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Playing God

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Gerard is just getting by in Brooklyn; Frank is a power hungry millionaire in Manhattan. What will happen when their worlds collide?

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Gerard stumbled into his apartment, exhausted from a long day at work. "I need coffee," he groaned, even though he knew he would be up until one in the morning if he had any right then He decided that it didn't matter anyway since it was a Friday, and lumbered tiredly into the kitchen to brew a pot.

After he had started the coffee maker, Gerard slumped against the counter, running a spidery hand through his shoulder length raven black hair, pushing it away from where it had been hanging in his hazel eyes. His eyes were rimmed with eyeliner, artfully applied, and heavy bags from stress and lack of sleep. He had been stressing at work, since he was on probation at the bar he tended after accidentally serving a minor, and his hours didn't give him much opportunity for sleep, especially with an art show lined up in the next couple weeks.

"Jesus Christ," Gerard sighed, throwing his head back to gaze at the ceiling, exasperated with the state his life was in. "Well, I guess it could be worse," he muttered in a feeble attempt to cheer himself up.

He was right though; as much as his life sucked at first glance-a single, 25 year old guy living in a dingy apartment in Brooklyn working a shitty low paying job-it wasn't all that bad. He had an amazing family waiting with open arms if he wanted to go home, some friends he had made at work and concerts, and had dated around. So no, he wasn't exactly some forever alone outcast loner guy. At that moment, standing alone in his kitchen, he sure as hell felt like it though.

Gerard was startled out of his depressive thoughts by the ding of the coffee maker, signalling that the nectar of the gods was done brewing. He leaned over and was just able to reach the pot from his post by the counter. He grabbed it and a mug from the cabinet above his head. He poured himself a cup, then downed it just as quickly. He was just about to pour himself a second when he felt his phone vibrate in his jeans pocket.

Gerard glanced quickly at the caller ID as he pulled his outdated Samsung Razor out of his pocket, and saw it was his brother Mikey who also lived in the city. “Hey Mikes,” Gerard said, flipping the phone open and putting it to his ear in one swift movement.

“Hey Gee,” he heard his younger brother say on the other end of the line, enthusiasm in his voice, “I wanted to ask you something.”

Gerard knew from the tone of Mikey’s voice that whatever the ‘something’ was, he wouldn’t enjoy it. “What is it?” he asked anyway, deciding to at least give it a chance.

“Well,” Mikey began excitedly, “It’s Friday night, and that’s no time for you to sit at home alone watching cartoons. You should come out to a club with me and Ray.”

“I’m exhausted Mikey,” Gerard groaned and threw a quick glance at the clock on the counter, “And it’s already 10:30. No, I can’t go.”

“But Geeeeeee,” Mikey whined, and Gerard could practically see him doing that pathetic little puppy dog face of his that he could never say no to.

Gerard sighed heavily and said, “Fine, I’ll be at your place in half an hour. But you so owe me.”

“Yay!” Mikey squealed, “This is gonna be so much fun! See you soon!”

“Yeah, see ya,” Gerard grumbled before clicking off his phone and setting it down on the counter.

"Goddammit," he griped to his empty apartment, "Why can't I ever say no to that fucker? I should be sleeping, not going to some shitty club." Despite that, he trudged into his room to find something to wear.

After some debate, Gerard settled on a pair of skinnies and a skin tight Iron Maiden tee that made him look pretty damn hot if he did say so himself. He went into his bathroom to quickly do his hair (if he had to go out, he might as well look good), messing it up the perfect amount, and touched up his eyeliner.

Gerard surveyed himself critically in the mirror, and had to admit that if he saw himself in the club tonight, he would fuck himself. Who knows, he thought hopefully, Maybe I'll get laid tonight. With that thought in mind, he turned to go outside and hail a cab.


Meanwhile, over in Manhattan, Frank Iero was getting ready to go out as well. The difference was, he was getting ready in a penthouse apartment in one of the most expensive apartment buildings in town, thanks to his extremely successful record label.

Despite his riches, Frank still dressed like he did when he was a teenager in high school, all skinny jeans, band tees, and guyliner, and he still went to the crummy night clubs he frequented when he was younger. They always had the best music anyways.

Another similarity that Frank had to Gerard was his apartment was empty too.

Frank could get any girl, or guy for that matter, with his money and good looks-the 5 foot Italian was the best looking millionaire around-but hated the fact that was the only reason anyone liked him. He didn’t have many friends either, all of the ones he had had in the past were just trying to get a bit of his fortune.

That was why Frank always went out dressed normally, not in designer everything. He didn’t want people to see him as rich and powerful-well, maybe powerful. You see, Frank had a thing for power. He loved to have it, and always wanted more. That was one of his flaws, though he saw it as an advantage. To him, power was everything, and having power over others was the best kind.

Power wasn’t what Frank was thinking about as he walked out the door though; what he was thinking about was finding a hot guy, and getting him to come back to his place. I’m gonna get laid tonight, he thought as stepped onto an elevator to go to some club in Brooklyn his friend told him about. Maybe even the same club Gerard was going to.

A/N: So this is what I've been writing instead of Rebel Love Song! I've wanted to write this type of fic for AGES, and I'm really excited about it. Expect updates soon, and don't forget to R&R!
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