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Chapter 3

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Rewritten. Frank gets to know the men a little better...

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The hot water felt amazing against my pale smooth skin, the heat stinging slightly against the cold left by the dank New Jersey weather. Water trickled down my face and I made no attempt to brush it away, I sighed contentedly and ran my hands across my torso lathering the shower gel I had found on the side. It smelled of lemon, the fresh scent lingering in the steamed up bathroom and on my skin as I switched off the faucet and shook my head to remove any excess water. I stumbled out of the cubicle and wrapped a towel around my slim waist before looking into the mirror above the sink. My appearence startled me, my hair hung shabbily above my ears and bags had formed under my eyes making me look older than I am. I rubbed my hands across my face and turned away disgusted by what I'd seen. I just wasn';t me anymore. I dried myself off being careful not to glance at my reflection before putting on the grey baggy jogger's Gerard had handed me. The strings had to be pulled tight just to keep them up, I was thinner than I thought.

I headed down the stairs and entered the kitchen where voices were chattering and laughing. I stepped through the door quietly and ran a shaky hand through my hair, I was nervous. I had only met the guy's briefly and I didn't even catch their names, it just felt so...awkward.

Gerard looked up at me and grinned causing the others to turn their attention to where I was standing, I shifted uncomfortably on my feet. Not being used to attention it made me nervous, I usually kept to the shadows. You can't suspect what you can't see right? Suddenly the tall thin boy with glasses stood up and walked over to me and slung a skinny arm around my shoulder moving me to a chair, squeezing my shoulders as I sat down

"Frank thats Mikey, Ray and that bad ass motherfucker right there that's Bob" I glanced at Bob nervously and he smiled at me shaking his head, making me feel more at ease. I mean come on, he's a big fucking dude

"Ignore him, it's good to meet ya man" I relaxed a little more but still felt tense after all I really know nothing about these people. Gerard must have caught on to my uneasyness as he looked at me intensly

"Whats up Frank?" The other guys began staring too, putting me on edge and I really didn't like it. I hated people looking at me, especially as I look like I've been hit by a truck right now but nevertheless I answered him with a shrug and tugged at my hair

"I look like fucking shit. How you didn't mistake me for a fucking hobo is beyond me..." the guys looked around at each other then burst out laughing which gained a small smile from me. Bob stood up and walked from the room, returning less than a minute later and dragged my chair to the centre of the floor. I inadvertently let out a startled squeak and remained deadly still as he picked up a pair of scissors and began hacking at my hair. He stepped in front of me and picked up the hair in my face

"NO!!" I protested before blushing a dee red colour and hanging my head "I like that there it covers my face so people cant see it..." Bob looked stunned for a moment before changing to looking at me like I was a crazy person. |He shrugged and trimmed it slightly before returning behind me. A buzzing filled the air and panic raced through me as a set of shavers were switched on. Bob sent the other guys from the room when they laughed at my fearful expression, threatening to beat there asses.

When they were gone he began to shave the sides of my head, it tickled but I remained still because like I said Bob is a big ass dude. After about 15 minutes of him shaving the back of my neck and the sides of my head he clicked of the shavers and grabbed a damp cloth brushing off any stray hairs that lay on my shoulders before standing in front of me annd running his hand through the hair on top of my head pulling it just over my eye then stepping back muttering "Well done Bob" to himself, I thought it was a little weird but smiled at his proud expression. He picked up a small mirror from the sideboard and showed me what he'd done and seriously, I was fucking impressed. He really knew what he was doing.

A voice called from the living room as I stood up and Bob yelled back. The three other guys walked back in and Ray stepped to me "Looking good Frank" he ruffled my hair earning a growl from Bob making snicker as Ray gave him the finger. Mikey grinned too but Gerard just stared at me like I was a fucking alien. Mikey waved a hand past his face and Gerard blinked

"Yeah Frank you do look good" he bit his lip and blushed before sitting down, it was a little confusing but I pushed it aside. Gerard just struck me as a complex dude so I wasn't even gonna try figuring him out, not yet anyway.

We all sat around the table and I laughed at the stories the guys were telling about each other. Bob had Mikey in a headlock as he told the story of Bob's cinema accident which included a large coke, a sneaky dose of laxatives and the most disasterous first date ever. Gerard had snapped out of his trance and was laughing along with us while trying (and failing) to save his brother from Bobs armpit. I yawned, suddenly feeling the events of the past few hours catch up with me. Gerard looked up and smiled

"C'mon Frank, I'll show you where your gonna sleep..." I nodded sleepily and streched as a chorus of gooodnights were said and I replied the same back to them. I was guided to a basement door and taken down to a bedroom, I couldnt help looking around in awe. It looked like a teenagers bedroom and I found myself needing to ask Gerard a question

"Hey old are you?" he smiled at me and sat down on the end of the bed in the corner. I leaned against the doorframe and watched him get comfortable

"I Frankie, am 23" he laid back on the bed and pointed to where I would be sleeping at the other side of the room. As soon as I lay down my eyes began to droop and before I knew it I was slipping into a dreamland. I felt a blanket being laid over my small frame and I snuggled into it. Just as the last ounce of sleepiness overtook me I heard "Goodnight Frankie, I'll explain everything in the morning" and with that my mind had drifted away....

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