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Claire and Leon bump into each other one day...

Category: Resident Evil - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance,Humor,Drama - Characters: Leon S. Kennedy,Jill Valentine,Claire Redfield,Chris Redfield - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2012-09-23 - Updated: 2012-09-24 - 1169 words

"Argg,"Claire said to Jill and her love sick brother,"Get a room!" Chris and Jill stopped making out and looked at Claire. "I've been to the mall and back and you're still making out!" Chris laughed and Jill giggled.
"How about I give you money and you find yourself something to do?" Chris said while scratching around in he's wallet. "I have money, you know," Claire stated ," I'm like 22 years old, I have a job."
"Well then go work!" Chris said in a joking way."Chris! Hey Claire, I'm sorry But, your brother is a pig!" Jill stated.
"Hey!" Chris shouted.
"Don't worry, babe, I love pigs,"She said.
"I'm going to the bar," Claire told her brother. "No you're not. You're underage," Chris stated in a protective way. Chris has always been overprotective of Claire. "A)that wasn't a question. B) again, I'm 22 years old. I'm NOT underage,"Claire told her brother. As soon as she closed the door behind her, Chris and Jill started making out again. The bar wasn't far from the Redfields' apartment, so Claire walked there. On her way, she looked through all the shop windows that she passed. The clothing shop, the pet shop, the Cafe' and the gun shop. Something caught her eye in the gun shop. Not something, Someone. Leon S Kennedy. "Leon?" Claire yelled excitedly. Leon turned around, only to spot Claire's angelic face. "Claire!" He yelled back. He payed for the gun and ran to Claire. "Oh my God. If is isn't Rookie." Claire said while being lifted off her feet by Leon's hug."If it isn't my Claire Bear," Leon said while putting her back on the ground. "Your Claire Bear? You're gonna have to fight with Chris for that one," she replied,"are you busy?"
"No. Did you wanna go somewhere? Are you hungry?" He asked.
"Yeah, let's go to the Cafe' over there," she replied. Claire and Leon made their way to the cafe'. They got a table right by the window. "Welcome to Mikes Cafe', may I take your order?" The waitress said, in a flirtatious way to Leon, while not even looking at Claire. "I'll have a cheeseburger and fries with a Coke please," Claire said. The waitress looked at Claire in a sour way,"yeah yeah. And you, sir?" She said while looking back at Leon. "I'll have a Cheeseburger, too, but I want Bacon on it, a side plate of onion rings, extra fries with cheese sauce, a rack of ribs," Leon said. Claire and the waitress stared at Leon. "Oh, did you minus the waitress that's hitting on me? I'd appreciate it," he said while gazing at Claire. "Sure sir. Coming right up." When the waitress left, Claire burst out laughing at Leon's last order. "Oh my god, Rookie. You're so mean!" She said while smiling. "Well, I'm kinda on a date," he told her. "Date?" She said in awe. This was the best day of Claire's life. "Well yeah. Two friends going out; a date. What did you think it was?" He said in a confused way.
"Well, I thought that it's just two friends catching up," she giggled. Leon smiled as she spoke. There was something so interesting and wonderful about her. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever come across. "What you smiling for, Rookie?" Claire asked. Leon snapped out of his little daydream about Claire. "Um, nothing. I just thought of something that happened wonderful," he said. "Oh, and what was that?
Claire was shocked. She had always thought that Leons heart belonged to Ada. She started to blush and giggle. "Leon, I-"
"Here's your food," the waitress said.
"Perfect, I'm starving," Leon said while rubbing his hands together. The waitress handed the food to Leon and Claire and left. "Onion rings?" Leon offered.
"Sure, thanks," Claire accepted. Even though Claire was a woman and was stereotypically expected to eat and act like a lady, she gobbled down the onion rings and burger like it was nothing. "You eat like a guy, for a girl," Leon chuckled. "And you eat like a girl for a guy," she replied.
"Is that so? Well, we'll see who can finish their burger first," he said childishly. Claire laughed, "You're on, Rookie." The pair shoved the meaty substance down their throats like two Pac-men. Leon thought to himself: Claire's a keeper. The friends finished their meal, Leon paid and they left. "Do you live close by?" Leon asked Claire.
"Yeah. Just up the road," she said while pointing, "I live with Chris."
"I'll walk you," he said kindly.
"Thanks," she replied.
The pair walked up the road until they got to the Redfields' block. They walked to their front door. "This is it," Claire stated as she flipped her bangs to the side. "Hey Claire," "Yeah?"
"It's the presidents birthday tomorrow, and they're having a ball. I'm invited but I'm expected to bring a date. Would you go with me?" Claire was the happiest girl in the world right now, "Leon. Of course I'll go with you! What should I wear?" She said excitedly. "Anything black," he said. Claire squealed like never before, "Ohhh, I have this-"
"Surprise me," he cut her off, "Pick you up at 5? Oh and invite Chris and Jill, " He said.
"Perfect," she said. Leon hugged her and left. Claire opened the door and went inside.
Chris and Jill were staring at her. "Who was that?" Jill teased. Chris looked deeply shocked. "Claire, was that Leon?" He asked.
"Yeah," she said with a big smile on her face. She was walking on air. "Kennedy? Leon Scott Kennedy?" He asked again. Jill rolled her eyes.
"For god sake, Chris. She just said yes! So what did you guys do?" Chris was still in shock. He's baby sister, going out with his future partner. "Well, we bumped into each other and got a bite to eat," Claire explained to Jill, a fellow girl that would understand. "And outside now? What did he say?" Jill asked. "He invited us to a ball tomorrow night, I'm his date," she replied. Jill and Claire were jumping around the room like mad things but Chris still couldn't wrap his head around it. "We've got to get our nails and makeup done. Oh my God! What am I going to wear? Jill, let's go through both of our closets. Tomorrow, we should have a mini spa day at home," Claire said to Jill. Chris looked at his girlfriend, then his sister. "Tell me why you moved in again, babe," Chris joked. Jill simply giggled and gave him a nice kiss. "Oh yeah, now I remember," he said.
"We should get some beauty sleep, Claire," Jill said while yawning,"tomorrow, after we wake up, we'll decide on outfits," Chris followed Jill into their bedroom and slapped her ass. Jill turned around and hit him while giggling. Claire jumped into the shower and then into bed. She was too excited to sleep.
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