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The newbie. And not Die.

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Die seems to be lost in hsi thoughts at the minute..

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Die sat down on his bed, drying his wet red hair and thinking about where he was. This place obviously meant a lot to Yoshiki by the way he'd said that last night and he could understand why by what he'd also said. Die really wanted to know why he'd warned him about Shinya though, it was eating at him and he had to find out. Maybe he could ask darling Toshiya. He let out a low laugh and then there was a knock on his door.
"Die, guess what?" Speaking of the devil. Die sighed and pulled a pair of ripped jeans on.
"What now?" Toshiya opned the door and he was wearing a wide smile.
"We have another newbie so you're losing your title!"
Die laughed, "Oh wow, I'm so burned".
Toshiya bit his lip and stared intently at Die.
"Not a bad body at all, honey" Toshiya trailed a finger down his bare chest and Die recoiled and looked at the other boy with a wierd expression. "Joke! Now hurry up, I wanna meet our next fucked up guy!"

Everyone was downstairs waiting for the newbie and unlike yesterday when Die arrived, everyone was excited. Yoshiki and Hide were holding hands again and they looked so sweet, cuddling close. Die felt a pinch of lonelyness somewhere in his chest watching them. He skimmed his eyes over the room and found the mystery boy sitting at the back of them room, reading and sitting on the big leather couch that looked like it had seen the 70's. He stared at the boy for a moment and noticed how he stuck his little pink tongue out as he read and the way that the sunlight brought out the auburn in his long hair which cascaded down like a waterfall. He was beautiful, like an angel. Die's eyeborws knitted togther when he turned the page and he noticed that there were faint slits down his forearm and on his wrist.
"Just don't go there" Toshiya whispered into Die's ear who turned his head around at the speed of light. Die gave him a look and then Toshiya gave him a knowing stare. The red-head nodded and everyone's attention was drawn to the large front door which looked better on the inside than the out. "He's here" Kaoru whispered and Toshiya giggled as he held onto Kaoru's arm. Slut Die thought as he laugehd darkly.
The new boy was only about 5'2 and he had spiky blonde hair and he was wearing a frown so big that Hide looked scared.
"Good afternoon, Tooru" Yoshiki offered a sweet smile which soon dissappeared when the boy looked at him with disgust.
"It's Kyo and if this is a funny farm for fags, I'm leaving" he nodded towards the couple and Hide looked hurt.
"Baby..." Hide whispered to Yoshiki sadly and he held his lover's hand tighter.
"I know" he whispered and looked lovingly at his partner.
"Just saying, I didn't want to fucking come here so don't feed me any of that 'you'll get used to it' bullshit, got it?" he spat and glared at Toshiya who flicked his long hair, which today he was earing down, to the side. "Pathetic piece of shit" Kyo muttered and Toshiya raised an eyebrow.
"I'm sorry, honey. What'd you say?" he put his hands on his hips and looked hardly towards the midget.
"That's enough, Toshiya" Yoshiki said firmly and the femme turned around and went to sit down by Shinya who had mysteriously vanished again.
"Would you like to take your bags upstairs? Kaoru can show you to your room if you'd like" Yoshiki smiled again.
"How can you be so nice to someone like him?"
Yoshiki turned to see little Shinya looking up at him with red, puffy eyes. The elder patted his head softly.
"Someone like me? Have you seen yourself?" Kyo snapped and Shinya went red and started shaking as he took a step backwards. Yoshiki nodded to Hide who took the fragile boy's hand and walked with him towards a room down the hallway.
Die just watched worriedly after the beautiful angel.
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