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2- Meet Taylor

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Taylor doesn't know what a friend is, because she's never actually had one.

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(Taylor’s POV)


After applying a thin layer of coconut cream lip gloss I was ready for take-off. The screaming downstairs hadn’t let up the whole time I’d been home but I was used to it now. I didn’t even need headphones to drown out the noise. It just… faded after a while.

My parents weren’t happy together but they weren’t happy apart either. They didn’t seem to have a happy medium so they stayed together and suffered together. It was romantic really, about as romantic as Romeo and Juliet with all the drama and death. I was honestly surprised my parents didn’t just kill each other and get it over with.

And honestly… I was a little scared that they would.

That was my secret.

I changed everything to please them, and then I changed all over again to piss them off. I couldn’t figure out if I wanted them to be happy with me, or if I wanted to stick it to them by being the worst daughter ever.

“Taylor?” My Dad peered in through my open door, “Where are you going honey?”

I set my lip gloss down and turned around to face him, “Hey Dad, I’m going out with some friends tonight. I’ll probably just stay the night at Tracy’s house, okay?” Tracy didn’t exist. It was just a lie. I wasn’t sure my parents would care either way but the lie made me feel safer.

“Okay sweetheart.” He smiled as if he cared, but I knew he really didn’t.

“Bye Dad.” I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek before rushing from my bedroom, quickly leaving the house before my Mom tried to sweet talk me in to a bagel or something similarly fattening.

Megan picked me up outside. Megan and I weren’t really friends but when it came to the ‘in-crowd’ not many people were actually friends anyway. We all secretly hated each other and it was like we stayed friends just to keep each other down.

“Hey hoe.” The greeting was standard as I slid in to the passenger’s seat. The back was filled with four people, and it looked quite uncomfortable.

“Looking especially slutty.” I commented as my own greeting.

Megan chuckled and quickly drove away, leaving my home behind us.

Megan and I used to actually be friends, once upon a time. Then I kissed her boyfriend. She still wasn’t over it.

“Think you’ll hook up with Troy tonight?” Lucy asked from the backseat.

I wasn’t actually all that interested in hooking up with anyone. I was still a virgin which was unusual for the people in my crowd but I planned to stay that way. I didn’t like the idea of giving something so personal to someone who would lose interest in me faster than a slice of old pizza. I valued myself a little more than that. “Maybe.” I lied, glancing over at Megan. “Meg, are you and Dylan together again yet?” Dylan was her long-time boyfriend, the one I’d been caught making out with. I did it just to piss her off actually. It was a low blow but she started it all. She started a rumor at school that I’d given the entire football team blowjobs. Really, we all just lived to piss each other off. That’s how it felt most days anyway. I wasn’t even sure what I was living for other than disaster and hurt feelings. I couldn’t see friendship any other way though, because I’d never known it any other way. Everyone always needed something in return or they just wouldn’t be there for you. That was just the way the world operated, either they wanted something- or they were using you for something which was pretty much the same thing.

“Fuck no.” Megan frowned. “I’m with Derek now.” I hated Derek. He was a world class jerk, with a hard on for every girl that told him no.

I guess some guys were just lining up to be future rapists, and Derek was one of those guys.

Thankfully the painful conversation ended there.

I really hated my friends.


(This is just a taste of how much the main character(other than Frank) sucks. This entire story is kind of a stab at character development. Let me know what you guys think?)
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