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Chapter 7

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My first reaction to Gerards question was shock, why would he want to sleep with me? A million questions buzzed around my head but I agreed anyway. He climbed in beside me and we lay side by side looking up at the ceiling

"I cry at night..." I turned my head to Gerard not quite sure if I heard right. He was still facing the ceiling but the dim light of the room showed a glistening tear roll down his cheek. Instinct made me take his hand in mine as he looked at me "Every night I cry because my baby brother is scared of me and tonight, I asked you if you were scared of me and you couldn't answer..." He was right. How could I have been frightened of Gerard? Inside he is still the scared little teenager who had to grow up fast "..Frank are you scared of me?" I turned my body toward him and smiled. He seem's so innocent now

"Not anymore Gerard.." He broke down, grabbing my shirt and crying into it with everything he had. A weight had clearly been lifted and I got to be there for him, to hold him while he released his anguish. It felt good to help him.

About an hour later he finally calmed down. We lay side by side once again. The sleepy haze descended once more and once again it was interrupted. This time I felt Gerards hot breath on my face, goosebumps erupting over my body. Heat pulsated through my veins, I didn't know what I was feeling but it felt so good. His lips pressed gently to my cheek and I gasped at the touch "Frankie..." I turned so I was laying on my side facing him "Can I kiss you?" My mind exploded with reasons why I should say no but my heart was screaming yes and I had to agree.

He shifted his body closer to mine so we were pressed firmly together. My breath hitched in my throat as he ghosted his lips across mine. He pressed his lips a little firmer but still so gentle, shivers danced up and down my spine as his hand brushed against my arm before resting on my cheek. The kiss lasted just seconds but it felt like I could have kissed him forever.I couldnt resist and I pressed my mouth to his again and we began to move in sync, I allowed his tongue access when he flicked it against my lip ring. He tasted incredible, like coffee and mint combined. I let him take control but eventually our lung capacity gave out and we had to separate. We were breathless, staring into each others eyes. He began to laugh and although I was confused I laughed too

"I knew it..." I propped myself up on my elbows and looked into his face. I couldnt figure out was he was thinking, he smirked at me "I knew it.." he breathed "I knew I liked you..." I couldn't help smiling back. I had to admit it, I liked him too but I was still unsure about everything "Maybe someday you could be with me Frankie but for now I'll just steal these..." his hand shifted to the back of my neck as he pulled me into another tender kiss.


I woke up and tried to stretch but I could barely move. Gerard had somehow managed to lay across me during the night and I didn't want to wake him. The previous night began to play in my head again and I smiled when I thought of the kisses. I began to wake up downstairs aswell and tried to think of anything that could take my mind off it but it was no use. I shifted a little in an attempt to free myself but I just woke Gerard. A blush began to creep up my face as he spotted my 'problem' and laughed. He slid off the bed and onto the floor "Dont worry Frankie, I share the same problem" and he pointed at his crotch.

I shook my head and stood up "You wanna help me out Frank?" I shot him my best death glare and shuffled to the door

"Im going in the shower.." he just laughed at me and stood up. He walked over and I pressed my back to the door. He pressed against me and I moaned at the feeling of our crotches grinding together

"Ok Frankie..." he kissed my lips softly "I'll just beat one out right here" he laughed and moved away from me. I spun to open the door

"Nice Gerard, Classy" I heard him laugh as I closed the door behind me. A smile crept onto my lips. The sweet Gerard was so wonderful but the dangerous side of him is so hot. It's gonna take an icy shower to get rid of this feeling. I ran through the house to the bathroom and locked the door, I stripped and jumped in the shower turning it straight on to cold before chickening out. I kept trying to think about boring stuff like flowers and cardboard boxes but all I could see was Gerard. I kept imagining the heat of his breath on my face. The feeling of his soft hand against my skin, the feeling of our bodies pressed together and his lips against mine. I couldn't help it. My hand reached around and I began to stroke myself. It didnt take long. I finished washing with a self satisfactory smile on my face. I was still confused though, What did Gerard want from me? What did I want from him?
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