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Chapter 6

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I was feeling really nervous around Gerard when we got back, it scared me when I thought of the dark look in his eyes as he killed that guy. And the smile. It chilled me to the bone. I had been drying off after a shower when I made my way to the front room but stopped as I heard voices "Its fine Mikey..."

"Really? Is it really fine? You saw the look in his eyes Ray. He enjoys it way too much.."

I heard a loud sigh followed by footsteps "Mikey, dude, we'll talk to him tomorrow ok just go to bed.." I heard a mumbled response before Mikey walked out of the room, he looked genuinly upset and terrified. I hid beside the large clock in the hall, luckily I was small enough not to be spotted.

I waited until Mikey had made his way upstairs and wandered into the kitchen. My mind was reeling. Mikey, his own brother was scared of him. I switched on the coffee machine and buried my head in my hands, breathing deeply. Today had been surreal, I was more freaked out by Gerards reaction to killing a man than I was by the fact I had also commited murder

"I saw you listening to them talking." I screamed like a girl and spun to see Gerard smiling at me. This smile was different it was playful, innocent even. A far cry from the sinister grin that played on his lips earlier

"Shit man you fucking scared me.." Gerard stepped forwards and trapped me against the sideboard by resting a hand either side of me

"Well Frankie thats what I wanted to know?.." he leaned closer so he was breathing in my ear "Do I frighten you?" I shifted nervously, he was fucking terrifying me but at the same time part of me was enjoying the danger. I couldnt answer, I just stared into those deep hazel eyes. My breath caught in my throat

"I dont know..." he laughed slightly and planted a small kiss on my jaw before turning and going downstairs. I slipped down to the floor and stayed there for what seemed like hours, just staring into space. What the fuck had just happened?

Eventually I got up and made my way downstairs as well, my legs shaking. I had all these feelings of fear and excitement pulsating through my veins and I didn't understand it. I needed to sleep, to clear my head. I slowly opened the door and stepped into the darkened room. I assumed Gerard was in bed now so I crept to my bed and clambered in. After a few minutes a sleepy haze began to descend upon me but just as I was about to close my eyes I felt the side of the mattress go down

"Frankie can I sleep with you..."
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