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Chapter 5

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Gerard had been on the phone all afternoon, somebody had called him during lunch and he hadn't put the phone down yet. I tried asking the other guys who he was on the phone to but they just shrugged and said I'd find out soon enough. We heard Gerard whooping and hollering in the kitchen so we all got up to see what the excitement was all about. The moment we stepped through the door way he jumped on Mikey screaming "We got 'em Mikes we fucking got the bastards" The guys all looked at each other before jumping up and down yelling. I got why they were excited, they finally managed to track down the guys who had their parents killed. They were finally gonna get the revenge they've been hungering for.

A plan was made as we all sat around the large oak kitchen table. Tonight I would be trained to use a gun then we were gonna start from the bottom working our way up the ranks destroying every single one of them. I have to say I was terrified. Burglary and robbery yes, but killing? Never did I think I'd murder anyone. I'm not gonna let that stop me though. These guys, although I've only known them a few hours, they're the closest thing to family I have and I'm gonna help them take back their lives. I looked up to see Bob standing up moving his head in a hint for me to follow him so I got up and walked into the back yard behind him. He turned to me, placing a pistol in my hand. My palms got sweaty as my heart began to race.

I raised the gun to point it at the targets Bob had put before me and pulled the trigger. It was awesome. I had never felt so alive. Pure adrenalaine flooded my veins as I shot again and again, and I was good. I hit the target every time. Bob grinned widely he could see it, I was a natural. I turned to see Gerard standing at the door smiling and nodding, I was ready.

Bob and I re-entered the kitchen to the other guys patting me on the back and cheering "Now its time for your uniform Frankie.." I crumpled my eyebrows together confused as Mikey handed me a pile of black clothing and told me to get dressed. I walked down the basement stairs with Gerard following close behind as the other guys had gone to get ready. I began stripping as Gerard talked about what we were gonna do

"You see Frankie the first level that we gotta dispose of is the pimps..." he removed his shirt "They're the lowest on the food chain, then the dealers, after that it's the big dogs. Suppliers, small time arms dealers, then the head honcho I can't wait to take that fucker out.." I nodded as I put the last of my clothes on. I was wearing a black shirt under a black boiler suit with an attached hood and a bandana clearly to hide my face. I thought I looked pretty badass. Gerard pulled the zipper up on his suit "Lets go..."

I was shaking slightly when we were sitting in the car. I just wanted to get this over with. Gerard tapped my shoulder I snapped my head around and looked at him as he nodded. It was time. We stepped from the car and approached an alleyway where two guys sat counting their money. They spotted us "Look at these two stupid ass fuckers" Gerard simply lifted his gun and walked straight to them. He laughed as he watched them beg for mercy, he found this funny? He was enjoying this. Gerard stopped laughing and looked at me before pointing to the guy on the right. I placed my gun to his forehead and fired. He dropped like a sack of shit but Gerard was toying with the other guy. Making him beg for his life. This Gerard frightened me.

He turned back to his victim "Do you know how easy it is to kill a man?" The man spoke up with small "No" Gerard laughed and said "Easy peasy pumpkin peasy pumpkin pie motherfucker" He pointed his gun and shot his victim between the eyes...

Gerard continued his laugh as we walked toward the car. Gerard enjoyed killing. Maybe a little too much...

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