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Shinya's secret

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Die takes a look into the fragile boy's past.

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Die was enjoying the peace as he sat, eyes closed on the big old armchair in the lounge. It was good to get some peace and quiet now that everyone had left to do their own things. Yoshiki and Hide had gone up to their room to do things probably that Die didn't want to think about, Shinya had dissappeared into thin air and well, Kyo was off breaking rules of some sort.
"Chores," Toshiya announced, slamming a piece of paper down in front of Die who jumped and looked quizically towards the boy. He raised an eyebrow as he looked at the list:
Die sighed heavily. He hated doing housework and in his mind, only girls should do housework. He then imagined Toshiya wearing a maids outfit and he blushed when he saw that Toshiya was still staring at him.
"well what?"
Toshiya put his head in his hands. "you weren't listening were you? Okay. We all have chores here and these are yours for today. You're just lucky you didn't get bathroom chores," he pulled a face, "it gets ugly after Kaoru's done"
Die laughed aloud and Toshiya giggled.
"Yeah, anyways," Toshiya rolled his eyes, "What was that earlier? With Shinya?"
Die looked confused but his heart picked up pace when Shinya's name was said.
Shinya is beautiful, so beautiful
"I'm sorry, w-what?"
"You heard and I saw. You were making 'he's so perfect' eyes at him earlier. I mean, he is reeeeeeaaaally cute but he's a basket case" Die glared and gritted his teeth.
"I keep hearing about it but so far, I haven't seen any wierd behaviour other than him coming across as shy" Die stated, matter of factly and Toshiya smiled.
"This is the part where I spill the beans, huh?" Die nodded with a satisfied grin.
"He's had a hard life, no a very hard life. His mother left when he was 2 so he was raised by his father who was an alcoholic and would beat him every day. He also got bullied in school, poor kid. Y'know the whole beat up thing, stealing his dinner money, making fun of him for being different and quite poor. Then, he started cutting himself and he turned to drugs and oh this next part is sad," Toshiya paused and looked at Die who almost had tears in his eyes. Toshiya laughed a sad laugh and then continued, "He tried to kill himself, four times and ended up in hospital evry time. One day, much after this he got beat up at school really bad with broken ribs and arms and he was in a coma for two months aswell and he woke up and then he was happy for a while but then his father kicked him out because he turned out to be a fag and-"
"Stop it!" Die yelled angrily, tears pouring down his face. "Please, Toshiya I don't wanna hear anymore, okay? I-it's too sad"
"It's the saddest story I had ever heard aswell. Yoshiki doesn't even know"
"What? What do you mean by that? I thought he was the owner of this place" Die stared in shock at the femme who shrugged in return.
"Hide knows, Shinya told him"
"How do you know?" Die stood up and his eyebrows knitted togther.
"I have my sources"

One cut is all that it takes
Tears streamed down Shinya's face as he watched the blood trickle down his pale arm.
I can't take this anymore. Nobody would care if I die anyway. I've got no friends
He dragged the blade across his bare thigh again and smiled as the deep gash oozed red.
Knock knock knock
Shinya's head snapped towards the door which opened and Hide stood there, face full of worry.
"Hi, Shinya. Are you okay?" he spoke softly and Shinya inched back against the wall and hid the blades under his bed. "Shinya?" Hide asked and walked towards the boy who looked up with puffy red eyes.
"Go away, Hideto" Shinya whispered and brought his legs up into a protective ball around his body.
"Shinya, darling. Stop it, okay? We love you, we love you so much, please stop it" Hide whispered and cupped the boy's face in his hands and smiled kindly.
"I'm worthless, I deserve pain and suffering. I need to die" Hide pulled him into a hug and the two stayed like that for a while, his tears sinking into Hide's shirt and the other whispering softly to him. After what seemed like hours, the little one fell asleep on Hide and he heard a soft knock on the door.
"Yeah?" he asked quite so as not to wake Shinya and as he turned his head there stood a silhouette he noticed as his lover, standing in the doorway.
"Hi, sweetheart," Yoshiki smiled and sat down on Shinya's bed with the sheets strewn everywhere. He picked up the blade rusted with blood from inside the sheets and gave Hide a worried look.
"He..I can't get him to stop hurting himself, Yoshi," Hide whispered and stroked Shinya's head tenderly. Yoshiki flipped his long blonde bangs out of the way and looked down at the broken boy.
"We'll have to call Dr. Yamamoto, there's nothing more we can do," He half asked, half told his husband who stared at him with wide eyes.
"No, not again. Please! You know how that ended last time!" Hide said, louder than a whisper and he looked down and gasped as Shinya stirred in his sleep.
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