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what the hell

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What will Leon do when he sees Claire is distress?

Category: Resident Evil - Rating: G - Genres: Romance,Horror,Drama - Characters: Leon S. Kennedy,Claire Redfield - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2012-10-10 - Updated: 2012-10-11 - 704 words

"Ada Wong?"
"Angela Miller?"
"Oh hell no!"
Leon chuckled, "getting closer," he said.
"Oh god! Who is it then!? Who do you like?!" Hunnigan, who couldn't figure it out, asked.
"Guess," Leon said.
"Ummm. Kelly Ark? Miranda Gordon? Sarah Klips? I don't know, Leon. I've named every woman that you've ever made contact with, for as long as I've known you," Ingrid whined.
"Missed one," Leon teased.
"Who the hell could I've possibly missed?" She asked, losing her patience.
"Bedshield," Leon hinted.
"Oh my god! Claire Redfield!! You like Claire Redfield!" Hunnigan shouted excitedly.
Leon kept quite and grinned. Finely he shrugged," I don't like her, I love her," he explained," Claire Redfield. I wonder what she's up to right now," he told Ingrid, who was surprised by his choice. She took a deep breath, but before she could say anything, Agent Sergio Wilson, interrupted, "I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but did you say Claire Redfield?" He asked Leon seriously. Leon looked concerned,"Yeah, what about her," he asked. Sergio took a deep breath, "Its best if you see for yourself," he said. Leon and Hunnigan got up from their desks and followed agent Wilson, "We received this about 30 minutes ago via Sunset Hills security cameras. We think its Claire Redfield, but that's purely theoretical." Leon stared in horror as he watched a young woman shooting the undead. She had dark, red hair that was in a ponytail and wore black skinnies, brown combat boots and a light, blue denim vest. It was definitely Claire. Leon looked at Hunnigan. She nodded and turned around to her computer, "I need a fixed location around Sunset Hills. I need the force to come down immediately, fully equip-," she commanded, then Leon cut in. "No. I'll go. On my own. It's to much of a risk for the force to go and besides, I have more experience than anyone here," he said. Hunnigan was surprised but she knew Leon well and knew that he would do anything for his friends, or this case, his love. She nodded at Leon and called for a stand down. "How soon can you leave?" She asked. Leon raised an eyebrow, "immediately," he said while grabbing his jacket and handgun. "We'll send a helicopter to the base in an hour, in the meantime, get your guns and things ready," she told him. He nodded, thanked her and headed to his apparent. "Why did I let her go by herself?" He thought to himself angrily while he drove home. When he got home, he changed to his black jeans and gray t-shirt with his dark brown leather jacked. He wore his holisters on his belt and had a knife holder on his suspenders. He took his favorite handgun that he had bought on the day that he asked Claire to go to the ball with him. He grabbed his Red9, his Striker and of course, his knife that he had taken from Krauser. Before he left his apartment, he saw a picture of him and Claire on the night of the ball. Jill had taken it. He remembered that perfect night like it happened yesterday. She looked so beautiful in that black, lace, mini dress. He smiled at the picture and shoved it in his pocket. "I'll see you soon, my Claire-Bear," he said to himself. He drove for about 10 minutes before reaching the HeadQuarters. He climbed out of his Land Rover and slipped into the helicopter that had been waiting for him. 2 hours had passed and the helicopter had finely landed. Leon hopped out and was greeted by a mid-aged man, that was standing next to a black SUV. "Mr Kennedy, this is the car that you'll be taking to Sunset Hills, I hope it's okay," the man said while tossing Leon the keys. Leon took a deep breath, "as long as it can help save my Claire, it's perfect," he smiled. Leon got in the drivers seat and started the car. "Straight down this road and after an hours passed, you'll see the 'Welcome to Sunset Hills' sign," the man directed. Leon nodded and drove down the long road. This was going to be one hell of a party.
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