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Chapter 9

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I killed him, my anger got the best of me and I killed him. Blinded by my fury I had slaughtered this man with my bare hands. I couldn't help myself, I looked at my hands and lost the contents of my stomach in the street. Gerard pulled me toward the car and we waited until the guys had finished cleaning up. In the silence of the vehicle my mind was screaming at me. I had shot that guy the other night but this was different. I had used a gun then, I had known what I was doing. Tonight I had no control, I can't even remember doing it but I had. I had the proof on my hands.

"Frankie..." Gerard was speaking softly to me now "...I never saw anything like that before you...I'm...frightened by what I saw" I turned to look in his eyes. He met my gaze and we stared at each other for a while, we didn't even notice the guys get in the car

"I guess we got something in common"

"What do you mean Frankie?"

"We both scare the people were closest too with the monsters we become..." his eyes dropped for a moment then looked back into mine

"Yeah maybe we can help each other cage it..." Maybe.

The plan changed, I went to shower and I heard the guys go out. I was scared to touch anything but the blood on my hands was begining to dry, I dropped to my knees and cried. The tears kept coming as I thought of how I became this, this beast. I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder, Gerard was standing behind me his face saddened. He moved over to the sink and soaked a cloth to wipe the blood from me. I remained where I was on the floor as he filled the bath with hot water and pulled off my shirt. I was helped to my feet and Gerard pulled down my pants and underwear, I climbed into the bath and allowed the heat to take over me. Any other time I would have told Gerard to get out but at this moment I needed him



"Don't leave me..." he smiled and sat beside the bath

"Never..." he put his hand in the water and took my hand. The water splashed his sleeve so he removed his shirt then scooped the water into his hands and wet my hair, lathering the shampoo into it.

I needed a release, I needed to get rid of this dark feeling. I ducked my head under the water and rinsed of the shampoo. I wiped the water from my face and pressed my lips hard against Gerards. He seemed startled at first but sunk into it. I wanted him, I needed him to be with me just tonight. I pulled away and got out of the bath smashing my lips against his and pulling at his belt. I dragged his pants down and rubbed his crotch while kissing his lower stomach. He grabbed my face "Frank what are you doing?"

"Help me forget Gerard please just for tonight.." his eyes burned into mine for a moment

"Ok.." he began pulling me downstairs and we fell into his room still running our hands over each others bodies. Lips connected in a sloppy wet kiss filled with desperation and passion. I wanted him more than anything, my need getting stronger as we fell back onto the bed and he began grinding his cock against mine. Our moans escaping into each others mouths as the pleasure grew

"I want you...Gerard I want you so bad right now..." I felt him grin into our kiss then pull away his lips tracing down my neck and chest. His tongue flicking at my body, I moaned again louder this time. He lifted his hand to my mouth and I began sucking his fingers. His tongue started flicking the slit on my cock and my hips jerked upward so I was all the way in his mouth. An amazing feeling washed over me as he gently grated his teeth along my shaft

"I'm ready Gerard....oh my god I'm ready" he smirked and stared into my eyes as he moved his mouth up and down my cock. He pulled his fingers from my mouth and slipped one inside of me, his mouth never leaving me. I felt the pain when he slipped the other finger inside of me and began scissoring them but the pleasure overwhelmed the pain and I was desperate now "I'm..I'm ready.." he pulled his fingers out and wiped them on the bed sheet.

I sat up and pushed him back onto the floor, straddling his waist, I positioned him at my entrance and pushed myself down onto him. His hands gripped at my waist as I rocked my hips back and forth "Gerard...oh..fuck..GERARD!" I found my prostate pretty quick and I began moaning loud and calling his name. Gerard did the same. We were moving in sync with each other and he sat up wrapping his an arm around my back and reaching a hand down between us. He took my cock in his hand and started pumping

"I'm close Frankie...ugh fuck...I'm so close..." I started grinding down harder on him and he let out a loud groan as I helped him ride out his orgasm. I watched him get taken over in waves of pleasure and it was enough to send me over the edge. I let my hot load shoot up our stomachs and Gerard lay me on my back pulling out as he did and ran his tongue up my body lapping up my cum before kissing me

"Thank you.." he smiled at me and put his lips back to mine "..I mean it Gerard, thanks.." he nodded and stood up pulling me with him. He threw a dirty t-shirt at me and I cleaned myself off before pulling on a pair of joggers and sitting cross legged on the bed. Gerard had done the same and sat in front of me taking one of my hands, his other rested on the back of my neck and pulled our heads together

"Talk to me Frank, Tell me what happened back there.." opening up to him would show my vulnerability but I needed him to understand. I needed him to know why I can't control myself

"Ok I'll tell you but you have to promise me you wont judge me and you wont hate me..." he looked taken aback but he nodded anyway. I took a deep breath "I dont know where to start.."

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