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In the darkest Knight you'll find a light.

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Rewritten. Frank is surviving as a petty criminal in New Jersey but little does he know he's being watched...

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The dark of the alley hid my small frame well, I was sure I wouldn't be found here. This may not be everyones idea of a perfect saturday night but this is how I live, robbing liquor stores to keep up payment on the shitty apartment I rent and keeping off the street. Yeah life is fucking awesome for me, if you couldn't tell that was sarcasm it fucking blows.

I ran away at the tender age of 15, nobody really wanted me anyway and growing up on the streets was tough fighting became a means of survival and crime my new way of life. This isn't the way I always imagined my life would go, I always thought I could be a musician or maybe a doctor not some asshole who robs people just so he can eat. It makes me feel ashamed but my situation isn't exactly my fault, I was forced to live this way.

Sometimes I think back to being at home and wonder what it would be like to go back, see my mom again, then I would hear my father's alcohol and hate filled voice ringing in my ears as if he were standing right behind me "Poor little Frankie, get the fuck outta here before I punch that annoying fucking face of yours again..." and all thoughts of going there would vanish, I can never go back not until I know that fucker is in his grave. Then maybe I would change my mind. Besides it would just cause trouble for my mom and living with that bastard she doesn't need anymore.

I keep myself crouched among the cardboard boxes holding my breath, they would see it in the cold air. If they find me I can always pretend to be a homeless man, there are plenty of them around here. My appearence would probably help on that front because I'm not exactly clean shaven, hell I'm not exactly clean. My power has been cut so right now I'm washing with water that I heat up over the fire I have to light in the living room. Its not exactly the best way of doing things but it gets the job done.

Its been around an hour so I figure its probably okay to leave but when I stand up my breath hitches in my throat. There's a guy leaning against the dirty wall of the alley watching me. I make an attempt to get a look at him but i can't really see and if he's a cop I am fucked. He lights a cigarette and let's the smoke pass effortlessly from his lips, its almost enchanting the way it swirls and dances thick against the night sky, the way the white of the smoke swirls for a moment and then its gone.

I watch him for a few more minutes clutching the loot against my chest, I may have robbed a store for this but that doesn't mean I wont be robbed for it. I begin inching past the raven haired stranger when I feel his fingers curl around my shoulder stopping my escape. I spin on my heel and take a long look at him. His hair has fallen into his face but somehow my breath is taken away, he is really good looking but still very intimadating. Perhaps its fear locking my feet to the spot, maybe something more, all I know is that I can't breathe and my heart is banging against my ribcage as if its trying to escape its prison.

"Whats your name kid?" Considering how intimadating he initially seemed to be and how I'm absoloutly terrified, his voice is strangely soothing, almost angelic hardly fitting against his darkened exterior

"F..Frank Iero.." he smiled at me from beneath his hair and flicked his cigarette away over my shoulder. I could feel his eyes burning into me as he stared me up and down as if I were a piece of art he was interested in buying. He smiled again and looked up his hair falling away from his face but it was still shadowed by the darkness of the alley

"Well Frank Iero I've been hearing stories about you. Take a walk with me, we got thing's to discuss..."

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