfamilliar morning light which flooded into the room. He sat up in bed and ran a hand through his greay hair. The smell of toastw as getting stronger until finally it hit him. Something wasn't right. It was burning! At the same time that he realised this he raced downstairs just the same time that the fire alarm sounded. A long, piercing ring that blinded all of a person's senses. When he came to the kitchen, Hide was fanning the fire alarm as Toshiya was yelling, hands on his hips at Kaoru who puffed out his cheeks and shrugged.
"Why have you always got to do that? You're just like Kisaki!" The dark haired femme yelled and Kaoru who looked furiously towards him.
"How dare you bring Kisaki into this!" Kaoru stormed out of the room just as Die padded slowly into the kitchen and the room fell silent as the alarm died.
"Good morning" he spoke up and Toshiya stared at his with a slow smile forming on his lips.
"Nice...pyjamas, newbie" Die looked down with horror to find that he was just wearing yesterday's boxers. Oh man..could this get any worse!?
"What was that all abo-?" came a quiet voice from behind Die which stopped suddenly and Die turned around slowly to see a fragile figure standing there, staring wide eyed at the red-head.
"Morning Shinya," Hide sang happily. THIS is how it gets worse Die hung his head.
"I'm gonna go..shower" Die pointed towards the stairs and Hide nodded but just as he got there he called out, "Wrong way, sweetie, it's down the hallway" Toshiya let out a giggle which died when Hide gave him a stern look.
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