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Chapter 8

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After my shower I was feeling really relaxed but at the same time nervous. I was making my way downstairs when I heard someone say my nam,. I spun to see Bob standing there with a tube in his hand "Gerard mentioned tonight's plans, your gonna need this..." I looked at Bob then at the tube, my initial thought was lube and I was terrified. I took it from his hands and read the bottle. Hair gel. A sigh of relief escaped me and I smiled slightly, then it hit me

"Wait..What plan?" Bob just laughed and patted me on the shoulder before we continued down the stairs to the kitchen. Gerard was singing to himself and he sounded pretty good, amazing in fact. Bob motioned for me to be quiet. We listened to him as he cleaned and Bob was in utter awe of him, as was I. We just stood there for a few moments until he turned around and screamed

"WHAT THE FUCK?! How the fuck long have you been standing there you creepy motherfuckers!" I couldn't stop myself laughing at the shade Gerard's face had turned. He began shooting us death glares as he sat and sulked in a chair "Why the fuck were you watching me anyway?"

"Sorry dude its just been so long since I heard you sing" Gerard sighed

"I dont like being heard, or spyed on for that matter.." Tension filled the air making it almost hard to breathe. I looked at the item in my hands

"Hey..does someone want to explain this?" Gerard jumped up and placed his arm across my shoulders

"Were going out tonight Frankie.." Great.

Gerard explained we were going to hit the bars downtown but this wasn't a night out. This was business. It was already 3pm so we started discussing the plan for tonight. Gerard and I were going to get into a few 'Bar Fights' with some of the local pimps. We were gonna get dragged out back where Bob and the other guys would be waiting and as Gerard put it "The fun would really start" I was a little scared. Fighting was something I couldn't control and I didn't want Gerard to see me like that. The thought was buried away when Gerard pulled me to the door leading downstairs

"What are you doing?" Gerard pushed me onto his bed and walked over to his wardrobe. He was pulling things out, shaking his head then putting them back. He finally settled on a pair of black drainpipes and a black t-shirt

"Put these on and do your hair..." he grabbed himself some clothes and walked out of the room. I pulled off my pants and forced my way into the ones Gerard had given me, Damn these were tight, I pulled on the t-shirt that was tight too. I walked to the wardrobe mirror and fixed my hair, I spotted a small eyeliner pencil and curiosity got the better of me. I applied a little of the black to each of my eyes and stepped back to look at my appearence. Holy shit I looked good. I heard footsteps walking down the stairs and the door opened.

I gasped as Gerard walked in. He was wearing black jeans and a black button up shirt, his hair was slightly tousled he looked amazing. He didn't register me standing there and he walked to the mirror and applied his eyeliner. When he was done he turned to look at me, his mouth dropped open

"Wow Frankie you" I suddenly felt exposed, I hadn't been 'Checked out' before and it felt strange. He moved towards me and ran a finger down my chest before moving around me so he was facing my back. He slipped a hand under my arm and snaked it across my chest "You look hot Frankie" he flicked his tongue on my earlobe and squeezed my ass.

I couldnt help watching his ass as he moved toward the door and opened it "Come on sexy, lets have a drink before we go..." I didn't want to drink, I saw what it did to my father, tonight I was going to have a clear head. I didn't want to screw up.

It was about 8:30 when we finally left the house. The guys were in their 'Uniforms' and Gerard and I were all dressed up. I discovered Gerard didn't like to drink either. He never touched the stuff. We got out of the car just across the street from the first bar and made our way inside, it was real crowded but Gerard knew exactly who he was looking for and told me he had a plan. We scoped the guys for a while before Gerard said it was time to move. He pulled me close by to the first target of the night and started dancing against me, if I wasn't so shit scared it would have turned me on. He was grinding his ass against me and running his hands across my body. I tried to move with him but I failed so I just stood there. We got the chance we needed

"Fucking fags, dont you know I dont like you queer ass motherfuckers in my club..." Gerard grinned at me before planting a kiss on my lips and winking at the guy "Drag those fucks out back and we'll teach them a lesson.." someone grabbed my arm and I could feel my calmness slipping. I tried to focus by the black mist was descending, I was momentarily pulled out of it by the night air against my face then it descended again when a fist collided with my jaw. The next thing I knew I could hear Gerards voice and he was pulling me up. I looked at my hands and gasped at the blood dripping from them, then looked to the floor

"F..Frankie are you ok?" I could barely answer. Laying at my feet was the corpse of the guy from in the club, well I think it was him. His face had been smashed in

"What happened Gerard?" He stared at me for a good five minutes while the guys cleaned up around me

"You dont remember?" I shook my head

"Frankie, you killed him with your bare hands..."
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