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1- Meet Frank

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Frank and Taylor don't particularly like each other, but what happens when Frank saves Taylor?

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My day started out just like any other day. First my alarm clock let out its shrill beep, informing me that yet another wonderful sunshine filled day had arrived. I promptly slammed my hand down, knocking it off my bedside table. I heard the clatter, followed by my Dad yelling something that the wall successfully muffled. I don’t know, something that was probably along the lines of… “Frank, get your ass out of bed, you stupid little punk!” Yeah, my parents love me. They just show it in a different way than other parents.

I leaned off of my bed, after yelling something somewhat intelligent back. “I’m getting up!” counts as intelligent, right? I mean, all were actual words… so it was a step up from gibberish. Once I fell off of my bed I found that my alarm clock was still alive and set it back in its place on my bedside table.

I grabbed my ipod and rushed to the bathroom, which was nicely attached to my bedroom. Gotta love that! It was probably my favorite part of my very pathetic life. What overly horny 18 year old boy doesn’t like having a bathroom handy for all of his unmentionable times? As I started my morning shower my ipod loudly blasted out ‘Good Girl’ by Carrie Underwood. Yeah, I started my morning off by being an untamable badass.

Of course because of said badass-ery I ended up being about fifteen minutes late to school. I lied and told the office my car wouldn’t start. I had an amazing car, but it didn’t mind taking one for the team when it came to my school excuses.

Comparative World Religions was my wake up class and so I ‘rushed’ slowly to first period, stumbling through the classroom door eventually. It was amazing how ‘lost’ I could get after spending nearly four years of my life at this godforsaken high school.

“Ah, Mr. Iero. How nice of you to join us.” My favorite teacher, Mrs. Sandusk, greeted me.

“Mrs. Sandusk, how nice of you to always be here.” I responded, taking my seat without another issue.

The class was discussing African culture or something like that. I wasn’t really sure, seeing as how I’d just arrived.

There were pictures of very old fashioned piercings being shown, and explained as culturally accepted- fashion statements and whatnot. At least we weren’t covering the most recent fashion statement of Tokyo today. I couldn’t stand to see another bagel head. I was accepting of most fashion statements, seeing as how I pushed my own limits with tattoo’s and piercings… but injecting saline in to your forehead? That was disgusting. Why would anyone even want their forehead to resemble a bagel, or donut? It was just weird, and my idea of weird was pretty out there.

The class went silent until Taylor Nicole spoke up, “Why not ask Frank? I mean, stretching skin and shoving metal in to his face is kind of his thing.” Did I mention I hated that bitch? Yeah, I hated her. It was actually quite mutual. We’d hated each other since freshman year when we first met. I called her a bitch, she called me a poser. It was hate at first sight.

“Piercings and tattoos are forms of art.” I calmly replied, “Our bodies are simply canvasses, to be molded in to what we’d like. At least I’m not frying my hair with hair dye in an attempt to look punk. What, prep didn’t get you laid enough?” She had dramatically changed from last year. She’d dyed her normally sandy blonde hair bright pink, and the colors just kept changing. I actually liked the pink but I’d never admit that to her. She was still head cheerleader but instead of her normal Abercrombie clothing she wore clothes that probably came from Maurice’s. Today her faded light blue jeans had designer rips in the knees, and her black shirt made her look just a little hardcore. Just a little.

“Frank!” The teacher quickly corrected me as I strayed from appropriate bullying. “Taylor, please refrain from picking on Frank. Can’t you two just get along?” I rolled my eyes. So did Taylor.

“No, this time I’m serious.” Mrs. Sandusk replied to our annoyed eye rolls. “The upcoming project is going to be a major part of your grade. Each group, which will consist of two students, will present a religion. I will give a worksheet that I fully expect to be covered during your presentations. Next week you will pick your religions; today we will go over partners. Frank and Taylor already chose each other.” She shot us a warning look, “That is final.”

I slumped back in my seat as Mrs. Sandusk continued pairing students. This would be hell. Taylor and I would kill each other before the project was due. We weren’t really that compatible in any situation.

By the time the class ended I was actually more than happy to leave despite the fact that my other classes tended to suck even more.

“Frank! Wait up!” I paused as I heard Gerard Way’s voice. He was one of my best friend’s and it was the socially accepted norm to stop for friends after all. “There is a party tonight.” Once he reached me he pushed the flyer he had in to my hand.

I shrugged, “I can think of better ways to spend my time.”

“Like staying home alone, in your bedroom, listening to heavy metal and hating the world?” Gerard rolled his eyes, “We did that last weekend. Let’s go to the party.”

“I wasn’t alone.” I corrected him, “Since you were with me. Mikey, Bob, and Ray going?”

“Yes, yes, and… I think so.” Gerard frowned, “Ray didn’t really give me a straight answer.”

“That’s Ray.” I responded, “I guess we can check it out.”

“Fuck yes.” Gerard fist pumped the air. “Now if school would just end forever then we’d be set.”

“If school ended forever then we’d all be stuck as high school rejects because I certainly am not going out of town to learn the same shit every single damn day.”

“Repetition is key my friend.” Gerard responded with a goofy smile as he bounded down the hallway, “See ya later!”

And that’s all the rest of the day was: Repetition.


(I don’t know why I have a sudden fascination with the name Taylor. It’s just a great name and really easy for me to remember when writing. Also, I have no idea why I can’t seem to actually finish a story before starting another one but I seem incapable. I also don’t really know the reason for this author’s note. I guess I’m just pleading for mercy since this is like my millionth ongoing story. So, mercy?)
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