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Not Forgiven

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Eli's POV An encounter with Adam gives Eli his answer.

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As we trudge down the sidewalk I can't help but wonder what is running through Brianna's head. I hadn't meant to kiss her; I simply got caught up in the moment. No matter how I think about it, I can't bring myself to regret what I did was perfect. Glancing over at her once again I cannot help but smile, she's just so...quirky. I find that highly attractive.

"Adam!" I call, spotting him across the street in front of The Dot.

Brianna places her hand on my chest, her crystal blue eyes locking with mine, "Eli, don't do anything...stupid."

"Don't worry, I won't pour orange juice over Adam's head," I joke.

"I was improvising. And besides, Fitz deserved it. It's not his business to poke fun at your eye make - up," Brianna says before bursting out into laughter.

Unable to stop myself I begin to laugh along with her. The two of us, still laughing, cross the street stopping in front of Adam. Something about Brianna makes me want to enjoy life temporarily forget about Julia.

"What do you want?" asks Adam, his eyes shifting between Bri and me.

"Look, I know you where stoked for guys night. I shouldn't have bailed," I say, really meaning what I’m saying.

"Kay, thanks. So what are you doing tonight? There is another fight -" Adam starts but I cut him off, best to just do this quickly.

"Tonight?" I question already guessing Adam's reaction. "I'm going to the movies with Claire. But I can call you afterwards."

"Fine," snaps Adam, turning his attention to Brianna. "What about you Bri? Got plans for tonight?"

Brianna bites her bottom lip. Why does she have to be so damn cute? "Um...actually Claire invited me along, but I can always skip." she says, giving Adam a sympathetic look.

I close my eyes, praying that Adam won't agree to that. I want Brianna to come to the movies with us. It'll be the closest thing we've had to a public outing together in a while.

"I don't want your pity," says Adam, glaring at Brianna as if she has done something wrong.

"Don't be such a girl," I reply without thinking.

Brianna gives me her 'I can't believe you just said that' look, "Eli, really?" she whispers just loud enough for me to hear.

"I didn't mean it like that," I explain.

"Yeah, Whatever man. I have other people to hang with," answers Adam, his eyes now on me.

"Who? Fitz?" questions Brianna. I can see the hatred for the bully in her eyes. "He's not a good guy."

An image of Brianna laying, bruised and broken in a hospital bed flashes before my eyes. At that time I didn't know her attacker, but now I do. He's nothing more than a bully. How can Adam possibly consider him a friend?

"Really –" asks Adam, pulling me back to the present “- because I don't remember him rejecting me for his girlfriend; or ditching the rest of his friends for someone who doesn't return the same feelings." he continues, glowering at Bri.

Seeing Adam’s accusing eyes on her causes something inside to snap, something that hasn’t been awakened in a very long time. I move to stand in front of Bri, blocking her from Adam's death glare, "Yeah, because most girls are smart enough to stay away from him. You saw what he did to Bri."

"So you're jealous and paranoid now," says Adam, shaking his head. How he got jealous out of what I just said I'll never figure out.

"If anyone here is jealous it's you. Not Eli," Brianna snarls.

"That's hot," I whisper in her ear, referring to her standing up for me, before turning to Adam. "You know what? I do pity you. You are making a huge mistake."

With one last glance at Adam I turn and head down the sidewalk, curling my fingers around Brianna's tiny hand.

"At least I'm not stuck between two girls!" Adam yells after us.

I turn to reply when Brianna manages to surprise me yet again. She presses her lips to mine for a second before responding to Adam's words. "Doesn't that look like he can't make up his mind to you?" she questions before continuing down the sidewalk, towing me behind her.

"Does this mean we are clear to sneak around behind Claire's back?" I question, an eye - brow raised.

Brianna smirks, "See you tonight Eli," she says with a wave before crossing the street, without looking of course.

I shake my head, laughing quietly to myself...things were about to get a hundred times more complicated.
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