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Chapter 4

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I woke up the next morning a little confused, where the hell was I? Suddenly a stream of thoughts filled my head and I found myself smiling, I was in a house with power and people and this. This glorious bed, it's so soft I never want to leave. I could live in it like the grandparents in Charlie and the chocolate factory, now they had the right idea.

I stretched a little before pulling the blanket up to my neck ready to allow sleep to engulf my body once more. Gerard had other plans "Rise and shine Frankie, we got stuff to do today" I groaned in disapproval but Gerard just laughed and pulled my covers off. I yelped at the sudden contact of skin to air before mumbling "Bastard" at him and standing up. I was handed a pile of clothes and a mug of coffee before being told to get my ass upstairs. As Gerard closed the door on his way out a thought occured to me. I dont know these people yet I agreed to move in with them and help with their little 'Cause' that I knew nothing about. Just what the hell had I gotten myself into this time? After a small battle with my inner monologue I chose to go upstairs and get some answers.

Mikey was shuffling about in the kitchen. The others were in the front room laughing amongst themselves so I sat myself on the floor next to them and cleared my throat. I wasn't after attention, I just needed to cough, but the other guys were sat staring at me expectantly "What?" they eyed me for a moment before returning to their conversation that I still hadn't figured out. There was something about Mikey and Bob and a toaster? I dunno I just sat there anyway staring into space, I hadnt even realised their conversation had ended and they were all watching me. I felt a palm connect with my face and as I looked down I found it to be Rays

"Hey Frank you kinda zoned out on us dude" I felt a blush creep onto my cheeks and I looked down, a simple "Oh" was the intelligent response I offered

"Penny for your thoughts man" Bob replied, I guess now was as good a time as any to ask

"What am I doing here? I mean why do you need me?" Gerard smiled at me and stood up. The guys and I followed suit

"Ok heres what you need to know..."

I felt myself shudder at what they were telling me. I understood where they were getting the cash for the power and the food. They were killers, natural born killers. Gerard told of how his parents used to cook up meth in their house when he and Mikey were kids. The dealers used to come around and his mom would have to sleep with them if the ordder was late, it was almost always late. One day their Grandmother decided to visit and had been shocked by what she found. The two boys were starving and filthy. Their parents were out of it so she took them to live with her. They were her Grandsons, her babies, and she would have given her life for them.

When Gerard and Mikey were teens they met Bob and Ray, soon becoming good friends with them. They had all had fucked up upbringings and apart from those two being in care their stories were remarkably similar. One day the boys visited their parents home with their new friends but had agreed the other two would wait out front while the boys spoke to their parents. They called their mother and father as they entered the home to which they got no reply and they walked into the front room to a devastating scene. Their parents were hung from the ceiling. Dead. The boys tried to take down their lifeless bodies but were distubed by laughter coming from behind them. They turned to see four men standing in the doorway two lunged forward and grabbed Mikey while a third had grabbed Gerard by the throat, knocking over a vase in the process.

He pinned Gerard to the floor while Mikey screamed. The man holding him down began demanding to know where his money was when Gerard told him he didnt know he told the fourth to go watch at the door while he had "Some fun" with Gerard. He attempted to flip the teen over and pulled at his pants. Panicked Gerard grabbed a piece of the broken vase from the floor and stabbed it into his attackers throat he then grabbed the gun from the mans jacket pocket and shot at the man to the left of Mikey hitting him three times in the chest. Thats when Ray had burst in with blood across his face. Bob followed and shot the other man in the side of the head. Sirens were heard outside and police burst in. Bob had taken the blame for all four deaths claiming self defense and had been lucky to escape with a 6 month suspended sentence.

The boy's grandma had taken in Ray and Bob after she had found out what had really happpened. She died 6 months later just 2 weeks after Gerard turned 18 she had left her house to him and Mikey and the boy's had remained there. It broke my heart hearing their story. Anyway one night the guys had decided they'd had enough.. They were going to take down every person who would turn people into who their parents were. They were going to take down every motherfucker who was messing up the streets. Every rapist, killer, dealer, pimp and fucking peadophile and they wanted me to help. Hell fucking yes I wanted to help! They had known I was just like them and not one of the bastards they took out and they trusted me to help. I was not gonna let them down they'd already been let down enough.

"So you still in??" they stared at me eagerly

"Hell yeah lets take these mother fuckers out!!" The all began high fiving me when Gerard spoke again

"Hey Frankie..." I looked up at him

"Welcome to life on the murder scene..."
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