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a night to remember

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The gang head to the ball. Will Leon and Claire confess?

Category: Resident Evil - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Leon S. Kennedy,Jill Valentine,Claire Redfield,Chris Redfield - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2012-10-01 - Updated: 2012-10-01 - 2035 words

"So um, Chris. Do you dance?" Leon asked awkwardly, while waiting for his date. "Well, I was hoping that Jill would know how," he answered, while waiting for Jill. "Ah ha," Leon chuckled.
"Do you?" Chris asked teasingly.
"Of course, they don't call me 'Dancing King' for nothing," he joked. Chris canned himself at the thought of Leon dancing. Chris liked Leon. But if he ever broke Claires heart, he would break his neck. "We're ready!" Yelled Jill from Claires bedroom. There was an outbreak of butterflies in both Leon and Chris' stomachs. The door opened. The first to come out was Jill, who wore a long, exposing, dark purple dress with a silver high heels. Her hair was curled and put into an elegant side pony. Her make up was light, just some eyeliner, eye shadow and lip gloss. Chris' eyes nearly popped out of his head, as he checked out the exposure. "Eyes up her, honey!" Jill giggled, "how do I look?" She pouted. "You look-" Jill cut him off by hitting him, "You look amazing. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" He expressed. Jill giggled. Chris always thought that she looked nice, even before they were together. "Which looks better? My arse or my boobs?" She joked while catching his eyes drift to her chest then her backside. He started to blush. "You look pretty, Jill," Leon said. Chris raised an eyebrow. "Back off, Kennedy. She's mine," he joked. "With all due res-" he caught Chris looking shocked over his shoulder. He turned around only to see Claire. Claire was wearing a black lace mini dress and Cheetah print heels. Her hair was in a normal pony but her fringe was clipped back. "I hope I look okay," she smiled. Leon stopped breathing for a second and his mouth dropped. Chris was shocked. He never even knew that his little sister, Claire Redfield, the goddess of motor cycles and rock music, owned a dress. Jill smiled, and looked so proud of her. "Claire, is that you?" Chris asked. Claire laughed.
"Of course it's me, you ass," she replied. Leon contained his urge to go up to Claire and start making out with her. "The limo's waiting," he said while walking out the door. He nearly slapped himself for being such a jerk. Claires smile faded and she sighed. Jill raised an eyebrow at Leon and walked over to Claire. "It's okay, Claire. He probably doesn't want to swallow his pride yet," she said, while trying to comfort her best girlfriend. Claire nodded and hugged Jill. Chris watched with interest. He would never understand woman. The trio followed Leon to the Limo. Claire slid in next to Leon and Chris and Jill slid in opposite them. While the car drove to the venue, Claire stared out the window, thinking about why Leon didn't even notice her change in style. She thought that maybe at the ball, he would ditch her and dance with Ashley, the presidents daughter, for the whole night. Maybe he had only asked her because Ada dumped him and she was the leftover. She closed her eyes, forcing back her tears. Leon, Chris and Jill all stared at her, knowing that something was wrong. She didn't notice. A hand crept to hers and when she open her eyes, she saw everyone looking at her and Leon holding her hand. She smiled and he moved his head to her ear,"Claire, you look stunning," he whispered in her ear. A smile ran on her face,"This is going to be the best second date ever," he breathed. Claire giggled and kissed him on the check. She knew now that he would never leave her. The gang arrived at the ball and were greeted by a big man in a tux,"Mr Kennedy, nice to see you. Looking good" he said, "President Graham is waiting for you." Leon thanked him and helped Claire out of the car. Chris did the same with Jill. The gentlemen escorted the ladies inside the hall. The hall was nicely decorated. Chandeliers, festoons, bars, a band, fairy lights all over in the garden and of course, waiters and waitress serving really small food. "LEON!" An annoying voice called out. "Oh god," Leon said while closing his eyes. Claire giggled," Who the hell is that?" She asked. Leon took a deep breath.,"It's Ashley Graham, the presidents daughter. Annoying as hell and she fancies me," he sighed. Claire laughed and walked to over to Chris and Jill, as Ashley skipped towards Leon. "How are ya?" Ashley asked all excitedly. Leon put on a fake smile,"Oh, I'm fine thanks," he muttered. Ashley giggled until she caught Leon staring at Claire, who was chatting to Chris and Jill. "Who's that?" Ashley asked. Leon looked back at Ashley who was dressed like an idiot. "She's my date, so don't try any 'overtime' business tonight, kay?" He said. Ashley rolled her eyes. "What about that other woman? And you promised me a dance," she commanded. Claire went back to Leon. "Hey what's the prob?" She asked. Ashley huffed, "Non of your business," Ashley snapped. Claire raised an eyebrow at the brat,"Excuse me, little miss spoiled brat, but you might wanna tone down on the attitude, considering that your dream man rejected you for me," she said to Ashley, who was now furious, "excuse me, but who do you think you're talking to?" Ashley rudely asked. Leon was enjoying his date chewing the brat out but had to stop it, for his jobs sake,"Ashley, that's enough," he said. Claire stepped in front of Leon, put her hands on her hips and Looked Ashley up and down,"I think that I'm talking to a monkey in an ugly dress, now run along and leave Leon and I alone. Can't you see that he doesn't wanna dance with some brat?" Claire snapped back. Ashley went speechless and stomped away. Chris and Jill, who were watching the whole thing, burst out laughing. Leon grinned at her,"Nice," he complemented. Chris patted Claire on the back. "Wow, sis. I would hate to be your husband. No offense, Leon," Chris teased. Leon and Claire blushed and Jill whacked Chris on the arm."Chris, I'm thirsty. Let's hit the bar," Jill said while pulling Chris' gigantic arm towards the bar. Once they were gone, Leon smiled at Claire. "Wanna dance?" he asked. Claire nodded. He escorted her to the dance floor. Leon thanked god that it was a slow song. He put his hands on her waists and she put hers on his shoulders. "Claire, I've been needing to talk to you," he said softly. Claire looked up, into his blue eyes. "Spit out" she said. Leon took a deep breath."I never stopped thinking about you. Every minute of the day, I think about you. I think about a future with you. I can't sleep at night, because I'm either worried sick about you or I'm thinking about you. I love you, Claire Redfield. I've loved you since the day we first met in Raccoon City. You're the most beautiful woman that I've ever come across and earlier on, when I saw you in that dress, I had to contain myself. In Spain, you were my reason to keep going. Every ganado that I killed, I did it for you," he explained passionately. Claire was blushing like hell."What about Ada?" She asked. "Fuck Ada. I only kissed her to make you jealous. I only impressed her for you," he said. Claire was blown away. Was she dreaming? "Leon. I've felt this way since the second I first saw you. I've always known that you're the one. I love you too," she confessed. Leon swept her closer and kissed her light pink lips. Her tongue rubbed against his as she put her hands at the back of his head. "Oh my god!" Jill squealed. Chris looked at her. "What!" He said in an alert tone. Jill giggled. "Leon and Claire are kissing," she said excitedly. Chris looked around the room for his sister. He found her and watched in shock as his baby sister made out with his friend. "What the hell!? That bitch!" He said while getting up from his seat. Jill tugged his jacket. "Is that any way to talk about your sister," she scolded. Chris looked at Jill. She was so pretty when she was serious but he figured that now wasn't the best time to kiss her. "I'm not talking bout Claire, Leon's the bitch!" He explained to his girlfriend who was now trying to stop him from ruining Claire and Leons moment. "Chris, Claire will hate you for the rest of her life if you ruin this for her. She's been waiting for Leon to love her for ages. Please, don't do this," Jill pleaded. Chris Stopped and looked at Jill. She was right. Claire would be devastated and Chris couldn't bare to let her loose another loved one. He looked back at Claire, who was having the night of her life. He looked back at Jill and nodded. They went back to their bar seats.
Claire and Leon were dancing when President Graham approached them. "Leon! How nice to see you!" He said while shaking Leons hand. Leon smiled."Adam!" Leon said. Adam turned to Claire. "And who might this beautiful, young lady be?" He asked. Claire shook his hand. "I'm Claire," she said. Leon butted in,"She's my girlfriend," Leon bragged. Claire grinned at Leon. "Oh. Well then, let's leave you two lovebirds to it," Adam joked. "No, please. Let me introduce you to my brother, Chris and his girlfriend, Jill," Claire insisted,"Chris! Jill!" She yelled. Chris and Jill moved to Claire,"He guys, this is President Graham," Claire introduced. Chris shook his hand, followed by Jill. "Do I know you? I swear that I've seen you somewhere," Adam asked Chris. "I'm an ex-STARS member. So is Jill," Chris explained. Adams face lit up,"Ah, yes. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Walk with me," Mr. President offered. The pair walked to the garden with the President and told him all about their encounters with Umbrella and such, while Claire and Leon danced the night away. An hour had passed, it was 1.02am and Jill and Chris headed home. Leon and Claire helped with the cleaning up before they went to Leons place. One of the presidents bodyguards drove them. When they got there, Leon picked Claire up, Bride style, and carried her inside to his bedroom. He kicked a pair of boxers to the side before he place her in the bed. "Hey do have a t-shirt that I could borrow for the night?" Claire asked him. He went to his wardrobe and grabbed the first clean t-shirt that he could find. "Here," he threw it to her. She got up from the bed and examined the t-shirt. It had a picture of Superman in the front. "Woah. Fan boy alert!" She joked," where's the bathroom?" She asked.
"No no. You stay, I'll go," he insisted. Claire thanked him as he closed the door behind him. "Leon?" Claire yelled.
"Yeah?" He yelled back.
"My dress, it won't open! Will you please help me?" She asked.
"Umm. Coming!" He shouted.
When he came inside the room, her hair was down and she looked amazing. "Well, its not going to unzip itself!" She giggled. Leon walked towards her. She lifted her hair up as he undid the zip. She was wearing a black lace bra. She slid out of the dress in front of Leon and his mouth dropped open. She was in her underwear. "Like what you see?" She asked. Leon nodded. Claire laughed while she slipped through the over sized T-shirt. "I don't know about you, but I'm tired as hell," she said while climbing under the bed covers. Leon took off his pants and shirt, he was in a vest and boxers now. Claire whistled and giggled as he slid in bed, beside her. He crept closer and put his arms around her. This would be a night to remember.
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