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Chapter 2

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REWRITTEN. Who is the mysterious man?

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The stranger pushed me gently out of the darkened alleyway and into the street, I heard him giggling behind me causing me to shoot him a look over my shoulder. I'd love to know what's so fucking funny. I make an attempt a death glare but the second I see his eyes it feels like the whole world has stopped, a deep hazel colour glimmering in the light is all I see. He looks at me with slight amusement in them "Hey how old are you? You don't look as young as I thought you were..." A grin finds its way onto my face, It would appear he doesn't know everything about me

"Im 21 well I will be in a few days anyway..." he seemed to think for a minute, scrunching his little slightly upturned nose and pursing his lips, he actually looked kind of adorable. Suddenly he spoke again well exclaimed

"HALLOWEEN!!" I nodded my head still wary of him and raised my hands to show him my tattooed knuckles, He smiled dropping his hand from my shoulder. We began walking down the street again, my mind and heart was screaming run, run away and never look back but there was something about this boy I couldnt work out and my curiosity peeked. Besides I'm pretty damn sure he would find me again...

"The names Gerard by the way ,since you weren't going to ask..."" Gerard. I liked it. I thought it strange that I wasn't scared of him anymore especially considering the position I'm in. In fact somehow I felt kinda safe, something a person in my position never feels, I still didn't trust him though and as we walked my mind continued to scream at me.

My train of thought, mainly my brain telling me what a dumb shit I am, was cut off as we approached a small house on the edge of the city centre. I don't even remember walking that far. My stomach was in my mouth as we approached the worn door although I tried my hardest not to show it. In my position fear equals weakness and there is no way this dude is gonna see me scared. Gerard pushed open the door and ushered me in. Ok now I gotta admit I'm fucking terrified, why the fuck did I let a random dude take me to his house? I swear I am fucking certifiable. One hundred percent insane.

Gerard guided me into what looked like the kitchen area where three guys stood waiting for us around the table. I froze and mentally castrated myself for the obvious show of weakness when I felt a hot breath on my ear

"Dont worry Frank the boys dont bite, we just want a little chat is all" I relaxed a little but kept up my guard, I knew never to know what to expect. I aint fucking dumb...

"Yeah I heard that a few times it never ended very fucking well" Gerard smiled at me then turned to look at the other guys smiling behind him. It was making me feel a little uneasy how they were just staring like that. Children of the corn much? Gerard leaned forward and placed his hands on the table in front of him

"I like this guy already, he's got balls. I think were gonna get along just fine"

I sat down on a kitchen chair and Gerard sat opposite me staring into my eyes as if he were searching for something "So Frankie we've seen you around kid. We noticed a whole lot of joints being cleaned out and the culprit never being caught nobody gets hurt just a clean break. Its like a ghost is cleaning them out and well, were pretty fucking impressed" I couldn't help smiling at him, I leaned back in my chair and stretched up my arms

"Why thank you Gerard its about time somebody recognised my talents..." I leaned forward again and looked him square in the eyes "Now answer me something why the fuck am i here?" Gerard looked around the other guys and then back at me a smirk playing on his pale slightly dry lips

"We want you to help us in our little cause" I shook my head firmly, there was no way. I had spent almost six years helping myself so I wasn't about to trust a random guy and his buddies y'know?

"No way, I work alone its easier that way. I get in and out job done..." Gerard looked at me from beneath his hair and sighed heavily. He turned to the other guys who were looking a little disappointed at my rejecting them

"Give me a minute I wanna talk to him alone..." the men standing around nodded and smiled at me before walking out of the door and into what I assume is the front room, I didn't really look as I came in "Look, Frank, you live in a shitty apartment you can barely afford. You have no power and I know you sure as shit aint getting it back on any time soon. When did you last shower? God fucking knows how long ago, trust us Frank you'd be given a home here. Hot water, food, everything you could fucking need...." He ran a shaky hand through his hair before rubbing his palms together. I studied him looking for a sign of him being insincere but came up empty, he looked me dead in the eye "For gods sake Frank, I dont wanna let you go back out there on the street it breaks my fucking heart thinking about it, we know what you are! Just another tale from a broken home, guess what? So are we, just take a chance please"

I barely noticed him place his hand on mine and I stared at it blinking. My eyes wandered back up to his face and I noticed his eyes were almost pleading me. I considered the offer in my head, I do hate being alone and a shower sounded more awesome than he could ever know. Especially after hiding in those boxes. I rubbed my temples with my free hand. I took a long shaky breath in and sighed "You got a bed for me to sleep on and plenty of hot water?" Gerard nodded eagerlyand I smirked at him

"Ok I'm in..."

Ah so chapter 2 has now been Rewritten too. I hope you all enjoy the improved chapters and again please R&R xoxo
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