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Chapter 2

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Gerard arrives at the club and sees someone new…

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Gerard entered the grimy club and was immediately struck with the scent of sweat, sex, and booze. He felt the music vibrate the floor as he pushed his way through the crowd of dancers to get to the bar. He had already lost Mikey and Ray in the fray; he figured they had gone to hookup in the bathroom by this point. Even Mikey has a boyfriend, Gerard thought bitterly. 

Gerard finally managed to battle his way to the bar and slid onto an empty stool, and ordered a Budweiser. He sipped his drink, looking down the counter absentmindedly. That was when he saw him. 

He was about 5 feet, had perfect olive toned skin, stained with innumerable tattoos, which were shown off by the skin tight Misfits tee he was wearing. His hair was dyed jet black on top, with the sides shaved and bleached blonde. He had a piercing through his bottom lip and another through his nose, plus stretched ears. He was just about the hottest guy Gerard had ever seen. 

The man seemed to notice Gerard too, as he smirked in his direction. Shit, Gerard thought, He saw me staring. He probably thinks I'm some creepy perv.

On the contrary, Frank quite enjoyed the attention he was getting from Gerard. He loved it when people stared at him like that, like he was the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on. It was even better when the other person was hot too, which he certainly thought Gerard was. Frank remembered his goal of getting laid, and decided to try and get Gerard. Shouldn't be too hard, he thought, smirking again. 

Frank scooted over to the barstool next to Gerard and leaned his back on the bar and cast a sultry look at Gerard. "Like what you see?" he murmured, quirking an eyebrow. 

Gerard blushed deeply and mumbled, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Frank chuckled lightly and said, "I saw you looking at me, staring actually. Don't play dumb with me. Now, answer the question: do you like what you see?"

Gerard raised his eyebrows, surprised at how forward this man was being. He decided to answer the question though, and replied with, "You are pretty damn hot."

"You really think so?" Frank simpered, pulling his innocent puppy dog face. 

Gerard smirked a little and responded, "Hell yeah."

Frank grinned and gave Gerard a once over before saying, "You're pretty good looking yourself."

Maybe it was the alcohol, but something gave Gerard the confidence to say, "Good enough to kiss?"

Frank laughed a little high pitched laugh before saying, "Mmm…maybe…" Then he leaned in and gently brushed his lips against Gerard's. "Like that?" he asked, his voice innocent though there was a wicked gleam in his eye. 

"Yeah like that," Gerard purred before lunging in for another kiss, deeper this time. He felt Frank wrap his arms around his neck, as Gerard opened his mouth to let their tongues collide. It was then he realized he still didn't know the man's name. 

Gerard pulled back, his and the shorter man's lips pulling apart with a small pop. "I just realized I never got your name," Gerard chuckled lightly. 

"Frank," Frank purred, leaning in to breathe it into Gerard's ear,  "And may I have the pleasure of knowing yours?"

"Gerard," Gerard murmured, turning his head to plant a chaste kiss on Frank's cheek, "Wanna dance Frankie?"

Frank hummed in the back of his throat at the sound of the nickname, and replied, "Sure," then grabbed Gerard's hand, dragging him away from his still half full beer to the crowded dance floor. 

They managed to find a small opening in the sea of people, and Frank started to grind his hips back into Gerard's. Many people thought this was the more submissive position, but Frank had learned from years of experience he could easily dominate from here. He reached up to wrap his arms being Gerard's neck, tilting his head to kiss him feverishly. 

Gerard was already hardening, and thanked God he was wearing skinnies so it was less noticeable. He started to set a rhythm with Frank, both in his hips and his lips. Their bodies seemed to work together perfectly, never slipping out of sync with each other, like two pieces of a puzzle. 

Frank smirked into the kiss when he felt Gerard's member poke his ass. This is gonna be easier than I thought he gloated silently, then said out loud, "You're getting a little excited there aren't you?"

Gerard blushed beet red and mumbled, "Sorry…"

Frank smiled at Gerard's slight awkwardness then murmured, "I could take care of that y'know…we could go back to my place, have a little fun…would you like that?"

Gerard's eyes widened. "A bit forward, aren't we?" he said nervously, not sure if Frank was messing with him or not. 

"Maybe," Frank breathed, "But you're avoiding the question: would you like that?"

Gerard realized Frank was being serious, and nodded, his mind already filling with the possibilities. "Yeah, yeah I would," he purred, grinding into Frank harder. 

Frank pulled away to face Gerard and leant in to growl in his ear, "Then prepare for a night you won't ever forget."

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